Chuck Beatty,

      A grown man might seem like an OT to an ant, but a man can't stand
up to a swarm of 100,000 ants.  Ant swarms are some of the most feared
animals in the forest.

      (OT means Operating Thetan, a scientology term referring to a being
able to operating at partial or full spiritual capacity.)

      In the same way no present time OT can stand up to a swarm of
humans interested in him.

      Either OT powers exist or they don't.  Either you have been out of
your body or your haven't.  I mean come on, how shallow does shallow come?

      Its not like Joe Blow has OT powers and you don't.  If OT powers
exist, then people don't 'have' them because they don't want them, as
they had OT powers at one time, and then used their OT powers to not
have OT powers.

      All an OT power is, is you get what you postulate.

      The postulate that postulates don't work, works.

      That is the magic of no magic.

      If OT powers exist, then clearly you are a god of sorts, and if you
are a god then clearly you are repsonsibile for your own condition
whatever it may be.  Thus if you feel you are not a god now, you must
have chosen to not be a god when you were a god.  Duplicating and
retracting the intention to not be a god would in theory remove the
limitations you imposed on yourself.

      Anyhow if Joe Blow were to demonstrate that he had some serious OT
power to you or anyone, particularly an ability that could be used as a
weapon of war, it would be very dangerous to Joe and his family and
friends, all kinds of people would have the tentacles of their attention
on him for many different purposes, just as you have your tentacles of
attention on people for demonstration of proof.

      But if such proof were forth coming, you and anyone else unreal on
the subject would go into a dream state, and start to doubt your own
sanity, and become afraid of the one who had the powers for fear of what
they might do to you should they one day come to dislike you.

      You might think that someone who had the powers would be able to
help you get your powers back, that might or might not be true,
depending on how obstinate your desire to not have them is.  What people
fear is that your initial desire to get help having OT powers would soon
turn into trying to make sure others don't have them either because you
can't confront your unwillingness to have them yourself.

      Unwillingness is the only reason we don't have these powers.

      Thus your whining about how you need someone else to prove OT
powers exist to you is a bit degraded beyond words not to mention
possibly disingenuous.

      The only proof that you will ever find, that you will actually
believe, will come only from yourself.

      Demanding proof of OT powers from others, is not only selfish,
foolish and dangerous to them and yourself, it just can't substitute for
finding those powers within yourself, or hints and rememberances of when
you had them, and why you no longer want them.

      Most of the OT powers that people want, they would hate having if
they had them.

      A lot of people spend their whole lives hating not having what
they would hate having if they had it.

      People think they will be better able to defend the body and its
survival.  OT powers used for the defense of the body is a sure way to
get entangled in a human swarm you will never shake off.  That is how we
got into the state we are in.

     So since I don't have any OT powers and don't want them in this
life, all I can offer is the OT Power Protocol Rundown, which if you
would but spend a hour's worth with it in a co audit, most of your need
for proof would vanish.

     (Audit means a session where two people help each other find their
negative postulates and duplicate and retract them.)

     You might still have your doubts that Joe who claims to have OT
powers actually has them, but you would probably lose your doubt that OT
powers exist and that you can get them alone.

     The OT Power Protocol Rundown is highly confidential, very
dangerous and should only be used by people with a high degree of
spritual awareness and who are able to take full repsonsibility for
their own condition and everyone else's.

      Skip the parts on Pride, they don't apply to you.


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