The nice thing about the many shades of exteriorization, is that
most of them are not provable, yet provide a tremendous benefit to the
well being of the thetan.

     The ones that are not provable, are thus not weapons of war, and
thus are free to be talked about and experiences shared.

     The problem comes in when the meatball demands proof that you can
exteriorize him or that the state exists, before you actually do it.

     He can talk to all your preclears, every one of which has
exteriorized, and still think it is all a hallucination, because that is
where his awareness is at on the ACC.

     He is already hallucinating the physical universe so hard, that
anything that violates that hallucination must be a hallucination.

     So the only choice the poor meatball has, is to get the auditing
and see if it works.  Give it a finite amount of time, or money, and if
he doesn't get his result in that risked price range, then he is out of

     If he does, then he has a personal experience that he can then
evaluate for himself.

Mon May 10 13:49:51 EDT 2010