In Kat  wrote:
> There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
> Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

> While I know this to be truth, to brag of super powers and say "neener
> neener neener you are jealous of me cause I have powers and you
> don't!" is the mark of a large child who will look for any reason to
> be special.

> My comment was directed at the people who brag of having something in
> an attempt to feel superior to others.  
     0.) Well if they have special powers then clearly they are superior
to others.  Rubbing it into the nay-sayers faces though is probably not
a good idea.

     1.) Your comment was directed to me as you commented on my posting.

     2.) If someone had special powers they WOULD be more than human
leaving mortal man a genetic defect at best, unless those mortal men
were in fact God's playing at being abominations at the bottom of the
spiritual sea.

     3.) If you found that someone else had special powers, I assure you
that YOUR jealously and shame would reach almost infinite levels before
you were able to deal with them.

> A large part of the OT
> stuporpower mentality is the boosting of fragile egos.. the haves and
> have nots.. the concept that their enlightenment through scientology
> makes them MORE than human. Fear, jealousy... so many negative
> emotions that cloud logic are the result of fragile egos and that need
> to sate them.

     Well if someone has attained Buddhic enlightenment, or the ability
to move the marble, and he brags about it, yes he would deserve what he
gets, although his friends and family wouldn't, but for those demanding
proof, perhaps a little flaunting in their stupid faces would be in
order first.

     "Prove to me you can fry my pineal gland, I bet you can't!"

     Basically the mortal shit can't confront not knowing if he has/had
special powers or not and why other's might have them if he doesn't, and
if he can get them, or if he is doomed forever to be genetic detritus in
this sargasso sea of a universe.
     And as for those that can't provide a sane prime directive, their
sole interest is to destroy those that have power, or enslave them to
their own ends, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY.

     Anyone interested in having such powers or allowing others to have
such powers (almost more important) will be able to discuss a prime
directive intgelligently and with imperative force, to protect
THEMSELVES, their loved ones, and those others on the path.

     Submit your prime directive resumes if you wish to be taken

     The joke is, that the proper completion and submission of a correct
and workable prime directive would probably start the rebirth of those
very powers which are desired but held in doubt.


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