Responsibility is:

      Knowing willing cause with full awareness of the consequences.

      Many disabilities in life are fair chosen to make one more able in
the presence of overwhelming suppression, lack of acceptance,
unwantedness, or other insanity where team mates are playing as
opponents, usually God, mom and dad :), but it goes way beyond this life
which resulted in our becoming bodies and not knowing we chose.  Amnesia
of who we are is necessary to escape the inter galactic thought police :)

      But amnesia is also fair chosen for those who are trying to escape
a detested immortality and prefer the illusion of upcoming death.
People then try to live as long as they can in their mortal body in
order to avoid the inevitable waking up to the detested immortality
again when they die.

      Blame is finding fault on top of responsibility, you did it, and
you should have known better etc.  Blame is a precursor to punishment.

      Blaming another is failing one's self to take full responsibility
for the existence of the other in one's dream, and results in feeling
guilty later for blaming them, as one should have known better etc,
which results in self blame.

      In other words one first blames others while DENYING one had
anything to do with the other being in one's dream or their actions,
then one blames self for having blamed others, for a god should know
better :)

      Blaming other gods reduces one's own godhood, don't you see?

      This results in a dwindling spiral and a very confused god unit.

      He's feeling guilty for trying to make others feel guilty.

      Two wrongs do not in fact make a right, committing crimes against
one self (feeling guilty) is not a sensible reaction to having committed
a crime against another (trying to make them feel guilty).

      One however has to have a pan determined understanding that we all
have cause over each other, so to say to another 'you did that!', denies
that YOU caused them to do it too when viewed from a high enough level.

      No one can do anything in your dream without your direct permission
for them to be in it, and your indirect causation in creating their

      Thus spotting those that blamed you, and those you blamed, goes a
long ways towards releasing the debilitations that we saddle ourselves
with to make sure others feel good and guilty for whatever 'they did'.

      Its all about obtaining justice AFTER considering that justice does
not reign absolutely at all times.

      The correct definition of justice is you get what you postulate.

      If you get something, you HAD to have had your hand it in

      It's the denial of that hand that leads away from pan determinism,
where one can and is controlling both sides of the interaction, to self
determinism and eventually to other determinism which is mostly the game
of being a victim to the other's villain.

      The victim then seeks heroes through sympathy and feigned
disability.  This at first works to some extent, then does not work at
all, as the 'hero' tires of it, and finally the feigned symptoms become
physical and actual and cemented in place and can not be removed by
anything but auditing or the hangman's noose (death).

      Also remember the being who is now succumbing to being a victim was
almost assuredly a villain in the far distant past, and so down deep he
is not quite sure he 'deserves' to be better.  Someone does him wrong,
and HE feels guilty.  There is the truth of a million lifetimes echoing
up the time track.

      His failure to handle his own guilt from the past will lead him
away from handling other's guilt over him in the present, and he allows
others to walk on him.

      When people like to chide others because 'its all in their head',
they mean the symptom's genesis is psychotraumatically generated by the
being to gain support from suppressive team mates, but eventually the
being loses control, and they can't get rid of the symptoms any more.

      We are talking about near death experiences here, near death of the
body, heart, mind and soul, near death of the will to live.  Only these
things can get a being to try to survive better by dying more.

      Such psychotraumatic symptoms, psychosomatics if you will, are not
just hallucinated bad feelings, but in the end will recreate the
physical condition in the death engram that they are being stolen from,
thus one can and will die of them if they are not audited out.

      Thus a being who can't stand dirty air any more, has a DEATH engram
wherein he died in dirty air and probably caused others to die in dirty
air, or his body has such engrams, and now he has that in total
restimulation such that if he takes one more breath of dirty air he will
fall over sides ways and expire.

      Almost all physical troubles are psychotraumatic in origin, but
most people have no clue how or when or why they created them, and can
no longer believe they had any responsibility for them.

      Remember the being is INFESTING the body full time, that alone is
enough to kill the body's will to live or damage it enough to cause the
body to become recalcitrant to any control.  If the body can lie in bed
sick it will, rather than suffer the control of the child fighting its

      Beings also miss the enormous pressure they were under to comply
with a psychotic society on many matters, from putrid religions to vile
war, and they have forgotten the computations they made that allowed
them to survive better by pretending to be sick, dead or dying.


      They are trying to be more able to survive by being unable to
survive alone.  That wins them help and gets the suppressive to lay off
in sympathy for a while.

      I can't, comes from I won't, which comes from YOU MUST, but you
don't want to.

      Or I MUST, comes from I want to, which is opposed by YOU CAN'T in
the presence of suppressive team mates on all 8 dynamics.

      Thus auditing MUST and CAN'T on all flows and all dynamics can lead
into the core of the case that is killing your preclear.

      The only reason feigned disability or suffering worked is because
other's were doing it too and since they now believed their own
symptoms, the child comes to believe his own also.

      He can't shake it off because if he does he would have to admit he
was in zombie land, and that vision was too much to bear, so he
pretended the world was normal, but he was sick.

      To the suppressive, everything done to you is nothing and
insignificant, and everything done to them is permanent and

      When such wars between parent and child get going, which they
always do, the parent's feigned symptoms win over the child's feigned
symptoms, but the child eventually gets the parents back in their later

      Auditing addresses these events of suppression and needing to be
sick, injured, disabled, or accident prone in order to better survive
around suppressive significant others.

      How sick do you have to be before others will try to make you well?

      If you were well, what would the negative consequences be?

      How well could you become before others actively sought to
terminate you?

      The being lives at that exact level of non survival that is safe,
between the rock of death, and the hard place of other's not wanting
them well, able and out spoken, let alone powerful and fearless in the
face of torture, death and the after life.

      It's called the schmoo point, the being is being a schmoo, barely
surviving in life, overly dependent on others, consuming more than they
produce, quiet, not making waves, fearing consequences, and keeping all
the anger, rage, and fury inside them, where of course it turns into
body rot, or some other 'symptom.'

      In the absence of good auditing, a being may never find the answer
to these questions or why he did it.  In his next life he is still doing
it all over again and lower down on the tone scale in life.

      The lesson to learn here is the only way to survive is to stand up
to suppression by being MORE able, not by being less able, even if you
have to kamikaze the fuckers to do it.

      Get the idea of being a super nova.

      The child has this choice, but he chooses to get sick rather than
kill everyone in sight, including himself, and yes it is a moment of
cowardice and fear of death and the after life.

      However once a being has spotted the source of his downfall, he
won't be so wanton about making himself sick again to deal with
suppressive team mates, and he may very well take up kamikaze as a
life's ambition until the murderous rage has had it's out, or he finally
sees a better way.

      Notice though that when asked 'How are you doing', the preclear who
says "I want to drown in the blood of my enemies" is way higher tone
than the guy who says "I am doing just fine thank you!"

      He does love his suppressive teammates though, so there is some
hope for them once he is free of his fear of them.

       But not much :)

       Unless they come about, own up and grow up for real.


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