As an idiot once said, all generalizations are false.

     You have been warned.

     A comment on the posting attached below.

     A bit rough, from a time when I was going out with a dyke.  It
really has nothing to do with homosexuality which has at least 4
different causes.

    1.) Genetic
    2.) Hates the parent of the opposite sex
    3.) Didn't get enough of the parent of the same sex.
    4.) All or none of the above.

     The subject is too hot to handle for most.  It isn't politically
correct to know or inquire into the causes of homosexuality at this

     Imagine a quip I saw recently:

     "Gay scientists discover Christian gene." - You Tube

     Having known a few gay people in my time quite intimately, I would
have to say that my observation from that small sample, that the covert
contempt the gay women have for men, and the gay men have for breeding
is seething.  Your milage probably will vary, as not all people are the

     One can however imagine a gay horror movie entitled 'Breeders!'

     The genetic ones, number 1 above, are probably decent people,
merely bewildered and wondering why they are different.  Beyond the
social stigma of ignorance, such gay couples are quite happy to be gay,
and quite happy to let everyone else be hets.

     The psychotraumatic ones, numbers 2 and 3, are a different story as
their homosexuality is born of seething loneliness, hate, fear, despair
and sorrow in the first place.  Such people are probably not very happy
at any level and down deep, hets make them writhe.

     If I offend anyone here, mea culpa.


     The issue with me is not homosexuality, it is the womanization of
men.  Most mortal women are not able to fully span what a man is, they
find this out with great certainty when they have their first *SON*,
they find out what testosterone is and that they don't have any.

     The effort of the aberrated woman then is to try to subdue the son
into being more like a woman, soft, gentle, caring, nurturing and covert
and jealous as hell.

     The agression born of testosterone seems like the cause of so much
trouble in the world, particularly when it is turned against fellow
human beings, and this is true, but that agression is necessary for the
taming of the planet and the stars when we get there.  So the problem is
not testosterone but sanity.  And yes woman have suffered for insane
testosterone since the first molecule was made.


     Some woman know this, and are able to raise sons who are leaders of
men and women.  I would guess most of these women are eternals, who are
aware they have lived before and will live again.  They seek the
companionship of men in the fervent desire that some of the man 'rub off
on the woman' and they are assiduous in their studies.

     It's the mortal woman who often can not raise above their jealousy,
who seek men who are either abusive to them in order to prove to them
selves that men are inherently inferior, or they seek men who are
subservient to themselves in order to prove to themselves that men are
inherently inferior.  Woe be to their sons, as these woman expect the
son to be subservient to the mother for its entire life, as are the

     Any man who abuses women, hated his mother too deeply to know.

     Woman hate this view, it enrages them, so watch out, you probably
won't get laid if you don't disavow it as a male.

     But at some point the man has to choose between getting laid and
speaking the truth.

     The Truth is more important than Women's Approval.

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>   Women seek men who can teach the woman how to be a better man in their
> next lives.  Woman are terrified of being men in their next lives and need
> a man in this life who has mastered that terror to help them master it
> themselves.
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