>    Anyhow, if we stick to the basic definition of bigotry as defined in
> Adore: "I am blessed and you are eternally damned because my
> God/Prophet/Doctrine is better than your God/Prophet/Doctrine' then it is
> pretty easy to see the bad apples from the good ones.

      Adore's actual definition of bigotry is the idea that oneself or
another is irredeemably morally inferior and deserves to suffer forever
for the acts of a finite while.

      God is not a god of behavior, quite frankly he doesn't care what
the hell you do.

      If you were God and you made little schmucks and gave them free
will, would YOU wait around to see which were good and which were bad
and punish FOREVER those that were bad merely as an example to others?

      And all because you were lonely and only wanted good people
around you?

      Even a half way decent God would destroy the intractable
miscreants, not punish them forever because that serves THEM
no purpose of redemption.

      Punishing people to set an example to others is evil.

      People have Christ and Santa confused.  Santa cares about good and
bad little boys.  Believe it or not, Christ doesn't.

Sat Aug 14 19:04:39 EDT 2010