"Immortals who dislike Mortals have some karma to face.

    Namely Mortals who dislike Immortals are despicable.

    Karma is present time involvement with hidden shames of the past.

    Shame is a waste of time.

    So is karma."

    From Adore.

    This is about all Adore has to say about meatballs.  Although
I do rib meatballs a lot, its actually bullbaiting more than
anything else.

    Incipient Carrion dwellers are very special to me, since I used to be
one myself until my visioning when I was 21.

    What the above says is that some Mortals take great exception to
Immortals.  Immortals who find themselves beset by Mortals trying
to destroy or harm them thus need to study their own past lives when
they were Mortals too and did the same thing to other Immortals.

    Remember Adore considers everyone is actually Immortal, but some think
they are Mortal, these are the 'Mortals'.  They aren't really Mortal.

    But since they are Immortal but think they are Mortal, they have
eschewed their Immortality, and thus Adore draws the inference, that they
eschew Immortality or awareness of such in others also.

    This makes such Mortals suppressive as they will try to stop anyone
from getting involved in spiritual inquiry.

    Many people are kind of on the fence, they think they are mortal,
but wish they were immortal and are interested in spiritual inquiry
as long as it doesn't involve blind faith which is a High Crime in
Adore.  Adore does NOT consider this group as 'mortals'.

    Adore says that the two groups can get really paranoid about
each other.  The Immortals feel that the Mortals are out to
destory them because the Mortals have destroyed their own sense
of Immortality in themselves.  The Mortals also feel the same
way about Immortals.  Its anybody's guess who started it.

     Adore says,

    "You started them starting it."