The professional victim is one who makes his living by being a
victim, he makes his way through life BY being a victim, he feels that
if he weren't a victim he wouldn't survive.

     Professional victims are the single most dangerous people in the
world, because if you don't demonstrate that you are a professional
victim also, they will devote their entire lives to victimizing you and
your friends until you all become professional victims too.

     This can whittle any OT down to size who isn't able to create,
make, mockup, cast, and take responsibility over and for professional
victims forever for free.

     There is an important item in the ARC triangle called Accord.

     Is there accord between what you want and what you consider is?

     For most people who are honest, they would say no.

     Most people would prefer to be dreamballs than meatballs, if they
have any honesty they will admit that.  
     Most however run into the wall of preposterousness when they
consider the possibility of being dreamballs, and so they have a hard
time giving it any credence and thus any study.
     They feel they are wasting their time, talking about it, looking
into it, studying it, hypothesizing about it etc.

     They would rather 'not know' and 'not think about it' and 'find out
when they die' than scare themselves to death about it now.

     That's why everyone is walking around not thinking about the

     Not think, not think, not think...

     Some however also take so much affrontage to the idea that you
might be wasting your time considering the patently preposterous, that
they will devote their whole lives to making sure you don't think about
it either.

     It's an overt on them that you are wasting your time, don't you

     They have declared a covert war against their own desires and the
possibility that they might have what they really want.

     Watch out for them, for they will kill to be right.

     For them it is more important to be right than to be able.


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