The primary issue here is the definition of religion.

      The dictionary gives it as worshiping a supreme being which
clearing finds nuts as we are the supreme being in carnation.

      Other people have given very strange definitions of religion.

      Adore says its the science of realization, knowing how to know, how
to operate the creation, survival and destruction of universe within the

      Adore also considers religion the POOP, a computer term for
Principles Of Operation for the spirit.  Thus Adore itself is 'A Divine
Operating REligion.'

      My view is that if we define religion out of existence, then we
define spirit out of existence, because religion is the science of
spirit, and without conscious spirit that leaves only meatball science

      But if the spirit exists, then we need a 'science of spirit' which
is what scientology claims to be as a completed subject, and which
clearing is pursuing as a nowhere near completed subject.

      As Adore says:

      The purpose of Creation is to Trade in Expressions of Discovery.

      Creation, Discovery, Expression and Trade correspond to Religion,
Science, Art and Business, and in reverse order to Body, Heart, Mind and

      Thus in these conversations between Kat and Jane, it should be made
clear when one is talking about ORGANIZED religion, or one is talking
about religion as in divine ascension experiences and the codification
of the principles of operation of the spirit as gleaned from those

      If one is coming from the point of view that spirit is a delusion,
or merely a process in the brain that dies when the brain dies, then one
is a meatball and unworthy of further comment as they have already
chosen their own grave and no longer desire eternality due to their fear
of immortality and hell forever.

     The belief in death forever is a solution to apparent hell forever.

      Being a mortal body is a being's way of hiding its head in the
physical universe, with its eternal ass sticking out for anyone to kick.

      Those who claim they aren't afraid of death forever certainly are
afraid of apparent hell forever although they will defend their position
of mortality through disbelief in themselves as an eternal conscious

      There is in fact no death forever, nor hell forever, all that lasts
forever (outside of time) is people and peace.

      Humor is for those who are willing to wake up to their Eternal Omni


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On Mon, 25 Apr 2011, Jane Elizabeth Staller wrote:

> Kat said:
>> "It is my firm belief that religion is a tool that human kind has
>> evolved past needing, but clings to out of fear of change and the
>> unknown. "
>        It looks like you just said that people who are into religion
> are unevolved.
>        Please define what you mean by religion.
>        Jane
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