You see if someone comes to me and demands that I demonstrate that *I* 
am an OT or have OT powers, then they get the silent treatment, especially 
if they show no clue on the issues and consequences of my successfully 
putting on such a demonstration.

    Believe me, if I could move the marble I would gladly do so to some of 
these assholes, just to shut them up.  I hate smug meatballs more than 
anything, but they are depending on that.  They are trying to PROVOKE me. 
And their intention is not to gain OT powers themselves but to locate OT's
and schedule the destruction of them and their loved ones.

    On the other hand if someone comes to me and begs me to show them that 
THEY are an OT and have OT powers, or used to and can again, well then I 
let them know my price, at least food for the day you know.

    It's so simple really, telling the fools and the trolls from the real 


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