> I disagree.  That spiritual abilities have not been
> verified to your or our satisfaction does not mean that they can not be

> How can they be verified / refuted ?  Or, what is the definition of
> "verification" ?

      Verification has to do with attaining a perfect certainty on the
matter in question.  Actually any probability higher than 50/50 will do.
Once someone starts to feel that he probably is a spirit, rather than
probably is not a spirit, his whole outlook starts to inexorably change.

      Spiritual issues can only be verified by a person to himself as it
involves inner vision.  Not blind belief, but direct experience of the
divine.  It's like opening your eyes in the morning, first you crack
them just a bit and the light is just too strong to keep them open, so
you get just a glimpse of the world around you.

      Same thing with the inner eye, most people have had it shut tight
for most of their lives, except for momentary openings that they didn't
understand and which scared the hell out of them.

      Once they get what's going on, the inner eye begins to crack open
more often, but the light/dark, beauty/ugly, good/evil that shines forth
is so strong they can't keep it open, and they may even recoil in horror
and shame.  Horror at the ugly, and shame at the beauty.

      One can never prove to another that one even exists, let alone that
one is a spiritual being, but you can be quite certain to yourself that
you exist.  Just so you can be quite certain that the inner eye has
opened and something came through.  It then becomes a matter of
adjudicating just what came through and why.

      Those that have never had their inner eye open like to dismiss
other's reports of their own openings as 'imagination' or
'hallucination' or 'delusion', but then they never had their own open,
so they have no basis upon which to judge.

      Basically the world of spirit is the world of consciousness, the
conscious unit (CU).  The divine is not something you see outside of you
or measure with a scope.  The divine is the inner core of your existence
and the source of your dreamtime.  The divine is the SOURCE of the
virtual machine called the external universe, it can not be found IN the
virtual machine, nor with virtual machine tools.

      Source dreams what source is not.  Source is not made of matter,
energy, space and time, but projects those into the hologram of

      The body is a bio machine.  Many people think that the Conscious
Unit arises from the mechanics of the machine, the brain, electrons etc.

      If that is true, then there is no way the CU can exist independent
of the bio machine as the CU is *MERELY* a manifestation of the
functioning of the bio machine, and once the bio machine falls apart at
death, so too does the CU.

      However if the CU is 'its own thing', either interfaced to a bio
machine, or virtually projecting a bio machine in a virtual space/time
hologram (dreamtime), then the CU is already an independent entity from
the bio machine.  In this case the dissolution of the bio machine does
not entail the dissolution of the CU, but more results in an awakening
of the CU from a state of sleep or lower dreamtime to a state of more
awakeness or higher dreamtime.

      Once the CU understands the possibility that the physical universe
proceeds from the CU, rather than the other way around, the CU becomes
open minded enough to stop shutting out divine visions of its inner
nature.  The more these happen, the more unlikely becomes the bio
machine theory of existence, and eventually the CU starts to see how the
mechanics of the dreamtime hologram work.

      The inner eye however is guarded by the being's greatest fear.

      Not his greatest mortal external physical fear, but his greatest
fear as an eternal divine being.

      The question was once posed "If God is omnipotent, can he create a
rock so big he can't lift it?"

      The original intent of the question is to show that 'omnipotence'
is inherently self contradictory, but the practical answer to the
question is 'yes'.

      The God unit or CU first creates the rock, then creates himself as
something smaller than the rock.  Thus he can be overwhelmed by the

      Just so the God unit at the beginning of its involvement in this
cycle of space/time games created for itself a Nemesis One which has
hounded the CU since that time mostly forgotten in its long ago, except
for hints and evil chills that go through the CU once in a while.

      The Nemesis One that was created was humongous in size, power,
evilness and unconfrontability.  The CU is now very small after many
trillions of years passing down through a number of different universes
before it came to live in this one in oblivion of its past.

      As the inner eye opens a crack, the CU gets wind of its Nemesis One
again and the eye closes down with a slam.  Thus the CU can not open the
eye at will any more, but needs life and circumstances to open it for

      Most cants are a staggering case of wonts.

      Once the CU understands this idea (not believe, just understand)
and comes to accept and embrace that it may be the master of its own
divine fears, life will open the inner eye more and more, and each time
the CU gets a short opportunity to confront and gain mastery over a
small part of its Nemesis One again, and thus become bigger itself, as a

      Notice the being's Nemesis One is not something OTHER that the CU
created in order to hound itself, the Nemesis One IS the CU in negative
format which the CU is PRETENDING is something other that it could not,
would not, should not have ever created.

      Thus there is a power equality here between them that is something
to behold.

      As the being comes to put its own Nemesis One there, behold it,
touch it, admire its audacity, danger and worthiness as an enemy, and
even offer it some gratitude for giving the CU some reason to get up in
the morning, something to FIGHT, even if only for a microsecond at time,
and finally to embrace it's existence as the highest high end ability of
the CU itself, the energy the CU originally put into creating and then
shutting out its Nemesis One and forgetting about it, thus making the CU
smaller, gets returned to the CU making it more awake and bigger.

      You see that is what God's do.

      Make Rocks bigger than themselves.

      It is presumed that one day the CU will again be able to encompass
its Nemesis One in its entirety and thus regain awareness of and access
to its total Sovereignty over itself again.

      Until then the Nemesis One is sovereign over the CU and acts as the
CU's orientation point of final authority, and reason to live and die.

Sat Jun 30 19:48:10 EDT 2018