NOTS 5 & 7

chuckbeatty77  wrote:
> 1) Please explain NOTs, OT 5, in simple layman terminology
> 2) Have you ever advanced to official Church of Scientology NOTs OT 5?
> 3) Have you advanced to official Church of Scientology SOLO NOTs OT 7?
> Can you explain them in neutral layman's terms?
> Like explain "body thetans" and clusters, and the ill effects of "body
> thetans" and what makes the difference in why SOLO NOTs is a really
> "long haul" (per the LRH ED Legacy of the Tech briefing of 1982ish).

      I am personally a bit lost on what level is what level these days,
being an Old Time Scn who did NOT make it up their bridge in the normal
standard way.

      There are a number of issues in the above that need to be kept

      First the world is a virtual machine amongst dreaming god units,

      That means there is no objective universe except its projection in
each of our minds.  Anyone who has played a multi player arcade game or
on the internet will understand the concept.

      Every object in the virtual external universe is a being mocking
itself up as that object.  Since objects have objects within them, those
inner objects also have beings being that object, down to the last

      Or whatever the final fundamental level of 'particle' is, each
particle is a being in carnation, and each functional layer of
complexity made out of those inner parts has a being controlling it.

      Even a flock of birds has a being over the whole flock, causing
what they like to call 'emergent behaviors'.

      We call these beings elementals, their primary name to fame is they
can mockup physical universe things and be them, so the virtual physical
universe can continue.

      But there are also beings in the sense we usually understand them,
souls, angels, demons, Gods, all of which are identities that a being
takes on in its role in the existing game stream, independent of beings
who are solely supporting the existence of the phyiscal universe.

      We generally differentiate between thetans, GE's, and entities,
most of which are huge conglomerations of elementals who are being very
complex and able identities.

      The GE is mostly involved in games of evolving life on the planets,
but there are also GE's that are stars, suns, moons and the planets

      Every organizational complexity in the phyiscal universe has a
being at the helm of that level.

      There is a small subclass of conglomerates called BT's or Body
Thetans, which are mixed in with the BODY composite, which suffered a
very specific incident called OT III, or Incident 2 purportedly 76
million years ago.  The incident itself may be an implant much older.
The incident may never have really happened, and if it did, it probably
did not happen to me and thee, although me and thee may have had a hand
in doing it to the ones who did get it.

      BT's however are beings much like you and me, thetans, we call them
9 to 5ers, they had lives, bodies, jobs, families, children, etc, but
who were captured, killed, brought to Earth and canned.  Many are in a
state of clustering with other BT's, and super clustering, clusters of

      Thus the focus on BT's is the result of a specific incident in this
sector of the galaxy and is not common across the universe, as the other
being types are.

      The thetan that controls the body has its own track but has become
involved in human bodies, GE's, demons, deities, angels and gods of
various sorts and of course BT's.

      The body plus thetan is a huge bristling conglomerate of beings of
different types.  It is practically a bustling megapolis of different
kinds of beings from different places.

      Elementals, by request and design, form the time track of the
thetan and are responsible for mocking up things during times of
'restimulation' including drug experiences.

      The thetan has to USE what the elemental gives him in order to get
stuck with it, usually by dramatizing the various persona in the mockup
to his benefit (going out of valence, or sticking himself in valence.)

      The thetan generally is no longer able to make the mockup directly
himself, but he can still act out what the mockup says to do once the
elemental mocks it up for him.

      The thetan doesn't HAVE to dramatize the mockup, he can tell the
elemental, thanks but no thanks and put the elemental back into a no
mockup state.

      Thetans also get stuck permanently in such out of valence
conditions (service facsimile computations) and thus remain in chronic

      A computation is a postulate concerning the advantage of being

      Existence in a human body is probably a service fac computation,
and any chronic somatics in the body are further such computations.

      The social tone of a being may be in the 0 to 4.0 range, but the
real tone of the thetan once he wakes up that he isn't a body is usually
down below Hiding at -8.0, Being Nothing at -20.0, or Can't Hide at

      There are also beings who are in very bad shape buried deep in the
preclear's time track in areas of the past that are in permanent
restumulation, these are the NOTS beings.

      (NOTS stands for New Era Dianetics of OT's and addresses the state of 
these sleeping beings.  Its called NOTS because you are basically running 
Dianetics on them using telepathy.  They respond to your Tone 40 
intention, so just getting the idea a BT or cluster will move to the 
beginning of the incident, will get him to do so.  BT's tend to create 
anything YOU conceive.  They are conception magnifiers.  So you can see 
that having a lot of them around without good control and awareness over 
them might be a bad idea, as they will run with and create anything think 
clearly enough.)

