Conversion doesn't really work

      Converting someone from one belief system to another doesn't work
unless they WANT to believe the new belief system.

      The best you can do is show them what the new belief system is, let
them see that it is in accord with their desires, and then let them have
at it trying to find evidence or perfect certainties for its truth.

      People are not innocent.

      People do not suffer because they have 'done wrong' in the moral
sense, they suffer because they paid good money to enter a hell bound
time stream.

      While involved, THEN they did wrong, and that doesn't help as it
makes their existence in that time stream more sticky.

      They can't stand the ugly, and they can't grok the beauty, except
to know that it isn't theirs.

      Thus between their initial desire to become hell bound for the mere
thrill of it, and their later conviction that they deserve where they
are going, its hard to get them to take a look around to see their
responsibility in the matter.

      I mean who would make them selves culpable on purpose?

      Well a God would.

      The problem we have here is that beings have eternality outside of
time and immortality inside of time, confused.

      They have come to detest their immortality inside of time because
it always ended up in various many different hells forever, and so they
have also come to detest their eternality and their responsibility for
entering and paying for the time forever show.

      This is a big joke, and once they get it, it will all become
worthwhile and the laughter will wash away all the tears, and the
love/sorrow they hold onto so hard because of death, will be replaced by
omni sovereign peace.

      We say many various hells, because time can be forked.

      A being can enter a time stream going North, end up at a precipice
over looking a lake of fire, and simply decide to go East.

      At that moment he forgets he was ever going North, or the precipice
he almost fell into or did fall into, and so he is very happy going East
hoping to find a better immortality or a better 'lived happily ever

      But the being is now smaller for having forked a new time line, and
living under the lie that this time line going east is the first and
only time line he has been involved in, he once again runs into trouble
and another set of hells that ruin him and his happily ever afters

      So he forks again, and the same thing happens, and again, and
again, and again.

      At the end of every forked time line is an impending hell forever
on that time line.

      Finally he decides it would be better to live only for a while, and
then be dead forever on afterward.

      So mortality ends the show for good, or so he hopes while he lives
that mortal life, but lo and be hold when he dies, there is he again,
needing to fork yet another mortal life and fast.

      Some beings are in such bad shape they are sort of unconscious in
the between lives area and they just kind of get sucked into the first
head of the first mortal thing that comes along promising an interesting
life for a while and then to be, love, cry or seek peace again never

      Now during all this the being has created around himself a belief
structure, made of beliefs, faiths, convictions and false certainties
and doubts.

      A belief is a bet, no more no less, sometimes based on past
experiences of evidence, sometimes not.

      A faith is something he fancies is true because it appeals to him
and he hopes it is true, so he claims to 'believe' it is true.

      A conviction is something he asked for proof of and got punched in
the face with so much *FORCE* it had to be true, and voila he has his

      Most people are in a very old conviction that their very existence
is the EFFECT of other things that created them or keep them in

      False certainties are those things he will claim he is certain of
that he can't be, because, one, they are just theories, and, two, they
are wrong.  A true certainty can't be wrong.

      Go out and spot two different colors.  You sure you see two
different colors?  Good, you got a perfect certainty there that can't be

      Difference implies existence by the way because two colors can't BE
different with out BEING.

      That's in part how to find out what 'to exist' means, take a look
at two different things that do exist, and spot the differences between
them and then spot the commonalities between them.  Among the
commonalities will be the quality of 'existence'.

      False doubts are those things of which he could be certain if he
had the personal integrity to admit it, but that's long gone, he has
sold his mind to the devil along ago, so he now claims and believes
himself to be uncertain and UNABLE to know things of which he could be
perfectly certain if he were to just simply LOOK.

      I AM, I WANT, I KNOW and I DO.

      And I give a damn.

      Those too are perfect certainties.

      You can't know that about me, but you can know that about you.

      Many who are closer to dead than most will argue that 'I' is an
illusion and doesn't actually exist.

      Well the thing that is suffering from the illusion that I exists,
is the true I, and of course the true I exists, or else it couldn't have
an illusion that I existed, now could it.

      There are illusions to the nature of the 'I', but it's existence is
not one of them.

      Finiteness, dimensionality and separateness from what it
experiences are the 3 main illusions of the true I which exists.

      Anyhow if you can't attain a perfect certainty on the existence of
SOMETHING, then you are gone.

      And that is frankly a self criminal state, as you are denying the
existence of other's pain.  YOU may not be certain that OTHERS exist and
have an I, that's OK, but look at it from their point of view, if they
do exist, they sure don't want you tooling around in their space, if you
are discounting the existence of YOUR OWN pain, because that means you
are discounting the existence of THEIR PAIN.

      Something exists, there you go, that's another perfect certainty,
just in case you are collecting them.

      And you still give a damn.

      I will tell you something, there is something that sure as hell
ain't an illusion and that is SUFFERING.

