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>That's good food for thought..
>The way I understand karma at this moment is that it's an irrefutable law of
>this universe that even the most powerful beings within it must take
>responsibility for at some point and time.  I know this isn't a popular idea
>here, but I don't agree that taking on the experience of a victim in a
>auditor/PC setting is going to stop the wheel of action/reaction.

      It is generally conceeded that by running out the withhold/overt
charge in session, the pc frees himself from the reactions dependent
on the existence of that charge and efforts.

      Of course the person he hurt might still have it in for him, but 
presumably the preclear can deal with that also, either by dealing with it 
in his own space, or going up to the victim and saying he is sorry. Of 
course the victim himself will need auditing because he is after all a 
victim suffering from karma at the hands of our pc etc.

      So I would say that real multiple viewpoint auditing taken to
completion would result in null karma, but only because it results in
everyone's agreement that things are resolved without further

>It all comes down to whether the universe was designed by our own postulates
>and we are keeping it here, or whether the universe was designed for us and
>it's laws are enforced by the designer so that they can't be broken from

      I would guess it is designed by the High US for the High US, much
as laid out by the Pilot.  It probably is set up so that certain rules
can't be broken while still within it, but nothing prevents the being
from leaving it except his own postulate matrix.

      Again the most important postulate that pulls in karma is the 
postulate of separation from the person you are victimizing, in particular 
dramatizing the intent to destroy them *FOREVER*, ie a classless 
friendless effort to help oneself by NOT helping them etc.

      Once one gives up on "This dream ends forever when the circle of
friends are all holding hands again." one opens oneself to separation
from that which you are destining for permanent destruction and one has
given away one's power of postulate to save and salavage rather than
ruin etc.

      Once one gives up on the power of one's own postulates then one is 
dead meat becuase one is now running on the postulate that one can be an 
effect and can do nothing about it, which is what you are wishing off on 
your victim.  Since that is an indecent postulate on self, the self 
(preclear) will then dramatize indecency on others to continue to protect 
himself from what he considers in a losing situation.

      Indecency is basically a violation of 'Class is an attitude, that
all should live forever and be my friend' and the resulting efforts to
destroy forever those that would not be one's friend forever etc.

Fri Nov 16 15:34:06 EST 2018