>     The preclear is then asked to invent a problem of comparable
> magnitude to that person.  He is asked to do this many many times.

     The person is a terminal not a problem.

     The preclear has a problem WITH that terminal.

     The preclear may say mother is a problem, but mother is a terminal 
with whom they HAVE a problem.

     Mother probably also has a problem back with the preclear.

     So problems are usually two way ridges.

     An example of a problem might be lack of desired co operation.

     Thus inventing a problem of comparable magnitude involves first 
inventing terminals of comparable magnitude, and then inventing problems 
WITH those terminals of comparable magnitude (seriousness, difficulty 

     Also inventing problems the other terminal could have with the 
preclear as problems are a two way flow.

     Concentration on inventing problems without first inventing terminals 
to have the problem with, or at least indicating existing terminals one is 
inventing the problem about, will not work, as one can not confront a 
problem, one can only confront a terminal with whom one has a problem.

     It is mocking up the MASS and living energy of the TERMINAL that makes 
the process work.  One doesn't want to experience the mass and living 
energy of the terminal one has a problem with, thus these unconfronted 
masses and energies become bigger than the preclear.  He sees the pretty 
girl, his spine lights up and he has to run.

     Mocking up the mass and living energy of the terminal brings the 
preclear's confront and ability to create mass and living energy back up 
to a par with the terminal he is having problems confronting. You can't be 
scared of a pretty girl if YOU can mock her up 10 times bigger and 100 
times prettier than she really is.

     The preclear is stuck in a 'nothing could be prettier'.  Bang, girl

     Looking for earlier similar problems, as in running rudiments at
start of session, won't work either for the same reason unless one
first looks for earlier TERMINALS with which one had earlier similar

     You want to start session but the preclear's parking meter is about to 
run out of time and he needs to go put another quarter in it.  His problem 
is not with the meter, but the POLICE FORCE, you see?  Running that 
earlier similar can get interesting.  Running parking meters earlier 
similar will miss the point and the charge on his case.

     Without mocking up the terminal the problem will not run out.

     Time spent mocking up the present, past, future or invented terminal 
in good detail, is more important than time spent mocking up the problem 
in detail.


Hash: SHA1

      Must do and must not happen again form the basic dicom of
this universe of entrapment.


      Page 144

      "Unfortunately for the world of action, it will be discovered that
one who can confront everything, does not have to handle anything.  In
support of this is offered that Scientology process "Problems of
Comparable Magnitude".

      In this particular process the individual being processed is asked to
select a terminal with which he has had difficulty.  In that the
definition of a terminal is a 'live mass' or something that is capable of
causing, receiving or relaying communication, it will be seen that
terminals are quite ordinary people in the problem category of anyone's

      The person is then asked to invent a problem of comparable
magnitude to that person.  He is asked to do this many many times.

      It is found midway in the process that he is willing to do something
now about the problems he is having with that person.  But at the end
of the process a new and strange thing is found to occur.  The individual
no longer feels that he MUST do something about the problem.

      Indeed, he can simply confront or regard or view the problem with
complete equanimity.  Now an almost mystic quality enters this when it is
discovered that the problem in the physical universe about which he has
been worried often ceases to exist out there.  In other words, the
handling of a problem seems to be simply the increase of ability to
confront the problem, and when the problem can be totally confronted it no
longer exists.  This is strange and miraculous."

      Has anyone ever attained Grade I?

      For real?

      Lot of phoney certs out there hanging on walls....


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