      So yet another perfect certainty for those bright enough to keep
count of a very rare and beautiful butterfly.

      So here you have this being that has forked a million time streams
within time streams just to get away from his detested immortalities and
the hells they sprung on him, until finally he is forking pretended
death over and over and over again.

      Don't ask for how many bodies he has had, ask for how many MORTAL
LIFETIMES he has lived.

      Then how many immortal live times he had before that.

      He is still in that last one he forked when he started forking
mortalities instead of new immortalities.

      And now you want to help him regain his eternality, so he can have
some peace, find the worthwhileness of all this, and do it again in a
new time stream.

      You see he KNOWS down deep that he can fork a new time stream, but
it has to be forked from eternity or else its just a sub time stream
within an already decaying and unwanted time stream.

      If its spawned from eternity, then he really has something NEW.

      Not just a continuing saga of trying to find a solution to the old.

      But he has come to hate his eternity above time and his
responsibility for condition so much due to his confusion of timeless
eternality with temporal immortality in a time stream, that you just
can't get him to admit the difference any more.

       And at all times you are talking to his BELIEF structure rather
than to his self awareness of perfect certainties, of which there are
precious few.

       I AM, I KNOW, I WANT, I DO and I CARE.

      Just in case you forgot.

      Now if he doesn't WANT his eternality back, there isn't much you
are going to do with him except listen all day long to his BELIEFS about
immortality that justify his failure to get and stay in session.

      So the first thing you gotta do is get him to give up his beliefs
as he hates all of them.

      He may CLAIM he loves them dearly, mostly because they protect him
with a promise of death against a horrific cess pool of hell's forever
that he just can't stomach any more.

      But hate these beliefs that protect him, he does.

      Once you can get him to admit this to himself, he will see how he
is hurting himself with his beliefs, and start to give them up.

      Having no belief is better than some belief that is wrong at this
very late stage of the game.

      It's time for vanishment not more persistence.

      Persistence and lies were important at the start of the cycle, you
couldn't HAVE the cycle with out them.

      But continuing at the end of the cycle with the very things that
created the cycle and cemented it in place is sorry folly.

      So you gotta get him in contact with his DESIRE, his wanting and

      God is as you want him to be.

      Its not that  God changes with your desire, it is that
your desire and God are both immutably co eternal, and in total

      That's because you ARE God in carnation, all life is God in
carnation so how could there ever be a disagreement between Creator and
Creature based in truth :)

      So you can audit him on this with:

      If he were God, how would HE have made the AllThatIS?

      What would be the best of all possible worlds to wake up into out
of eternity when it comes time to go out and play with everyone else?

      That's a one shot OT process by the way, but no one has the ability
to run it alone because they are too buried under the incredibility of
what they have done to themselves.

      Once he can find a DESIRABLE world view, maybe even a perfectly
desirable world view, then he is free again to open his eyes and look to
see if it is true.

      His doubt will scare the hell out of him, Truth is a jealous God,
and he will need to be able to stay on the 50/50 line for a long time
giving up the hubris, vanity, arrogance and conceit about dying forever
and how good it will be to be gone for good, and how he can't wait to
kill that God damned sad eyed love in his heart forever and ever.

      But if he can stand the 50/50 line for a while, he will be rewarded
by himself with visions of higher states, not just the hells he left
behind, but the heavens that powered them.

       You see he is not just running away from ugly and pain, he
has a problem with UGLY *AND* BEAUTY.

       "Get the idea of NO UGLY."
       "Get the idea of SOME UGLY."
       "Get the idea of NO BEAUTY."
       "Get the idea of SOME BEAUTY."

      And he will see HIS OWN creative input into those heavens and hells
and finally understand what a *MASTER* is, and once the creative juices
get going in him again, his future heavens and hells come under HIS
control and not the illusions he has been running from for so long.

       Spot NO   Master.
       Spot SOME Master.

      If you create something, and deny that you did blaming it on
something that doesn't exist, your creation will kind of grow on its
own, eh?

      Which way do you think it will grow?

      Eventually that disowned creation will grow hungry, and
guess who dinner is?

      So bottom line is we want people to stop thinking with their
beliefs and their assholes, and start thinking with their true desire
and their hearts.

      We DO NOT want them to simply believe something BECAUSE they desire
it, but we do want the beliefs to end, replaced by perfect certainties
of what is desired, which will then lead over time and experience to
perfect certainties that what is desired is in fact true.

      Perfect certainty that desire and actuality are in perfect accord.

      E/P: One happy son of a bitch.

      Not that they WILL BECOME in accord, which they will, but that they
ARE in accord and always have been and can never be any other way
because what ever happened he created it and desired it, in general if
not in specific.

      Once he can get that on his present time, his future WILL belong to
him again if only he acts in accordance with his perfect certainties and
his true desire.

       "Desire is Sovereign.

       Appreciation is for winners."


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