You know people think I write this stuff because it is real to me,
that I been there and am reporting what I saw.

     Mostly that's not true.

     I ain't done none of it, and I haven't a clue if any of what I
write is true.

     Postings come to me.

     They are like a tidal wave or ripple in space time that I see in
the far off distance, coming at me at a tremendous speed.

     I gotta run and get in front of a terminal to write it all down as
the wave passes through me or else it gets lost forever.

     It is almost impossible to reconstruct a posting once it has

     Then after it is written, I get to go over it a number of times to
see if I understand any of it, or think the whole thing is just nuts.

     Then I get to audit the posting, and see if it produces any

     Sometimes after writing a long posting, I miss subtle parts of what
I am writing, because I am typing as fast as I can, without thinking at
all about what I am typing.

     Thus important concepts can get left behind that are the make break
point between the posting working and making sense, and it being a waste
of time.


      The posting on the OT PPR is just such a case in point, there is
one line in there that is an absolute show stopper, and although I may
still not believe it, it shows me where I need to look next to make this
stuff work.

      What was that line?

      "The protocol empowers the power."

      Here is it in context.

      "Power and protocol go together.

      Without power there is no need for protocol.

      Without protocol there is no ability to have power.

      The protocol empowers the power.

      The power will not fire if the protocol is not in place."

      Now those are just simply astounding words.


      Because people think that OT power is something they have to work
for, try hard at, practice and practice and spend thousands of hours
trying and failing, until finally they get a spark of an ability.  And
if they don't, they know they just have to try harder and longer, and it
may take forever, they will never know how long is long enough before
they should give up and stop investing in the attempt.

      Then they wonder why it never works no matter how much time they
put into it.

      The truth is that OT power is ever present, OT power is being USED
to turn off OT power, so you can't fight that.

      But you can duplicate it, and stop fighting yourself with yourself.

      You also have to duplicate the AND on the intent to have OT power
and NOT have OT power at the same time forever for free.  That puts the
standoff on automatic, or as automatic as it gets.

      But in order to duplicate our use of power to not have power, we
have to duplicate our INTENT to not have power, in other words why did
we choose to oppose ourselves?

      The answer may lie in the word PROTOCOL.

      Protocol is a difficult word, it conjures up ideas of complicated
technical handshakes, and proper procedures to follow, and appropriate
safety and security controls over environment and circumstances.

      But most particularly protocol refers to the reason why.

      Why are you wanting to fire that power?

      Humans are lost in a world of human games, these are games only a
God would play by choosing himself to become human, they are that bad.

      The human would give anything to have the abilities of a God again
in order to win the game.

      But the God wasn't interested in playing a game he could win, and
he wasn't interested in playing a game he had to lose over and over
again either, he wanted a game that would go on forever.


      So as game writer, surely God the Author could create a game that
was easy to play and easy to win, and he could grant himself whatever
powers he wanted to make it so.

      So how come he finds himself sinking under the burden of
overwhelming odds trying to win games that can never be won by design.

      Because he wanted it that way.

      The God was sick of winning too often, and sick of losing too
often, and so he has made a game of endless volley, one that just goes
on and on and on.

      But such a game gets tiring, and the more he plays, the more
mistakes he makes, and the more he doesn't like this game any more
either, yet he continues playing all the while sinking towards losing as
slow as possible.

      So what power or ability does the GodSoul need to exercise in order
to make the game fun right now again, or to end it and start a new one?

      THAT'S the OT power your preclear wants to have and needs to have
right now.

      There might be a constellation of them, powers tend to come in

      One might worry that once the preclear realizes exactly what that
ability might be, he won't be able to do it, but the line quoted above
says this isn't so.

      The protocol empowers the power.

      If the preclear gets the ability set (package of purposes,
abilities and constraints) exactly right that he REALLY needs and wants
right now, it will flow as if never obstructed.

      Those are words of magic, for they give us direction to go in order
to find the proper protocol to empower our futures again.

Wed May 25 15:40:18 EDT 2016