The material on the flash drives is a subset of the material at

     There are 3 entire expositions of The Proof.

     The first is a highly formal technical writeup for heavy philosophy
and physics geeks.

     The second is a write up I did for Arthur C Clarke before he died.

     The third is a series of 'lectures' called the Valentine's Day

     The third is the easiest to peruse and you might want to start

     The flash drive only holds the Valentine lectures, and the Clarke

     The proof is about the nature of consciousness, in particular its
zero dimensionality or scalarness.

     Although science tells us, presently, that the dream projected in
consciousness, that we call our physical universe, seems to have 11
space time dimensions, at least in the mathematical model, in truth the
consciousness which projects illusions of these dimensions has no
dimensions at all.

     Mathematically that's called a scalar entity, as opposed to a multi
dimensional entity.

     Consciousness is a scalar actuality, but projects virtual
multidimensional realities.

     Source sources what Source is not.

     Most people can not think with the idea that something with no
dimensions, could be a something rather than a nothing, but the proof is
new, and flies in the face of a lot of nonsense coming down the
religious and scientific whole track for the past billion years.

     I think you will find the Valentine Lectures enjoyable, but watch
it, the material is dangerous, it can cause out of body experiences,
monster vibrations, and emotional outbursts, as a lot of confusion,
turmoil and lies come off the lines of our implanted educations.

     "The outrageousness of the mechanics of learning, is matched only
by the outrageousness of what we have learned." - Adore.

     It is one thing to consider the possibility that the world is a
dream, but with the proof, the probability that it is not a dream
becomes vanishingly small.

     The proof doesn't prove the world is a dream, it proves something
else, but that something else is the archstone in the way of
understanding that the physical universe is a full blown co
hallucination in the mind of all beings, who are God in carnation.

     All life is God in carnation in dream spacetime.

     God is a Multi I-AM being.  Each I-AM is a soul.

     God and Soul are one thing with two different operating aspects,
Author and Character or Creator and Creature.

     As you will see when you get deeper into the material, the Proof's
bottom line says that perfect certainty between two different objects is

     *THAT* is a very very big statement, not yet recognized as such in
the scientific or religious worlds.

     Since space and time interposed between two objects in the physical
universe makes them two different objects, no certainty is possible in
the physical universe, and in fact everything in the physical universe,
including its own existence, remains a theory.

     Consciousness is the actuality, spacetime is a virtual reality,
like an arcade game, a holodeck projecting a self created hologram.

     Consciousness is the self aware holodeck, the physical universe is
the image in the holodeck.

     However the self luminousness of consciousness allows us to be
perfectly certain of ourselves, our own existence and agency, and the
existence of the color forms that we perceive, and thus there can be no
space or time between any part of consciousness and anything that it can
be perfectly certain of, namely perceive.

     In other words consciousness, and anything that consciousness can
perceive, with perfect certainty must exist in a self contained zero
dimensional scalar entity called the conscious unit or soul.

     If we see a little green martian on the street, we may not know if
there is an 'objective' green martian out in the alleged physical
universe, it could be a hallucination, BUT WE ARE CERTAIN WE SEE THE

     The hallucination is not a hallucination!

     Interpretation of perceptions may be only theory, but the
perception itself is a direct perfect certainty.

     That little fact is overlooked by the 'you are a brain' crowd.

     To wit, consciousness is not a space time machine like the brain.
     Consciousness is thus not MERELY a process in the brain, and if the
physical universe is a dream time hallucination, the entire meaning,
nature of, and existence of the brain comes into question and needs to be
reworked from the bottom up.

     What good is a dream brain to a dreamer dreaming he has a brain?

     If consciousness had dimensionality, and those colors you see
around you were actually out there, where they look like they are, you
wouldn't be able to see anything.

     That's because the only way to see anything that is OUT THERE, is
to look at something else which is NOT out there.

     This is the effort to see the cause out there by looking at the
effect it has in your self which is not out there but is in here.

     Without that effect in yourself there is no knowing about the cause
out there at all.  But if there is an effect, seeing the effect in
yourself isn't seeing something out there either, its seeing something
in here (in your consciousness) which REPRESENTS something out there.

     When things are out there, the represented out there is never seen,
only the representation in here is seen, in your consciousness.

     The existence of the represented out there is a theory based on the
evidence of the representation seen in here, in your consciousness.

     Ultimately the only way to see anything, is to see some thing that
is not OUT THERE relative to you, but which thing is the last in the
chain of "looking at something else", that represents something out

     Out there is never seen, only representations in here of out there
are seen, namely our conscious experiences of out there.

     We claim that our conscious experiences are OF out there, but they
aren't, they are conscious experiences of THEMSELVES, which we then
pretend represent things out there which we can not see at all.

     And thus the dreamer pretends it is not dreaming.

     If we see a piano in our consciousness, there must BE an objective
piano out there in the physical universe that exists whether we see it
or not.

     Nope, the piano is a hallucination, actual as a dream experience,
and it plays perfectly well, but it has no other or further existence,
even if we pretend there is.

     More important is the issue of the relation between God and Soul.

     Since two different objects can never know about each other with
perfect certainty, if God and Soul are two different objects, they will
never be able to know about each other except as a theory.

     Better to just understand that God and Soul are two sides of the
same coin, the GodSoul, and that the Soul side is the God side in
carnation in dreams of space time and mechanics.

     The being, living dreams of mortality, is escaping nightmares of
immortality (stuck in time forever), which resulted from (intentionally)
missing the nature of Eternality or peace forever, above space and time.

     Forever has two meanings.

     Forever in time which is Immortality and always ends up in hell

     Forever above time, which is Eternality which can only be peace

     Eternality likes to create Immortalities for a while, which then
decay into hells followed by the pretense of Mortality.

     Eventually the being wakes up to native state again and recognizes
he is the scalar universe projecting dreams of spacetime universes for
his own enjoyment.

     This results in the fair chosen dance of the Imp Soul, me and thee.

     That dance can get pretty bad in the interim.

     Since consciousness is scalar, it HAS no dimensions of space or
time, and thus can not be created or destroyed.

     Once is, always is.

     If is, always was, and always will be (outside of time), because
there is no time for it to come and go in.

     Consciousness is like a timeless TV set showing dreams of space and
time and ludicrous demise.

     Things can come and go in the shows, but the TV stands forever
outside of time and change.

     "The Key to the Golden Temper.

     Tragedy and Travesty,
     Romance and Sin,
     Miracles and Majesty,
     That's where I've been.

     Miracles in Majesty,
     Romance and Song,
     Tragedy and Travesty,
     That's where I've gone.

     The fact I'm still here,
     Is PROOF don't you see,
     In the Omni Long Run,
     It's better to Be.

     Halcyon (Hal-cy-on) and Thrill,
     High Cool and Romance,
     Class and Free Fancy,
     Power the dance.

     Pride is our willingness,
     Our willingness to Be,
     I Adore me forever,
     Forever for Free."

     From Adore, A Divine Operating REligion.


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