Pip  wrote:

      >Thanks but no - I really do get this.  I wasn't writing my
>doctoral dissertation on dreamball theory.  I don't know who is actually
>reading these posts.  People in general have no undestanding of the fact
>that however you look at it, we live in a virtual reality, much less the
>ramifications of that.  I was communicating to Curiosus and the general
>crowd that cannot make this leap easily.  I usually start by convincing
>someone that the world is a virtual reality.  It's just a first step.
>Some words have to bridge the illusory gap.  The illusion of external
>cause and effect is accepted as real and beyond doubt.  If they can get
>what I said, we can move forward.  I don't think many people would
>actually get what you wrote below, although it is clearly obvious to
>you.  This is a very profound paradigm.  However you have stated it very
>well.  I talk about this stuff a lot.  I use the computer game metaphor
>all the time.  However I do often lapse into meatball thinking.  :) I'm
>working on it.

      Well stop it.

      One god goes to sleep, we all start to.

      Intra source resonance you know...

      Every time I feel a snore coming on, I think 'Oh god, someone once
again is talking about the world being an illusion because the brain is
getting bad data from the eyes.'

      Curiosus is enough to put the whole empire to sleep.

      He is very bright at the meatball level, engineering, computer
science and the rest.

      He OUGHT to understand the concept of a virtual universe, but he's
stuck in the brain being the virtualizer which misses the mark by 100

      The thinks Buddhist Maya refers to the brain's misinterpretation of
data coming from the eyes.

      Eyes are maya, so is brain, so it space time, it just ain't out 
there.  It CAN'T be, there is no out there to put any of it.

      External cause between things in maya is the primary illusion.

      He REFUSES to go read and study the proof, all 3 deployments of it, 
one for the super bright, one for the normal and one for the subnormal, 
like say Cornell Phd's, at, you'd think 
one of them would fit his level of intelligence.

      And he worries incessantly about death.

      He believes that he will live after death, but refuses to deal with
HOW the brain will live after death, and if he is not a brain, HOW he, a
zero dimensional eternal conscious soul, is interfacing with a 4D
spacetime gizmoid contraption, the brain, and how a 0D static could
create actual 4D spacetime in the first place.

      Every time he writes anything, cosmic yawns spread out over the
entire cosmos, the universal eye begins to get heavy and close, and the
void becomes evident, except everyone is asleep.

      He should know better for all the auditing he has had.

      And so should Chuck Beatty.


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