Ron's model of the time track as the source of aberration was a
simple model that everyone could understand, although I doubt if even
Ron would say in the later years that 'it was true'.

     I remember some tape where Ron says "When you think facsimile,
think BT", or some such thing, indicating to me that what a facsimile
was, was actually an ongoing mockup in present time on the part of a

     The time track idea was simply that as a being failed to confront
incidents, he made a persisting recording of the incident which could
be keyed out and unavailable but then get keyed in and affect him

     When certain facsimile's were keyed in permanently through
dramatization of valences and computations, they then became his
permanent case.  Notice the facsimiles didn't CAUSE the aberration,
they merely formed the pattern of aberration, fair chosen by the
thetan, and provided the pain to enforce it once it was put on

     The best way to make mother feel sympathy for the kid was to use
a moment when the mother did something to the kid that the mother felt
sorry for!

     Thus facsimiles of attempted abortions and early pre natal and
post natal abuse were fertile ground for steering mother's attention
in more desirable patterns.

     Ron said that the thetan didn't originally have or need a time
track of facsimile based masses, but once he created one and made its
creation automatic, he became entrapped in it by virtue of USING the
force, pain and pattern of these masses in order to survive better
amongst others who were not jiving well with his survival.

     Now Adore does not dismiss the idea of a facsimile based time
track, certainly ridges exist, every moment of unconfronted
unwillingness produces a ridge with theta energy on one side, and
'event' energy on the other.  And also certainly many such events are
never fully experienced, the ridge is created so fast the being never
fully knows what happened during his own incident.

     But Adore goes further to say that the being actually leaves a
part of his attention IN THE PAST event, strewn all along the path of
his travels.  Not just on facsimiles he has made of his travels that
ride with him in present time.

     Adore says he didn't confront the PAST EVENT, so there he is with
a wall on that event actually in the past.

     Since a thetan can travel in time, and move along the time trail
as he pleases as an OT, it is not hard to imagine a thetan moving
along a time trail from event to event and leaving parts of himself
along that path as blocks to fully experiencing them.

     In running the 'engram' i.e.  moments of unconfronted
unwillingness, one finds that the pc actually has to figure out one
way or another what he should have done DURING THE INCIDENT ITSELF in
order to not form the engram or ridge.  He chose to not-is, so he has
a wall against the event, but what SHOULD HE HAVE DONE in order to
leave a fully experienced analytical event behind him when it first

    Once he fully figures out how he SHOULD HAVE handled the event
when it first happened to leave a clean event, there will no longer
be any need of a wall there to make a no-event, and he can then
regather all his attention back up into present time.

     So we have two factors going here, we have the facsimile of the
event which the thetan created and which he then carried with him as a
bauble, only later to be put into service to haunt him by his own
choice, and we also have a part of the thetan actually stuck to the
past event in space/time, which has nothing to do with the facsimile.

     A thetan that is moving along in space/time is gathering himself
every moment and moving all of himself forward to the next moment in
space/time.  If he runs into something that fixes his attention, he
can't believe it, he refuses to confront it, he refuses to admit it,
he will build a wall at that moment of space/time, and when he moves
forward, he leaves as much of himself beind him as it took to build
the wall. Now he exists in multiple places in space/time at the same

     Pretty soon he is spread so thin being buttered all over the
*PATH* through space/time that he took, that he has less than 50
percent of his theta free any more in present time.  At this point he
can no longer solo or deal with present time without the past walls
starting to break down and leak through 'as present time'.  He begins
to see the past as if it is now.  His perception is drawn back to the
past, but he thinks it is now.

     So you get aberration meaning he is doing things now that were
appropriate to then, because 'then is now'.


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