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> So, when Tom Cruise says, "Scientologists are the only ones who know
> what to do at an accident,"  that may be true, but if Tom has reached
> Grade 5, he wouldn't care and wouldn't help.

     Remember God and Soul are dicoms, they are two operating facets of
the same being.  Thus there is agreement within them, namely to engage
in each other, but there is also disagreement between them once they do

     The God function does not create an agreeable world for the Soul
function, because if the Soul agreed with everything, it wouldn't do

     Thus as God, the being creates DISAGREEABLE worlds for him self as
Soul, so he has something to go out and fight.

     Nirvana and fighting are like opposites of some kind.

     Peace and serious worry...

     The God wishes to create a game of play, when he wins or loses he
loses the GAME and has to create another game.  Gods have gotten into
states where they CAN'T create more games, thus the game itself becomes

     Therefore while the human (usually resenting the game) tries to win
the game inside the game, the God is always trying to maintain the game
which means never winning nor losing the game INSIDE the game.

     The God side is trying to keep the Soul side going.  The Soul side
is usually trying to get the God side to get him out of there.

     Through auditing and application of basic truth, (not necessarily
Scn), the being ceases to be human on a gradient scale back to his own
god hood, game creator state.
     The being's motivations change from wanting to win the game, to
wanting to play the game.  Rather than a desperate desire to make all
the bad go away, they want to improve the tapestry of good and bad.

     "Let there be bad oh Lord, but let me render its sorry ass!"

     The God wants a good fight, the Soul wants to end the fight by
winning the fight but would prefer never to have had to fight in the
first place.  
     The God side's intention to come in is opposed to the Soul side's
intention to get out.  The Soul side gets out by taking fully
responsibility for his God side's intention to come in.

     The soul has to be out to intend to come in, so he simply
has to put the intention to come in there again, and just not
complete on, that leaves him out.
     The intention to come in, PUTS him out, get it?

     Once he is out, even with the intention to come in, he can change
his mind and come in or not as he pleases.  But the decision to not come
in is now being made from the point of view of being out, which is very
different than the screaming intention to get out from the point of view
of being in.

     Take some time to think that one through, it is important.

     The intention from being in to get out, is not the same as the
intention from being out to not come in.

     Intentions originated from being out can do anything.

     Intentions originated from being in can do nothing.

     Only by being out can the soul generate the intention to
come in, and the being can do this at any time as long as he
knows to, because even while in, he is still a GodSoul that is
both in and out.

     The idea is to the the out side reign long enough for a moment, to
not choose to come in and the prior choice to come in will be as-ised
and vanished.

     Your see he made the intention to come in and then not know it, so
if he makes that intention again, then he has to be out by defintion.
     And then by simply holding off on carrying through with the
intention, the intention to come in will vanish and he will be left out.

     While in, what keeps the soul fighting is the closest thing the
Soul knows about how to end the fight is to WIN the fight.  He thinks he
has no other way to end and exit from the game.

     But he doesn't want to fight, so he is running an AND on

     Every time he lops a head, he's saying "Lord forgive me for
what I have done."

     The good character in a story would NEVER create evil to fight, but
the good Author would.

     So goodness for the creator is not goodness for the creature,
particularly when the creature IS the creator after he creates the story
and jumps into character either good or bad, its may be random, at the

     Now you also have to understand something else, bodies and thetans
are also dicoms.

     The thetan vanishes things by duplicating them, doing them again,
the body can't stand that, the body learns NEVER to do that again and
tries to heal.

     When a body breaks his arm, the body certainly does not go about
breaking it again to heal it, that's insane.

     But a thetan, if he mocks up something like a broken arm, and he
tries to never to that again and hopes that it will heal on its own, it
never will, because thetan creations, don't heal on their own, they only
'heal' (vanish) through making them again and then letting go, putting
their attention elsewhere.

     So the thetan has to make the broken arm twice in order to as-is it
and get rid of it.  The body hates this.

     Now let's take a composite of body and thetan, and the body gets
hurt.  The thetan inside the body needs to duplicate the incident, mock
it up over and over again until there is nothing left OF HIS FACSIMILE
of the incident.  The body cringes at the thought.

     But if the thetan tries to do what the body is doing, not-is the
pain, THAT HARMS THE BODY DOUBLY because now there are two things trying
to pretend the incident never happened.

     That's why when a body/thetan composite gets hurt, the thetan must
run out his own cringe on the matter until he has no more charge on it,
and then the body can heal at its natural rate, and even faster with a
thetan in it because thetan energy can help the body heal faster than
the body can alone.

     Thus a thetan clear of the incident in question, can audit the body
to heal from the incident much faster than a body can heal alone, and
way way faster than a body with a nutcase thetan stuck in it that hasn't
or won't clear the incident for himself.

