It is pretty clear that most of the psychosomatic stuff people are
walking around with is not of this life, but rather immortal hells of
their own or others they are pulling in on themselves to deal with the
blunt injustices of life that they have suffered and have occasioned on
others, in this life and prior, including inbetween lives.

     One might claim that all these restimulations were done in this
life, thus auditing this life alone should be able to key them all out
again, but I would counter that the being was in a highly restimulated
state when he took on the body in the first place, and in fact the
assumption of the body was itself part of those immortal hells he was
stuck in before.

     Namely, immortally stuck in the hell of having to suffer mortal
flesh over and over again and not know it.

     Thus our lives are in no way benign, we are here to suffer and
eventually perish as spiritual beings at the bottom of the tone scale.

     We are not in the good hands of AllState.

     However, since the whole thing is based on a stupidity, not a true
deservingness, it can be turned around for everyone.

     In looking at our present sufferings then, and possibly recognizing
them to be a cave in of pre existing immortal hells, we need to consider
the possibility of a GOD, similar to the Christian God, from whom only
good flows, and from whom man flowed, but from whom all evil flows.

     As an eternal being we are theoretically able to mock up any kind
of nonsense universe we wish, including the above mentioned scenario,
particularly in our lust for such hells that always arise.

     It is perfectly conceivable that we mocked up a universe, with a
God who 'created' us, and got involved in the war between good and evil,
and annoyed our God a bit too much and got thrown into an immortal hell,
of one kind or another.  Namely the one we are sitting in, in present
time, going to doctors for.

     Doctors in this sense are the devil's minions, as they help us to
cover symptoms, but in the end hardly help us undo the source of our

     In trying to run this out, one naturally tries to rebuild one's
relationship to that God, hey if he can throw us into a hell, he can
throw us into a heaven too.  Maybe with a little humility and awareness
of God's purpose (which WE created), we could realign ourselves with
him, and stop making him wrong, and maybe on a good day he might forgive
us, and set our lives right.

     But in trying to do this, one always runs into the problem of

     If God created us in the absolute sense, (assuming we didn't mock
him up to pretend he did so), then we had no CHOICE in being created and
thus no choice in our existing.

     For a being conceived in choice, and whose very nature is to make
choices, it would be odd that this being's very existence was based in

     "I exist because someone else wanted me to and created me for their

     If you didn't have a choice in your very existence, then probably
you would have no choice in needing to choose more choices after you
existed, You know, you gotta make choices just to survive in this

     So once you exist, making choices becomes mandatory whether you
want to make them or not.

     Now maybe you didn't have to choose more choices after you were
created, maybe you could have just sat there forever doing nothing.

     But could you have chosen to not exist if you had wanted to, to
just end it all forever?

     So there may be a God, or a being playing God, or a being elected
to the post of God by the rest of us, but in all cases, the idea that
God CREATED us is problematic, because that starts our existence with no
choice, or the apparency of no choice.

     And if God CREATED us, he can UNCREATE us on a bad hair day, and
that forever puts our very existence which we didn't choose in the first
place, in jeopardy.

     Some say that this God is a woman, imagine keeping a bitch happy

     Now if we are eternal beings, above, before and outside of time,
then we probably have no choice about existing anyway, and just so do we
also not have any choice about not existing, because we can't not exist.
I don't mean existing in time, I mean existing period.

     If there is no time where we exist, there can't be any TIME in
which to CHANGE from existing to non existing, get it?

     So a timeless home guarantees eternal existence.

     But we as good as have a choice to not exist in that we can choose
sleep and unimpingable unmanifestation for as long as we wish.

     We do not need to not exist to be free, we do however need
unimpingable sleep for as long as we wish, to be free.

     Sleep at least gives us the option to dream again and get into
trouble only when we want to :)

     The problem with God then, is not that we didn't have a choice to
exist or not, but that our existence was dependent on SOMETHING ELSE'S
choice, and thus so is our non existence similarly dependent.

     What created us, can destroy us.

     As an eternal being nothing created us, we simply existed forever,
and thus nothing can destroy us either.

     But with a God, we didn't exist, then by his choice we came to
exist, and by his choice we can come to not exist again, or not, as his
whim determines.

     This is an ARC break of magnitude.  Most beings are not willing to
admit it, because they are afraid of their God, a petty jealous tyrant,
to say the least, who detests the truth of himself most of all, and the
truth of his creatures who secretly hate him.  And he is just vain
enough to miss it on them.  Or to hold it against them if he manages to
notice the seething incandescent broil of hatred underneath their
smiling renditions of the hymn "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty".

     But the truth is, being created is like being raped, only worse.

     You couldn't have been raped until you were created.

     If there is no choice in our existence, and no choice in the kind
of universe we find ourselves in, that creates a whole hell of a lot of
people walking around in a hot bed of charge on the subject of no

     It's not the rape or the crucifixion that matters, its the prior no
choice in being there.

     Even if one didn't choose the crucifixion, even if one wasn't even
vaguely appraised of the possibility of the crucifixion, the mere fact
that one had CHOSEN to be in that arena and could have not chosen, makes
the crucifixion runable, where otherwise it never will be.

     That goes for rape too, and any other childhood or adult injustice.

     Because nothing will run until basic on the chain is resolved, and
basic on the chain of injustice is EXISTENCE IN THE HANDS OF SOMEONE

     That's the primary DONE TO YOU, you were MADE without a purchase

     Being created IMPLIES no purchase order.

     No invite.

     Thus it is the aim of auditing to spot and run the purchase order

      The choice to believe in no choice.


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