> Lets bypass the whole mutual reality "prove it to me" paradigm for a
> moment.  So if you were the only person on the face of the earth, what
> would constitute evidence and proof - of anything?  In this case what is
> reality?  What is objectivity?  What is truth?   Is not it all in your
> head - life, the universe, all that is?  Does the appearance of other
> people suddenly make that not so?

      There is a particular point on the tone scale where the being
starts to believe that mockups have actual external existence like they
look like they do.  26.0 Apparencies are reality, more properly called
Realities are Actualities.  Reality is what seems true, actuality is
what is true.  A distinction septoids refuse to make, which is necessary 
to their continuance.

      They see space so they think there is space.

      They forget that holograms of space don't take up any space.

      It's like the kid with his face too close to the arcade game screen, 
who suddenly forgets its a screen, and thinks the characters are truely 
'out there'.  Or he puts on a virtual helmet and suddenly he is a 'What 
virtual helmet?' case.

      The proof breaks the illusion, at least it provides clear evidence 
that the world is a dream, because it shows that self luminous 
consciousness can not be a process in a space time machine, like the 
brain.  That doesn't prove the brain doesn't exist, only that conscious is 
not a process in it and thus has its own independent existence.

      At that point however, it can easily be proven that there never will 
be any evidence for the external physical universe because you can never 
learn with certainty about A, the physical universe, by looking at B, 
namely your dream image of it.

      As long as all you can see is your consciousness, all you can know
for certain is your consciousness, no matter WHAT it represents to you
about what is rendered in it, like a space time universe out there.

      In a sleep dream, one would never claim one's consciousness of the 
dream was a function of the brain IN THE DREAM, because consciousness 
can't be caused by anything in one of it's own dreams.

      But in the waking state, people think its not just a dream, that 
external referents are actual and preceed the existence of consciousness, 
that the brain is actual, and thus that consciousness can be caused by 
that brain.

      Like Hubbard said in the factors, the being assumes a viewpoint of 
dimensions, then extends dimensions and dimension points to view, and then 
considers HE IS those dimension points and depends for his existence on 
their existence.  Since dimension points can die, the being concludes he 
must die with them, as he IS them.


      Make a mockup of something, consider it is cause of your existence.

      E/P Spin bin.


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