ADORE177.memo is brilliantly written, but too much head talk, and
not enough reality on the brutal facts of WHAT was chosen, fair or not,
namely apparencies of hell forever and death forever.

      Oceanic depth of sorrow is the greatest evidence we have that
although things may not be as bad as we fear, they certainly are not
as good as we hope for.

      The barrier between this life and the after life, is recognition.

      Recognition of the choice to not recognize the choice to not
recognize, ad infinitum.

      How else does one create no recognition from recognition?

      Awareness Characteristic Chart

      Thus the being comes up to hope and help and stays there, as the
wall of non recognition is infinite.

      You know, where am I, what time is it, what am I doing here, what
should I be doing here, who am I, what am I, how many am I, and where am
I going?

      Many are still lost down at "Am I?"


      Get the idea,

      There is NO   recognition.
      There is SOME recognition.

      Homer ('I got no recognition') Smith

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  ACW ( wrote:
> Pretty sweeping fixed motivation to lay on everyone!

      We are all here for the same reason.

> What if it was an involuntary came INTO, or whatever?

      Well it would have had to be involuntary, in the sense that the
being didn't FIRST have the thought to come in, because in having the
thought he would be in.

      The native state being obtains in the very conception of having.

      However the being does have an internal knowingness, a built in set
of abilities.  It knows how to drive without really knowing anything
ABOUT how to drive.

      It couldn't tell you how to drive, but it sure can drive.

      Thus it knows how to come in, and it knows how to get out.

      And during its coming in phase, it has the option at every step of
the way to NOT engage in the mechanisms which guarantee continuance.

      There is an aesthetic that goes with the shattering, so the being
has a 'lets see where this goes' kind of attitude, approval and sanction
are on, no matter how much it is screaming bloody murder.

      Even while the being is pretending outrage and engaging in the
mechanisms of continuance, it knows it is doing this.

      Just enough knowing to maintain its responsibility in the matter,
but not enough to stop the process of coming in.

      The being has an innate sense of confidence in itself and the
AllThatIs.  It knows it can't get into THAT much trouble, because it
knows what its fundamental abilities are and the limits of what they can

      "Confidence is confiding to yourself that you did this thing to
yourself." - Adore

      The being can make itself ignorant of the mechanisms of
continuance, but even that decision has a moment of choice wherein the
being knows it is entering an area of no return for a while, and
appreciates the aesthetics, in particular the aesthetics of HUMOR.

      The being sees the aesthetics of getting lost for a while, in an
AllThatIs that HAS no space or time to get lost in.

      There is a premonition of the joke, a promise of the humor and
relief at the end.

      This aesthetic of getting lost is the carrier wave of
manifestation, as everything rides on it underneath the surface protest.

      Even the surface protest is fair chosen via the same appreciation
and carrier wave as the being knows the protest is necessary to
guarantee continuance.

      "High Thrill is always the effort to get lost.

      High Romance is always the effort to get home.

      High Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge..." - Adore

      The being is not fundamentally victim, even to itself.

      Contacting these aesthetics and moments of willing unwillingness,
go a long ways to freeing the being to be willing to have it happen
again, at which point it won't until he should so choose again to
shatter and pretend to be done for once again.

      VGI's = laughter, humor, appreciation and willingness to view more.

      There is no difference among people in these matters.

      You wouldn't WANT it any other way.

      Those that claim to be different have misconstrued the JOKE.

      But that too, althrough wrong, is fair chosen and must be granted
beingness by those who get the joke.

Thu Oct 28 13:13:38 EDT 2010