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a poster wrote about comments made by Richard Ford.  The poster 

> Homer is quite right, you use strawmen... You have refused and still
> refuse till this day to engage in any serious discussion or
> investigation about these matters.

     Whoa, somebody said I was right, that's gotta be a typo.
     Richard Ford is being a BT, a Body Thetan or Cluster.

     Run the following, point at him accusatively, holding his eyes at
all times with yours, and say:


     What are you?

     Who are you?

     How many are you?

     1 trillion?  10 trillion?  100 trillion?  more?

     You are real people!"

     Repeat any line that produces standstill, eyes wide or cooperation.

     The how many question may have to go up into the 10**50 or higher.

     Or maybe you can hear them count up to 6 :)

     Ford has only one point he is making to us.

     If all this stuff is true, how come we can't/won't give him
evidence on the matter via demonstration of paranormal 'powers'.

     For him that evidence would have to be physical plane evidence
only, weapons of war stuff, as he himself couldn't stand the light of
emotional, mental or spiritual plane evidence that he couldn't share or
use to dominate others.

     Or perhaps he knows powers exist but wants to point us out to the
CIA for destruction.

     So we have to pretend VERY HARD to not have them and not even
believe in them.

     Now that is fine, but I don't have physical plane powers, except to
make myself sick almost at will, and I won't have those powers until my
spiritual, mental and emotional plane powers come to full fruition.

     Lots and lots of evidences for those, sometimes I have to slap them
down like bugs crawling all over my inner space.

     It's a top down process.

     Now if and when I do get physical plane powers, in this or some
future life, the question remains whether Richard Ford would pass any
security test of the time on the matter.

     He certainly wouldn't now.

     Approach is everything, contempt and derision doesn'tt cut it.  No
one OWES him a demonstration.  Nor does anyone owe him being quiet,
although we do admonish against claiming to have physical plane powers
in public unless you are prepared to demonstrate, and suffer the
consequences along with your pets and family and everyone you know.

     As for physical evidence, lots of people have evidence, but it is
not replicatable because of the danger to being that able in this
universe at this time.  No matter how OT a person is, there are millions
of excarnate beings way more OT than he is who would like to keep him on
his cross.

     That RICHARD FORD has zero evidence of any kind giving him an
inkling of the possibility of a spiritual world, indicates his own
shallowness and possible opposition to eternal life.

     There are no chronic innocent victims here, and to live a whole
life, do all those drugs, have all those near death experiences, all
those sleep dreams, all those tears and laughter at the bottom of those
bottomless wells of sorrow, all that blinding Christlight that fills the
body with love and guilt, and not have one single inkling that this life
may not be all that is, is just so shallow as to be inconceivable.

     Shallow as a dry river bed.

     It's mostly a light and emotional shut off case.

Sat Aug 15 22:32:54 EDT 2015