The reason I get on the case of mortal meatballs so much, aside
from the fact that I am one, is because they throw so much contempt on
anyone who has hope for an eternal future.

      Hope for an eternal future is a big thing, those who have felt it
know that such hope is the wind beneath their wings.

      Without it, there is no hope, no light, only death, at the end of
the tunnel.

      Those who find death desirable are an anathema to those who have
felt the warm fire of eternity and know that in the end all is OK.

     Unfortunately those who have such hope often haven't a clue
why they have it, maybe they experienced something that just tells
them there is something more than meat and flies in their future.

      Maybe they touched a memory of past loves and losses, music not of
this life, people, places and things that they recognize in a haunted

      Maybe they just simply felt the hope and the hope tells them it is

      That can be a dangerous way to know though, as the sorrow of death
and the fear of hell lie right around the corner waiting to tell you
that they are true too.

      So knowing by emoting needs some help from true understanding.

      But those with hope of an eternal future, rarely understand the
distance between themselves and those with no hope of an eternal future.

      To live once and die once and never to live or love again is a
death sentence to one who wants to live forever.

      It is an infinite loss of an infinite future filled with infinite
number of girl friends, lovers, children, games and adventure.

      It is an infinite punishment to one who would be infinitely free.

      Now the being may not be infinite, maybe he truly is meat, but HE
WANTS to live forever, and thus believing he won't is an infinite loss
to him none the less.

      People can't cry at will because infinite sorrow has no where to
put the tears.  The oceans are already full.

      And when someone wants to live forever but believes he can't, no
matter how snot nosed or erudite he might be about it, they become an
asshole, dedicated to crushing out the hope of anyone who should dare
smile an eternal smile at them.

      Those that feel good about their eternal future wonder where this
animosity comes from, it is only sour grapes extended to infinity.

      I can't have what I want, so I don't want it and never did.

      And you better not want it or hope for it too.

      That's a meatball for you, nothing more, nothing less.

      And yes it is despicable, only in the blinding light of God could
anyone ever find some beauty to it.

      The beauty is there because it is self inflicted.

      But the reason for self infliction escapes us, and thus so does the
beauty of being an asshole.

      That can drive the more hopeful down tone, because they become
hopeless about the hopeless.

      Hopelessness is contagious as hell.

      How can I be a God if this poor bloke is going to hell forever?

      That is part of the original overt act, to try to bring another down
by demonstrating to them they can't help you.

      You can entice and then ruin anyone with this ploy.

      At one time done in good fun, it became serious and look at where
we all are now.

      So when you run into someone who makes you mad or makes the world
look gray to you, recognize what is happening, your hope in the infinite
is being alloyed with their infinite hopelessness.

      You gotta be just a little more infinite than they are to deal with

      No problem, piece of cake.

      "Sovereignty is Operating Solo Realm." -Adore


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