ROGERS ( wrote:

>Homer Wilson Smith  wrote in message
>>      The only way a thetan can stick something to himself, is to
>> create it willingly with full Omni Sovereignty, then deny he did, or
>> trick himself into thinking he didn't.
>>      So stuckness always has 'violation of Sovereignty' as part of the
>> glue.

>Oh I getcha now.  In other words, denial of self?

     Well yes, if one assumes that Self is natively Omni Sovereign.

>Of course, here on earth, playing the meat-body game, we HAVE to have air,
>water, food, protection from the elements... and little rubber duckies.

     Yes, MEST runs on must haves and must not haves, too much of, and
too little of, which forms a myriad of thetan - mest conflicts, it is
useful to list for these.

     Duplication, doing it again, making more of it, making it worse
is death to a MEST machine which is built to learn and never go it again.
Running one's home universe as a MEST machine however is death to
a thetan, because the thetan depends on doing it again to vanish it.
Push once it sticks, push again and it pops free.
     Adore calls that the 'Caps Lock Key' principle of perfect
replication.  Create it once, it sticks, Create it again it vanishes.
     That's a lower level effort harmonic of LRH's perfect duplicate.
     Also in the too much of and too little of department, it is
useful to list for what.

     Too much of ...  ?  Too little of ...  ?

     The items found then become a gateway for further auditing, for
these form the incidents that pc is dramatizing.

     The generalities of the incident will be seriousness, importance,
permanence and pain, the specifics will be tits or whatever.
     Nothing worse than a tit trying to think.

     "Go away kid, don't bother me!"

     Also terrible trio can be run constructively even on low tone
thetans if you allow them to run the dispense with until they come up
with a having item.  And rather than run it on present time MEST
objects, which I find execreable, just run it in general, life,
universes, everything.

     "Tell me something you could dispense with?
      Tell me something you could let be?
      Tell me something you could have?"

     Define HAVE as "It's YOURS to own and control".

     If you allow them to run on the dispense with for a long time
without forcing the haves, suddenly real haves will come up and
present themselves with major physical and other changes in the
somatic field.

     I hated trio until I soloed this as above.