     Now remember all of the Grades are meant only to be key-outs, so
for a while the being is very high up there.  But high up there means
not in contact with a body, at least emotionally.  So a problems release
won't have any problems, until his body starts to claim him back and say
'Hey don't forget about me, you love me, you gotta take care of me, I am
hungry, poor me, when you gonna find that job you been promising me

     The thetan high from auditing, who has indeed seen a higher state,
meaning closer to the God motivation rather than the Soul motivation,
CHOOSES to come back down into the body saying 'Yeah ok, don't worry I
will take care of you' and gets to work again.  But to take care of your
body you gotta take care of all your friends too and your children and
mates, and your groups, and mankind and higher dynamics, and pretty soon
the being is all enmired in FAIR CHOSEN problems again, across all 8

     "Christ you want me to take care of the God damned planet too?!"

     So that's important, because after being a bit out and come back,
he now has some sense of responsibility for his problems, and he can
remember the higher state of not giving a damn about taking sides, and
he can stay out of the deeper levels of being driven by drama down at
co-miseration, sacrifice, sympathy, propitiation, making amends, must
help, anger, worry, sorrow and apathy.

     A being who has seen his own god hood again, meaning his own
responsibility for games, is ABLE to not help and not worry about it.

     They don't HAVE to help.

     But they CAN help.

     What they will do though may not be obvious to a normal human who
still has no repsonsibility for his own descent from games creator to
games player, games master to games cheater.

     The normal human expects to be helped by those who can, if you CAN
help you have a DUTY to help.

     The fully responsibile person will do triage between those
screaming for help and his own basic goals which improve the tapestry of
existence on a much wider level.  His goal is not to get rid of
suffering, but to enhance the number of dischord -> resolve sequences in
life.  You can't have a resolve without having a dischord, so the master
musician/artist/author is at work again.

     So a normal human is sitting over here suffering a discord,
screaming for a resolve, and the higher being is over there
orchestrating discord resolve sequences forever for free.  High enough
it doesn't cost a god anything to create a game.  Will the higher being
come over and offer a resolve to the suffering normal?

     The higher being is creating discord resolve sequences so that
normals can find their own discords and resolves.  The normal got
himself into his discord, is it the job the higher being to give him a

     Remember in all probability the higher being either himself used to
be a normal, or is on his way down to becoming a normal.  The fastest
way to become a normal is to start to take care of one.

     Sympathy = I AM YOU.

     That's how people got into their body,


     So when you are addressing a higher level being, done Grades right,
near clear, you must address their basic goals, and see how you can help
them and be helped by them.  They won't sacrifice themselves to you
though that's a church specialty trying to get you to sacrifice back.

     And if a higher being does 'help' a normal, it will be to
reoptimize his games, not to help him win them necessarily, or the
higher being might help the normal learn how to reoptimize other's games
if the normal is reaching for real wisdom.

>> ? ? Remember Gods as Humans *HATE* Gods as Gods.
> So Scientology tech can create clears, but it is not in their best
> interest to do so.  

     Dunno about Scientology(TM) tech.

     That sounds like an oxymoron to me.
     Theory and practice are two very different things.

     Clearing is there to be done, and someday we should be able to do

     For those that depend on the SAME pc coming back forever, no,
clearing is counter productive, as he goes clear he becomes too busy
getting lost and munged up all over again in new games, so he won't come
back for more auditing for a long time.

     So if you have a long line of pc's, you clear them, and then you
never see them again as they are off doing what they want to do most.

     Maybe they come back and visit you for a while, or send you a
postcard from what ever hell and high water, er I mean heaven, they are
involved with.

     The only difference between someone chasing his basic purposes, is
he loves his problems again, he's cherry picking his way into a glorious
future.  When he first came into auditing, he hated all his problems, as
they were irrelevant wastes of time, and when he tried to conceive of a
glorious future, all he could get was Black sticky tar, obsidian glass
and crazy glue.

      When a preclear keeps coming back to you for auditing day in
and day out, over and over again, forever and ever, he just isn't
making any case gain.

      Grade IV is ability to move out of fixed conditions and
do new things, like get into NEW trouble, don't you see?

      That guy won't come back because he is out having fun wrastling
snakes in pits of quicksand and tar.

     He will however recommend you to the snakes as he sinks them.

>     When Jason Beghe said that there were no f__ing  clears he was
>both correct and wrong.  Clear was possible, but  Scientology no longer
>would create any clears.  He truly was ripped  off of millions of
>dollars because the tech to make him clear wasn't  delivered.

     I can't say what is going on in the Church, but corruption,
temptation and seduction is rife below Power Grade V (ability to handle
power), and frankly I wouldn't bet on it being handled even then.  They
get up near power release but then they mess with the protocols of
power, bending them towards game WINNING ends rather than game PLAYING
ends, and the power goes out the tubes with consequences and regret.

