I bypass much of the problem by saying the following.

      God is the AllThatIs.

      We are God in carnation.

      Thus I call a being a GodSoul.

      It operates as both God the Creator, and as Soul the Creature.

      Everything created therefore comes from us either as God,
or as Soul.

      Dicom's exist, good and bad, love and hate, life and death etc.

      The purpose of creation is ART, not order.

      Order is just another stupid dicom.

      Art is a comingling of order and disorder, harmony and disharmony
followed by resolve.

      Not just any harmony will do, not just any disharmony will do, only 
those harmonies and disharmonies that fold into a final resolve of 
laughter, worthwhileness and peace complete the equation.

      That's simple music theory.

      Harmonies are enhanced by disharmonies via the resolve at the end.

      Thus we seek a good work of art, not a good being.

      As Author we seek a good story, not a good character.

      If everyone in a story were good, the story would not be interesting.

     From the character point of view, the good side of the dicom seems
to be more valuable than the bad side of the dicom.

     Pleasure is intrinsically good to the character and pain
intrinsically bad.

     Thus most bad comes from people who are trying to give themselves
pleasure by preemptively giving others pain.  They have become only ones
against an empire of zombies in their own minds.

     Its a psychosis of the good character hallucinating evil where it
doesn't exist, rather than some fundamental ontological valid evil that
does exist.

     The character however does believes in the evil because he can feel
it, which is why he gets preemptive about it.

     But that's from the Soul point of view.

     From the God point of view of the same GodSoul, the use of any side
of all dicoms is a valid color in his palette of painting the tapestry
of life, tragedy and travesty, miracle and majesty.

     Thus there is no right or wrong, there are only bad stories and
good stories.

     No God creates a bad story at will, he does his best to create a
good story.  Thus both sides of good and bad will be played out by the

     There is thus no 'obedience' to God, because the Soul is God in
carnation, and can not help but obey the dictates of his own Authorship
through the labyrinth of good being to bad being to free being again.

     If one soul doesn't like the authorship of another soul, the first
can tell the second 'God will punish you', but its all bullshit, and
eventually comes back on the first who ends up in hell for a while for
wishing the second into hell forever.


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