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Homer wrote after dating a dyke for a while:

      "Atomic War in the Garden of Eden.

      Women should be fed to the snakes that advise them, and men, if
they are charged by a woman, with a crime they did not commit, get to
commit it for free.  It shows women the difference.


      The Jews have left painted swastikas on my door, and the Nazis have
left flaming crosses on my lawns.  I collect both with relish.

      The Christians were the only ones who left me alone, they were SURE
I was going to hell.  But I had made friends with their Snake.  I found
that it too was God in Carnation.



      If I have offended anyone by my writings herein, my excuse can only
be High Anti Majesty (no sense of humor).

      For the High Crime of High Anti Majesty, I am behumbled and

      I repent in dust and ashes, and beg for the gentle mercy of
Imperial Majesty, of Grand and Excaliper Design.

      I been told I get it, if I give it." - Adore

      Y'all been warned.


      Women criticize in men what they are most jealous of.

      Women (with child) are trying to become Masters of Defense, so when
they fail they become defensive.

      Men (with woman with child) are trying to become Masters of
Offense, so when they fail they become offensive.

      A master of defense defends against danger with others of similar
kind by grouping in closer together.

      A master of offense goes out and seeks danger before the danger can
find him (and his women with child).  Woman with child will in generaal
not do that, and men won't let them do that if they have child.

      Mortal women hate men because men CAN be offensive, and such women
wish they were men.

      Hate = jealousy

      The moment of dramatization against men starts when women first get
their tits.  It doesn't affect those that know they have been men before
and can become men again, and chose to become a woman in this life, but
those that think they had no choice and live once and die and that's it
bud, are crushed by it.

      This is why 'tits often go the way of all flesh ahead of schedule.'

      Men who are mortal, look upon women with pity, for most men would
hate to be women too, but can't confront the horror, so they tend to
live separate lives from women, needing them, but wishing they didn't

      Big missed withhold.  Men won't admit it because they want to get

      Men won't admit a lot of things they think about women, because
they want to get laid.

      In fact almost the whole of their vocabulary is tied up in not
talking about what they really think about women.

      Women, knowing that they can have children without ever having an
orgasm consoles them in their self conceived inferiority, because they
know that men have to have orgasms to have children and thus be socially
acceptable.  A woman can be frigid as a black hole, and still have
children to be socially useful and accepted.

      Men are aware of their degradation and 'shame' compared to women
(Beauty and the Beast), as both sides consider sex rank and disgusting,
and orgasms particularly degrading.  Thus men tend to make a virtue out
of a horrible necessity (orgasms), and become kind of rank and
disgusting themselves.  Women then revel in this self degradation of the
man to further console her own wounds at being a woman.

      The women becomes the enabler of everything she detests in the man.
because it assuages (equalizes) her own sense of inferiority.

      The Beast's job was to get one woman to love him in spite of being
a beast.

      Good luck.

      The closest a mortal women will ever come to being a man is to have
a son.  She will then make sure to anti operate the male qualities of
the son (master of offense) until he wishes to make nothing out of
everything (atomic war).

      "Every mother can turn her son into a monster.  Men are monsters,
how do women do it?  I mean to have something come out of your cunt, and
not know whether it will rape, kill or suck blood, must really be
something else." - Adore.

      Run NO/SOME no-sympathy/sympathy on all body parts, male and

      NO   no-sympathy
      SOME no-sympathy

      NO   sympathy
      SOME sympathy

      No-sympathy is 1.2 on tone scale.

      Sympathy is 0.9 on tone scale.

      Tone Scale:

      In the absence of auditing, all no-sympathy one day turns to
sympathy.  No life can stand the undertow of hell.

      No-sympathy is cold heartedness.

      NO no-sympathy is (pretended) NO cold heartedness, NO 1.2 on the
tone scale.

      Sympathy is sorry for cold heartedness.

      NO sympathy is (pretended) NO sorry for cold heartedness, NO 0.9 on
the tone scale.

      NO is 'none of' on the CDEINR scale, Curious, Desire, Enforce,
Inhibit, NONE OF, Refused.

BEING A BODY is what gets one too close to a body to get out easily,
taking care of a body with a dedicated vengence only a God could

      "Ain't NOTHING going to EVER get me to get out of this body, the
last time I left a body for a few moments (fill in your favorite item),
think of all the people that DEPEND on me!"

      Pity is right below body death.

      Nothing like closing terminals (moving in on, to protect or destroy)
those sad beaten eyes.

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