     Power comes from the desire to create and play a game, not to win

     Any power you have inside a game trying to win is forked off from
the outside power you bring to creating and playing the game in the
first place.
     No outside power = no inside power.

     That is why people who have no sense of responsibility for being in
a game, can't play them very well.

     "I didn't create this game," or "I didn't choose to enter it," are
both total game killers as you just got no energy to hit back with.

     Energy to hit back with inside the game comes from the outside
energy that was used to enter the game in the first place.

     Regret is the retro jets that people use to shoot themselves out
the tubes.

     On the other hand the definition of clear keeps changing, the
higher we get the lower we see we are.

     Any number of hours however directed at running out the not know on
basic purpose should in theory return a being to full throttle in life,
even if a bit wobbly and crazy, and I don't mean out the tubes.  He
won't be a 'sitting still waiting and wondering case' either.

     His basic OT abilities were used to create the game of his basic
purpose, and then limit himself to where he can play the game and lose.

     Remember its not a GAME if you can't lose.

     Thus the OT is always fine tuning his LOSING.

     The GAME, the CHASE, is more important to the OT than winning the
purpose, no matter how grand it is.

     Thus you want magic tricks, but the game itself by definition
disallows them.

     The highest magic trick is the ability to have what you want in the
mere conception of things.

     You can move the marble because you can make the marble.
     And the spacetime it is in and the people demanding proof.

     The next highest magic trick is the ability to NOT HAVE what you
want in the mere conception of things, but being able to chase them
through time.

     So some twit of a wise acre goes up to a serious out the top OT and
demands that he prove he is OT and move the football with his mind.

     By mistake the OT has his attention on the twit's desires at that
moment, and suddenly an entire space opens up, a complete football field
appears, complete with 100 megawatt lights, roaring crowds, the
thunderous footsteps of two seriously bad ass opposing teams, and a
marching band of the prettiest girls you ever saw, and the OT says,
"There are you satisfied now?"

     The wise acre says "No, you didn't move the football!"

>> ? ? Higher tone, the being probably says oh screw it, I can keep me and
>> my friends interested in existence without having bodies of our own.
>> They become managers of humanity through a projection of intention
>> process, guiding others towards their goals or not from a higher
>> viewpoint of what is going on and why.
> This implies that exterior thetans have power over those in a body.
> Do the thetans which are being controlled have knowledge that they are
> under control.

     Projection of intention is not control by force.  Although it can
fall into wars of that, this is in part where it all went to hell.

     A being who is sensitive can tell that an intention is not his, in
olden times warriors took their commands from their superiors by
telpathy.  It wasn't words, that's too slow, even telepathic words, it
was simply intentions.  Turn right, shoot, look over your back etc.

     Beings can try to use projection of intention to their own ends, in
dreams I can just think 'take your shirts off' and all the babes will.
Do they want to?  Probably, so they do, but they did it on my asking
them to through the project of intention.  Those that don't want to take
their shirts off may start to, but then swerve from the intention, so I
try harder and harder and eventually either I win and they are very
unhappy, or I lose and give it up.

     Eventually I learned that the lightest intentions are the best, as
they only happen when everyone agrees.  Its quite ok to give another an
intention he might not have thought of, and if it benefits him, he will
be very happy to do it, even not knowing where it came from.  He will
say 'God gave him the idea', which is VERY different than 'God told me
what to do.'

     Everyone walking around has begged God to project an intention into
them showing them what to do.

     Direct such prayers to the High Us, God is not one being, but a
distributed interconnected intelligence, each and all of us webbed
together in an eternal creative reticulum.  Look it up.

     Well God, us, wants us to project intentions into others to help
them know what to do.

     So pray not to God to do things for you, but to show you how to get
others to do things for themselves.

     But intentions high up where this works, work to create games to
play, not to win them.  Once the game is created, it by definition
already has rules which intentions can not break.  Otherwise the game
would disintegrate the first time someone tried to win by cheating.

> Thanks Homer,
> It is actually refreshing to learn that these beliefs can be benign
> whereas crimes of Hubbard and Miscavage are separate.    I have asked
> similar questions before and have been met with, "buy the book and
> learn for yourself."  It is refreshing to have someone share their
> belief system without hostility.

     The problem is finding which book and which tapes.

     Anything from 1949 to 1955 is worth it.

     Anyhow, I am me, not Hubbard, and there may have been a number of
Hubbard walk ins, I have no clue, and none of them would have liked me.
So I am sure all of them are rolling over in their graves every time I
open my mouth.

     So please don't take what I say as indicative of Hubbard or the
Church or Churchies.

     They are MY opinions that I came to myself, that I do believe are
in close align with some Hubbard at some time in some book or another,
but probably only by accident, eh :)

     Jesus, if the Church ever thought I was talking for them, they
would throw an abercrombian fitch.


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