"Love is all we know of heaven, and sorrow all we need of hell." -

       But sorrow IS love, love burdened by considerations.

       Love is hello, sorrow is goodbye.

       Love is hello forever, sorrow is goodbye forever.

       Thus sorrow, the ability to cry freely and deeply for those that
you love BEFORE they are gone, and for those you will never know, is the
gateway to love and to heaven.

       Heaven is not happiness, heaven is freedom of emotion, heaven is
like the ocean waves in the wind, coming in with love and going out with
sorrow, over and over again.

       Hell is nothingness, no ocean, no depth, no sorrow, no love.

       They call it avichi.

       A conscious coma, alive but emotionally dead.

       If you refuse to cry, you refuse to love.

       If you refuse to love, you refuse to cry.

       If you are shamed of your crying, you are ashamed of your love.

       If you are ashamed of your love, you are ashamed of your crying.

       PTSness is your worry about those who would interrupt your sorrow
with ridicule or hysteria.

       Who is to be ashamed now, those that cry or those that can't?

       PTS means YOU become a Potential Trouble Source.  The SP,
Suppressive Person, is one who can neither love nor cry.  The intent of
the suppressive is to destroy facility in intimacy, intimacy with
yourself and those you have loved and will love again through all of
time into the next.

       Things are not alright, things will not be alright, unless you can
love and cry freely, as deep as the river runs.

       Fear of sorrow is fear of love.

       Fear of love is fear of sorrow.

       Mock up last days.

       How will it be on that last day?

       Say goodbye now.

       Say hello now.

       Say goodbye now.

       Say hello now.

       This process will run forever, never miss an opportunity to let the
sorrow flow into love, and the love flow into sorrow.  Cry now, so you
can love later.

       Excess of joy weeps.  Excess of sorrow laughs.

       Eventually one sees that our love is SO DEEP that it could
never have been anything less than eternal and immutable.

       Be proud of the depth of your love, of the depth of your loss.

       When you scream out in sorrow, you are screaming out your love.

       Do not let infinite love and caring become a problem to you.

       Even the littlest kitty is a full instantiation of the infinite.

       Run to completion: the ocean free to roll in and roll out, in all
it's unfathomable depth and glory, in your heart.

       Surrender and hope that it carries you away utterly to a better
place where Truth reigns and shallowness of existence is no more.

       Don't worry, its only your own infinite heart that carries you

       Depth of sorrow and love is all you need of proof.

       Don't disparage those that demand it, show them the proof they dare
not know.

       Once free to cry and love again your physical pains will vanish and
your purpose will once again align with the Cosmic All, the Cosmic Lover
who cries and laughs for itself through all Eternity.


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