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> "It was also Rothwell's origination that government intelligence
> agencies considered Scientology to be a national security risk because
> of the threat of OTs exteriorizing and spying on them..."
> "I told him that even if they had the OT levels they would not make any
> OTs and their plan would not work. He could not imagine why that would
> be. I said because of ethics, because beings were basically good, and I
> couldn't see anybody making case gain over an evil purpose..."

       This would be a very big mistake, as Evil is a relative term.

       First OT's are not 'good' in the human character sense, but good in
the Author creator sense.

       An OT will side with the underdog, because he is siding with the
existence of the GAME, not the existence of any particular side.  This
is pandeterminism.

       The idea that OT's are some kind of superman or super human is
highly destructive to producing OT's.

       OT's are TRANS human, trans character, they weild the sword of
Excalibur, whose blade is lined with the dicoms of life AND death, good
AND bad, love AND hate, beauty AND ugly.

       The idea that OT's want to free people needs to be understood in
this light, it is wrong.  Their motive is to optimize the game of
freedom and enslavement.

       To pretty it up, and make it more interesting.


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