Clearing Archive Roboposter  wrote:
> The 3 elements of "2D" are sex, love/marriage and children.

      I disagree, the elements of the 2nd dynamic are family.

      Blood lines into the past and into the future.

> Sex is a body thing, plain and simple.  So I placed it accordingly, in the
> 1st D(omain - couldn't have confusion over 'which Dynamics, Ron's or
> Allen's, no could we?)

      Putting all body things into the first dynamic, then puts all GROUP 
body things into the first dynamic also which includes sex.

     One can be solo sexual, but its not the proper purpose of sex,
which is clearly family.  Thus sex belongs in the 2D as a group activity.
There may be rules about who can have sex with who in that group,
but society is pretty messed up on this subject, although biological
no-no's tend to be pretty absolute.

> Spouses and children really are a sub-group.  But a group nonetheless, and
> one as often abused, sabotaged and sacrificed as any other.  So I put it
> into Groups where it belongs.

      The whole 2D is a sub group, a very big one.  Thus ancestors, mates,
and heirs, the entire blood line, are all part of it, thus spouses and 
children belong in the 2nd dynamic.

> As you can see, this leaves only Love/Marriage, and it begins to appear that
> the 3rd Dynamic is actually the 2nd Domain.

     To conflate *LOVE* with marriage in particular or anything else
is nuts.  Love is love, you can love a cat.

     Marriage is a state institution and serves no other purpose except
enforced stability of the family.

     Marriage is just another form of 2D rite and ritual.

> And so it is, because when you
> recognize that Love/Marriage is actually an attempt to meld beingnesses into
> a new consciousness, you have to place Love/Marriage into the Spiritual Domain.

      There is no such thing as a new consciousness.

      If the first dynamic is strictly body, then the second dynamic is 
strictly body also, as is the third and fourth.  'Self' means the body, 
and none of it means the spirit.

      If the first dynamic includes the thetan as *I*, then the above
argument might be valid.

      However the body view is the correct one for the lower dynamics.

      Trying to make marriage into a spiritual thing is what religions
have been doing for thousands of years, and its a way of making thetans
think they are bodies, and then tries to spiritualize the body.

      That's like a cowboy trying to spiritualize a horse.

> Of course, there are a few other adjustments I found necessary, and I like
> infinity, so I let the number of Domains work out to the same quantity of
> "8" that Ron brought from the Mission.  The major difference is, I wasn't
> left with a need to add further units to include ethics, etc.

      The upper dynamics from 9 to 16 have always been controversial, and 
they are clearly not a simple straight forward continuance of the physical 

     In fact the whole thing separates between the 6th MEST and the
7th spirit.  From the 7th on up we have a whole new sphere of
dynamics related to the thetan.

     In truth dynamics 9 through 16 belong are a subset of 7 and should be 
7a through 7k or something similar.

     The infinite (8) is above everything.

     So I would have:

     1.) Body self
     2.) Family blood line
     3.) Other groups, community, work, school, town, state, country etc.
     4.) Mankind as a species
     5a.) Animal life
     5b.) Plant Life
     6.)  MEST

     Then I would have

     7a. Aesthetics
     7b. Ethics
     7c. Decency
     7d. Truth
     7e. Awareness
     7f. Individuality
     7g. Volition and Coexistence
     7h. Spirit, life that is not (yet) being.

     8.) The Infinite (native state).


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