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     I think part of the problem is meatballs live in a world view where
we are born of nothing and evolved, and thus there is no prior knowledge
of anything important forgotten.

     Looking down their memory track they expect to see nothing because
they were nothing a while back.

     Thus if someone can move the marble, it becomes a *DISCOVERY*,
rather than a *RECOVERY*.  Thus of course one would want to shout eureka
to the world and let everyone know.

     This doesn't mean the need for a prime directive wouldn't swiftly
form around the ability, but it does mean there is no PRIOR prime
directive hiding those powers in the first place.

     Thus it is counter intuitive to the meatball to audit the power
protocol rundown, because he can't imagine that PRIOR violations of
protocol and maybe even the protocols themselves lead to no power.

     He also can't imagine that power itself is being used to limit

     As long as people are in discovery mode about spiritual abiilties,
they pretty much don't stand a chance, as their responsibility for not
having powers is nill.

     Learning by looking is a trap when it comes to spiritual matters.


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On Sun, 12 Sep 2010, Pip wrote:

> Unless one can grasp the idea of the world being a dream, the Prime
> Directive is just another wacky idea in a preposterous world view.  But
> if you understand games, you understand mutually agreed upon rules and
> how they are enforced.  No matter how far reaching or complex the game
> may be, it's really that simple.   No rules, or no enforcement, = no
> game.  The only proof is to see it for yourself.  I saw it for myself.
> All proof is inside, not outside.  Most people won't look - they suffer
> from the fatal disease of "I already know everything".  Actually that's
> for protection; looking can be terrifying.  It's easier to stay in the
> comfort zone.  A lot of talk happens in the comfort zone.  It's filled
> with opinions.
> Pip
> PS: The prime directive rule does have some loopholes apparently.
> homer@lightlink.com wrote:
>> In article <5e3c880a-e6f1-4c48-bde5-82e741b5c62d@e34g2000prn.googlegroups.com> you wrote:
>>> Prime directive stuff is a cop out obviously.  Who, when, where and
>>> why, and for how long?
>>> Again none of the pertinent information is ever supplied.  Pearls
>>> before swine, and the besmirching
>>> of sacremental texts or wisdoms whatever could it possibly be.
>>    Actually this is wrong.
>>    The prime directive is very simple, if someone wants some
>> ability, you may provide him with time and effort to help HIM
>> get the ability, and you may provide him with the processes to
>> look over before you run them on him if necessary, but you may not
>> demonstrate that YOU have the ability to him before he has it himself.
>>    Hardly a cop out.
>>    Homer
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