Homer said:
>      Electra spends a lot of time talking about Central Conditions, yet
> I always thought that Hubbard said that conditions were unauditable,
> that one needed to find the terminal that had the condition and audit
> that.

Lamont said:
>      The "Hubbard" viewpoint stems back to Dianetics and valence
> handling.  It is NOT the significance, one is after, in order to release
> charge, it is the TERMINAL.   (A valence is a WHO in an incident)

      It is common in Scn/Dianetics to consider that what the preclear is
PTS to, is a WHO, namely a specific terminal, like Mrs. Roberts, his 4th
grade home room teacher.

      To be PTS means to be suppressed or overwhelmed by another, it
stands for Potential Trouble Source, which is what happens to a preclear
when they become suppressed by someone or something.  The preclear
actually does it to himself in the process of trying to prove the
Suppressive wrong.

      But later research by John McMasters, the first clear, indicated
that the true item was a WHAT, for example a TEACHER.

      The argument continues to this day.

      The auditing question lists for "WHO OR WHAT are you PTS to?"

      The preclear lists out many different items but Mrs. Roberts turns
out to be the item that makes all other items stop reading.

      But the case does not resolve.

      So having found a WHO, the process continues with,

      "WHAT did Mrs. Roberts represent to you?"

      Again many items are listed until TEACHER nails the meter.

      Then one continues with the process by finding more WHO's with

      "Who would represent a teacher to you?"

      Finally the whole package blows, and the preclear is no longer PTS
to teachers nor Mrs. Roberts nor the whole line of other whos that he
also considered to be teachers.

>  I am not familiar with Electra and have no idea of what he/she means by
>  "Central Condition" - at first glance it appears to be a misunderstood on the
>  word "condition".

     Unfortunately, to LaMont anything he didn't understand was usually
someone else's misunderstoods on LRH's material.

     The general theory goes that the preclear chooses his anti survival
conditions during moments of true non survival, where the created
condition gets him sympathy and cooperation from those who are
suppressing him, or garners help from a third part to quell the
suppressives, the hero or golden ally.

     Thus we have the Victim, Villan, Hero triangle.

     The condition is created after the pattern of an actual injury in
this life or a past life in which such sympathy or amelioration of
suppression actually happened similar to this life time's incident.

     The incident in the past life that is used is called a service
facsimile, because it is a memory (facimile) put into service to the aid
of the preclear.  The basic computation is "the way to survive is to be
unable, sick or injured." There will be a *SPECIFIC* computation that
needs to be found and verbalized or the condition won't blow.

     He kind of goes to sleep in the pain of the restimulated memory, in
the hopes no one will notice it is a deceit employed to save his will to
live in the presence of really nasty people in present time.

     There is a first use of a service fac incident in this life, and
there are many more piled on top of the first one.  Thus the preclear is
a composite of anti survival conditions, with a first or core or
'CENTRAL CONDITION' being the most important one to get handled.

     He may need to handle all the other ones before the finds the
central condition, but he won't get any better really until the central
one is found and relieved.

     Such conditions are relieved by uncovering for the preclear the
incident in which he concluded he would survive better if unable, sick
or injured, and get him to reeevaluate the sensibility of the
computation in present time.

     Mother always wanted to kill him except when he was sick, so he got
sick intentionally through manipulation of the service facsimile, and
stayed sick.

     Mama is now dead, he's a grown man, mama couldn't kill him if he
helped her to, yet he is still sick all the time and he continually goes
out with women who clearly want to kill him except when he is sick.  Of
course every one else sees this but him.

     Auditing is often REALLY bad for relationships, because the vast
majority of people form relationships with someone similar to their
favorite suppressor in the past, and then use the service fac in present
time to civilize them into decent human beings.

     They use the service fac and its computation to change the
suppressor into an ally for a while.

     If you can get them to feel sorry for you, they won't try
to kill you as much.

     Thus they live half way between being sick and getting killed all
of the time.

     Auditing tends to get people to cognite what they are doing, and
they drop the relationship and all others like it like a hot potato.

> Without the actual material in front of me, I can make no
> adjudication. However, "condition" is "condition". A "Central Condition"
> would have to be a subset of "condition", which would then relegate it to the
> position of a "significance". Wrong target.

     Thus the condition exists between the preclear and another person,
a terminal.

     Whether one searches for the terminal or condition first is open to
question.  Terminals tend to be occluded as hell, but the condition is
right there in present time killing him.

     Even so listing for the exact right wording on the condition will
be as difficult as finding the terminal directly, the terminal may be
mother, the condition may be chronic stuffed nose, may not be, but even
if it is, he still won't have any contact with the time place form and
event when mother caused him to use a service fac to survive and hide it
from himself and everyone else for the rest of time.


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