      The purpose of clearing is first to remove the permanent restim of
the service fac.

      This produces a Grade IV Homo Novis.

      There need to make people wrong has vanished :)

      Then to erase much of the content in the entity supported time
track so that there is nothing to restimulate any more.  Those entities
then go free again to do their own thing.

      This produces a clear, no longer has his own time track.  It isn't
fully true, but it is hard to restimulate a clear, as he has very little
to restimulate, except GPM masses mentioned below.

      After clear, one needs to run out his immediate involvement in the
surrounding OT III BT/Cluster cases that pack the body in from the
outside and inside it too.

      After OT III, one needs to run out the remaining 'dead' NOTS beings
from the remaining parts of the whole track time track that the being
still walks around with including his GPM masses.

      GPM masses are a kind of grave yard for NOTS beings.

      Once they all go free, the being is free to erase his time track
fully, releasing the rest of the supporting elementals keeping it around
for him.

      After that, the being is faced with a sea of all of the above in
all the other beings that he is surrounded by in real life, both carnate
and disincarnate.

      At some point the main thetan in the body, also needs to separate
from any joiners, melders, or clusters that he himself is part of, or at
least renegotiate them to better fit his needs.

      Any thetan probably has beings stuck to him, because they are in
HIS valence, they are being him.  They know they are out of valence,
sort of, but the thetan doesn't realize he has riders that are being
him, and takes them all as him, becuase they are being him.

      A being alone by himself can't do much of anything, thus joining
with 'partners' was a way to build up abilities through cooperation.

      A system of parts operating via cause and effect across a space
time distance can do more than one part alone.

      This joining however is in spiritual space not physical space.

      Joiners are different than clustering, in that joining is fair
chosen for a purpose.  Clustering results from common engrams such as
during times of war or mass death, or from direct collisions with other
beings and 'sticking' due to confusion about who is who.

      Say you have a big battle, and its the end of the day and
its over.  Lots of dead bodies everywhere, and the exterior thetans
are just hanging out at ground level like a fog.  The rest
who are marching back to base, are walking through this fog of
the newly dead, and the dead stick to the living and form clusters.

      Each one died in the same battle, so its a common incident for them,
but they died in different ways at different times during the battle,
so there is still some differentiation.

      Other incidents involve taking large numbers of usually smaller
beings, elementals, and hammering them all at the same time into a
package, or machine, that then has a job to do.  This is very different
but forms a lot of the early whole track operations of the implanters.
Such packages then form the 'bricks' and mortar of which some spiritual
walls or machines are made that help keep the thetan and its body
composite behaving 'properly' to the benefit of the implanters.

      One thing about clusters, is each being in the cluster thinks he is
ALL the beings in the incident.  Thus when running a cluster you may
find for example endless scenes of soliders marching during war, bodies
laying everywhere.  The cluster thinks it is all of them, the whole
thing.  Clusters also tend to think they are swarms of beings, like
bees, birds, fishes, snakes, and huge crowds of humans.

      When highly packed clusters start to show up in session, they can
appear as huge groups, bunches, and cornecopias of grapes or other
fruit.  They can show up as huge groups of little 1 inch clear glass
marbles.  It's just an apparency.

      But if you poke open one of the grapes there will be more
cornecopias of grapes pouring out.  Thus 10,000 grapes each having
10,000 grapes for 3 levels, produces upwards of a trillion beings all
wanting to go free.  As they break open their packingness, they start to
show up as huge crowds of people, with clothes, hats, male and female,
everything, standing waiting to be handled.  They will look like
'shades', ghosts, ill formed but definitely human and definitely there.

      This can be overwhelming, to be in the middle of a few thousand or
million beings packing you in tighter and tighter as they fill up the
room or space you are all in.

      It can also happen in dreams, when the sheer number of beings in
the dream surrounding you are so dense you can't move any more.  This
can be restimulated by huge rock concerts, where there is just no place
to move.

      It can give you extreme claustrophobia, but they respond to simple
thoughts of 'make some room  so I can move about."  Its an enormous relief 
when they do and make an isle you can walk out of the crowd on.

      And they respond en masse to

      You are a cluster!
      What are you?
      Who are you?
      How many are you?
      You are real people!
      In the name of the High US, be free now.

      If they have eyes, get and hold their eyes or it won't work.

      You don't need answers, they just need to receive and consider the
thoughts, and soon they all start vanishing by the thousands, and your
space is free to fill up with grapes again :)

      Next time you are in a lucid dream, go up to one of the beings
in the dream and say "Thank you for being in my dream!", see what
happens :)

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