>>>On a tape I heard once, LRH said "who are you?" was the ultimate process

      WHO's are identities, Napoleon, Jesus, Fred's mother etc.

      Who are you?

      The idea is running the question until all the false who's are gone
and the answer is ME.

      But me is a non answer, it isn't a who.

      One of the issues is whether the individuality of the being is an
illusion or not, because 'who' is meant to differentiate between me and
thee, even minus indentities of any kind.

      If we are all just 'me', then which me are we?

      The important perceptions are the ones related to personal agency
and the sense of being an effect.

      Every 'being an effect' has related to it a who and a what.

      Clear 1 said that in their research into PTSness, the being was
always PTS to a WHAT, not a who.

      Thus which being (who) was being the bastard didn't matter so much,
it wasn't the BEING that was the problem it was WHAT he was being that
was the problem.

      Thus auditing WHAT is more lucrative than WHO.  Who tends to make
the preclear close terminals with another being who is being the WHAT
that is bothering him.  But that WHO is just the last in a long chain
that ends up at the preclear himself at the beginning of the chain.

      The ultmiate WHO is bothering the preclear is the preclear.

      Running WHAT tends to blow the package regardless of who is wearing

     Remember in GPM running it used to go like this.

     WHAT item is bothering you?
     WHO would represent that item to you?

     The WHAT is expansive, the WHO causes a closing in on terminals.

     Closing terminals means moving in on that person and being
in their face so to speak cuz you don't like them.

     For example,

     WHAT is bothering you?  (Serious listing question).

     pc: Well the middle class.

     WHO would represent the middle class?

     pc: Well christians and townies.

     Or you could go at it the other way.

     WHO is bothering you?

     pc: my mother

     WHAT would your mother represent to you?

     pc: A spoiled child.

      WHO else would represent a spoiled child to you?

      One wants to climb the tower of items to the most general item,
then come back down again to spot all those that fit in it.

      Running what and who on *I* can be lucrative with attention to
personal agency and being an effect.

      Remember the chart goes like this

      3 Perception
      2 Communication
      1 Recognition
     -1 Help
     -2 Hope
     -3 Demand for Improvement
     -4 Need for change
     -5 Fear of worsening
     -6 Being an effect
     -7 Ruin
     -8 Despair
     -9 Suffering

      The being CHOOSES to be an effect in order to SOLVE fear of

      So being an effect is the make break point between a being who is
headed down thereafter and one who is still free to bounce back up.

      Where ever he has tried to succeed by making others be an effect,
he has finally succumbed to trying to succeed by making himself an

      Every identity (a WHAT) in existence is a package of abilities and
disabilities to cause and be an effect.

      So running identities with WHO and WHAT with attention to cause and
being an effect will go a long ways towards loosening up the being at
this point of the chart.

      We want him up at recognition.

      "Oh yeah, I remember me!"

      It will be a translife recognition.

      He may not remember the lifetimes, but he will remember himself
above lifetimes.

      Also his sense of age will change: from brand new, to ancient of
days, to ageless.

      How old are you?

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