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> I have another question.  From your viewpoint can focussing intensely on 
> the source of being for long or frequent intervals while fiercly 
> ignoring the cacophonies of the mind be considered high action or is 
> that what you would call the long hard route?  

     Meditation turns the mind to steel and tar.

     Its an effort to stop something that is going.

     First you say it is going, then you say I gotta stop it.

     Which wins?

     The cacophony is the background resonance of trillions of years of
go/nogo on goals that are in a state of limbo, mexican standoff, you
know this.

     Chasing inner peace is a waste of time.

     It is the goal to have no goals.

     The answer is to rehabilitate a game bigger than any ever played
before, a dangerous game, one that gives meaning to the purpose of life
is kamikaze (or suicide mission), and you will find your peace when you
are closest to death.

     The rest is just running away from a trillion years of stalled
desire and singing the mexicali blues.

Or  would that be one of 
> those dualities that gets you where you don't want to go, because you 
> really did?   I am not being facetious, for those who may not get the 
> difficulty of these concepts.  I think the answer is that meditation can 
> be all of the above.  If an EP of clearing is, as seems obvious, a state 
> of very high action or ableness then perhaps one simply and naturally 
> awakens at some point.  I don't rule that out.  Perhaps there will be an 
> enlightenment rundown. 

     The being does not want to become enlightened, he wants to have a
good rip roaring dream.

     That comes first, the first desire is not be in native state, but
to be in action.  The desire to be in native state comes second and
results from failed action.

    The being that wants out because he can't stand coming in,
and doesn't plan to come back, can never get out.

     The guy comes in, and then says holy shit, I wouldn't, shouldn't,
couldn't have ever chosen to be here, help get me out of here, that is
how he closes the lock and scrambles the combination.

     I had a dream a few nights ago, I was standing on land that was
turning volcanic, melting all around me as I watched.  I saw a big
funnel hole in the ground with bright red heat coming out of it.  I knew
this was a dream, so I said OK, lets go over to the edge of this hole
and see how hot it really is.

     Man was it hot, I could only approach a little bit, then I had to
back off.  Why?  Because I was approaching with caution, the postulate
was 'MAYBE' I can confront this, so of course maybe I couldn't.
Couldn't won that time and I backed down.  I should have just taken a
running leap in.

     I got a D minus on that dream.
     Out IS the desire to come in, so you can only get out if you wish
to come back in with a righteous vengence and do it right this time.

     Of course you will never do it right, but that too is on purpose.
Gotta mess it up to stay here for long.

     Too much responsibility, no fear, no mystery, and who the fuck
cares about that dream?

     No its the ones that catch your imagination with morbid curiosity
that sell for the hightest bids.

     Seriousness is the make break point about sanity, the moment humor
becomes "This isn't funny!".  The point where fun becomes no fun.

     So the moment the guy becomes serious about escaping seriousness,
he is done for, for that is insanity squared.
     Rehab the action, and the being is then operating FROM native state
as he should be, and on the rare chance that he takes a rest from his
action for a moment, in native state he will be.


     JEM means Joy of Eternal Miracles.
     JEST means Jokes of Eternal Self Treason.
     JEST means Justice of Eternal Self Truth.
     JOKE means Justice of Kindship Excaliper.  (worth without measure)
     Justice of Caliber is Kindship Excaliper.
     Time Stone is the ball floor of hell.

     Joke Stone is the ball floor of heaven.

     Jem Stone are the stairs that lead home.

     Pride Stone is the Master's Throne.

     Stone of Admiral is Home.

     Source is Stone of Excaliper and Magnificent Respect.

     One rolls on the floor in a GONE, in hell (AGONY).

     One rolls on the floor in a MUSE, in heaven (AMUSEMENT).

     Muses muse gones.

     A gone is an agonizing wrong.  Fargone into agony.

     For every agony there is a gone.

     For every gone there is a muse and a wrong.

     The search for justice in time stone, is

     the search for jestice in joke stone, is

     the search for fancy free majesty in jem stone, is

     the search for unformed magnificence in pride stone, is

     the search for live high beauty in home stone, is
     the search for eternal omni awesome peace in stone of Excaliper.

     Time stone is high romance and daring do.

     Joke stone is high halcyon and high appreciation for ludicrous
demise, bemused relief on the verge of time.

     Jem stone is high thrill and fantasy in the wild beyond.

     Thrill is always the effort to get lost, romance is always the
effort to get home.

     Pride stone is unformed magnificence.

     Home stone is admiral, live high beauty.

     Foundation is stone of Excaliper.  (Warm fire of peace.)

     Worship time stone.

     Smoke joke stone.

     Generate and value jem stone.

     Magnify and make manifest pride stone.

     Admire (stay) home stoned.

     Idol stone of Excaliper."- Adore on a more playful day.