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      People's inability to contact and perceive a simple perfect
certainty is one of the worst conditions of things on Earth at this
time.  People's minds, en masse, are just simply completely broke on
this subject to their ultimate detriment and probably ruin.

      People are so afraid of being certain of something that later turns
out wrong, they no longer are able to conceive of a perfect certainty
that can't be wrong, let alone find one.  Just one.

      And if you try to get them to spot a perfect certainty, they
will spend hours spewing every kind of nonsense that they CAN'T
POSSIBLY be certain of, because certainty doesn't apply to theory
based on evidence.

      People love calling evidence proof, and theories certain,
but its a degrade of magnitude and leads straight into hell.

      Along with getting interpretation and rendition backwards.

      Hint: there are no perfect certainties in your memory.
      Hint: there are no perfect certainties about the past.
      Hint: Perfect certainty of = Conscious of


      Spot a perfect certainty.
      Spot a perfect uncertainty.

      A perfect uncertainty is an uncertainty you are perfectly
certain you are uncertain of.

      Another hint: 'I am not sure I am certain...' is not a
perfect uncertainty.

      All things are either perfect certainties or perfect


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> Homer Wilson Smith (homer@lightlink.com) wrote:
> Levi Murphy (CONFRONT23@aol.com) wrote:
>> I disagree, as I deem it totally possible for one to be totally
>> certian of something that is completly wrong. Heres my proof.
>     "It is possible to be certain of something that is wrong!"
>     "Are you certain?"
>     "Yes."
>     "Then could you be wrong?"
>     "Yes."
>     "Then you are not certain?"
>     "Yes."
>     Certainty = Uncertainty.
>     Q.E.D.
>> Homer and I are both certain that we are right in this matter.
>> Our positions contradict eachother.
>     You *ASSERT* that you are certain, that does not mean that you
> are certain.
>     You may think you are certain, believe you are certain, but in
> fact you are not in fact certain.
>     Part of the problem with certainty is people do not have a
> perfect standard of certainty, to compare their certainties against,
> thus they fall into using knowing by emoting or effort or some such
> nonsense.
>     Once a person has a *PERFECT* standard of certainty, one that CAN
> NOT BE WRONG, then all the things they 'are certain of' can be
> compared in their certainty against the perfect standard of certainty,
> and most they will see fall short of perfect certainty.
>     What they 'thought, believed, felt' they were certain of was
> really an imposter of true certainty.  They also realize that merely
> by looking at such imposters of certainty they can ALWAYS TELL that
> they are imposters.  Thus a person can only be certain of a TRUE
> certainty, and all the rest can be told to be imposters IF the person
> will give it a proper look.
>     People people who hold certainties of things that are false,
> actually have an ethics problem, their personal *INTEGRITY* is out,
> its a matter of WILLINGNESS, not a matter of simple mistake.
>     At one time they knew they were shamming, now it has become the
> norm.
>     Listing for false certainties and running them leads to a state
> of perfect certainty and a standard of certainty that is always
> correct.  Personal integrity comes back in, and the person is no
> longer claiming to himself or others to be sure of things that are
> false.
>     Once the false certainties are gone, and the perfect standard of
> certainty is in place, the being's mind is then open again to receive
> information and data about worlds not before open to him.
>     Those that believe the PU exists, CAN NOT see the 7th dynamic.
>> Therefore, one of us  is COMPLETLY WRONG,  and one of us is right as
>> two contray facts cannot coexist.
>> Therefore, one of us is COMPLETLY WRONG and CERTAIN that we are right,
>> at the same time.
>     Yeah you, you are wrong that you are certain, and you are wrong
> that you are certain that you are certain.  You are merely claiming to
> yourself to be certain.  Its an out integrity.
> Carol:
>> In this case, it would be true to say "even if I am wrong I am right"
>> because if Homer proves me wrong he proved that I am certain of
>> something and yet wrong about it.
>     Carol you haven't a *CLUE* what perfect certainty is, that which
> can not be wrong.  You are a loud proclaimer of certainties, but no
> actual certainty in sight.
>     When you can tell me a perfect certainty that you know is right,
> and CAN NOT BE WRONG UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, then you will see that I
> am right that it is quite impossible to be ACTUALLY CERTAIN of
> something that is false.
>     Homer
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