NOTS means New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans, a technique of
the Church of Scientology to clear a being of unwanted other spirits in
its space.  This posting is a freezone expansion on that technique and
is NOT practiced in the Church which would consider the below
*DANGEROUS* heresy, out tech, squirrel auditing.

     This procedure is what the psychs don't dare do, and the Christians
are trying to do but fail because they fail to call upon the High US.

     Demons with any power in them are not afraid of Yahweh, Jesus,
Allah, Mohammed, or any other single leader or God of any religion that
is only a subset of the High US.

     How do you know a subset religion?

     In the end, their own doctrine claims only part of the High US is

     In a true religion, EVERYONE is saved, because God wouldn't lose a
part of himself on purpose and couldn't do it by accident if he tried.

     A Christian demon might respond to an invocation of Jesus, but not
all demons are Christians.  They drink the blood of Jesus for an
afternoon's bloody Mary.

     The most serious demons only respond if the full authority of the
High US is invoked, which includes the demon itself in the request.

     The demon is one of US after all.

     The demon or cluster will not go free or become cooperative if the
auditor continues to enforce a sense of duality, US vs THEM, or worse ME
vs YOU.

     It has to be US vs squat, because US is everybody.

     This works because all of life is God incarnation,

     Each being, whether incarnated or not, is a full instantiation of
God, and has the full power of God behind him should he decide to cast
in the right direction.

     God only responds when *GOD* is invoked by *GOD*, which is the High
*US* and not one scoundrel less.

     Capiche toi?

     Thus prayers that prayer for the demise of some to the benefit of
others, always fall short of the top floor office mailbox.

     Most of such prayers get to a sub basement where they are dumped as

      Demons also will not allow themselves to be sent to hell or
some other punishment, eternal or otherwise.

     Demons do not respond to demands or orders, they respond to omni
sovereign requests in the name of the High Us including them.

     Many of these guys that you will be called upon to clear, have more
power than you imagine even God has, and to get their attention and
cooperation you will have to do something more than invoke a being (God)
you conceive to be separate from yourself, which is a no starter out of
the gate.  The real God who is way more able than you can even dream,
even though that being is you anyhow.

     Remember a demon is God in carnation too.

     So you vs the demon is God vs God.

     Guess who wins that game?

     It is true, by the time that game gets going in a clearing chair,
the Christian demons and their Devil commander have all crawled home to

     But the real ones remain.

     Thus when exorcising a demon, know that he is already in hell,
doing his best to put others there to ameliorate his own pain, and so
you have to invoke something DESIRABLE for EVERYONE, including the

     Clearing to DECENCY up near static and spirit of play fills the
bill.  Check out the tone scale at the archives.

     Clearing only works when EVERYONE wins whether they admit it or not
in their sleeping state.  In their inner state, they know when they have
been invoked as a GodSoul, or demeaned and discounted as an AssSoul.

     So if you do it right, even the demon knows you are trying to help
him climb from a position of indecency back up to decency, and will
cooperate with you with the full power of his true inner self which
controls the sleeping persona, the apparent uncooperative son of a
bitch, who upon a proper invocation of the High US that benefits the
High US, won't stand a chance.


     Spot a BT (Body Thetan), demon or cluster, needing to be cleared or
constructively reoriented in its relationship to you and your body.

     BT = Body Thetan, a being who is infesting your space against your
will and theirs too (you will find out).

     Capture and hold the eyes of the being.

     DO NOT LOSE THE HOLD ON ITS EYES, the process will fail if you do,
because the communication line will be cut.  Demons CAN not listen, but
only if they are also not looking :)

     If the being or cluster doesn't have any eyes in its persona,
concentrate on its area of greatest presence and emanation of power,
that is its 'eye'.

     NEVER ever run away from a being or cluster you are NOTsing,
holding their eyes and walking directly at them will get their
attention, make them know they have been 'made'.


     Point at the being accusatively saying "You are a Being!"

     That 'makes' them, let's them know their covert jig is up.

     Many low count clusters (only a few small beings) will become
docile, and start behaving at that point.  If you feel it is ok to let
them remain in your space in their now civilized (cooperative)
beingness, let off.

     If not, continue.

     Then ask the following, no need to wait for answers, if answers are
forthcoming accept and acknowledge.  Run around and around as many times
as it takes.

     "What are you?"
     "Who are you?"
     "How many are you?"
     "You are real people!"
     "In the name of the High US, you can be free."


     "When are you?"           "When are We?"
     "Where are you?"          "Where are We?"
     "How are you?"            "How are We?"
     "What are you?"           "What are We?"
     "Why are you?"            "Why are We?"
     "Who are you?"            "Who are We?"
     "What is your intent?"    "What is our intent?"
     "How many are you?"       "How many are We?"
     "How old are you?"        "How old are We?"
     "What is your name?"      "What is our name?"
     "What is your job?"       "What is our job?"
     "How can we service you?"  "How can you service us?"

      Then say with attitude free indicative intent:

      Indicative = you are making an indication to them.

     "You are real people."
     "We are real people."

     People does not mean embodied, it means being or spirit, whether
embodied or not.  They aren't embodied, so they gotta know they exist,
even if they don't have a body of their own.

     "You have a life, a future and a destiny."
     "We have a life, a future and a destiny."

      "In the name of the High US we request you forgive us and we
accept that forgiveness."

      "In the name of the High US you request we forgive you and you
accept that forgiveness."


     "You are free." "We are free."

      Say hello to the being, have it say hello to you.

      Place the being in its desired location on your 8 dynamics,

      Have the being place you in your desired location on it's
8 dynamics.

      Say "Thank you for being in my dream."

      Accept their grattitude for the same.
      End of procedure.

     In the matter of 'How many are you?" expect answers from 1 to 100
trillion and beyond.

     The more beings in the composite, the more powerful and intelligent
they are.  They may at some point start to mock you, by saying the
commands before you do and laughing.  Get their eyes, and mean it when
you ask them how many they are.

     As a reference your average homo sap is probably in the trillion
trillion or above, but a 100 trillion being could probably play poker
with you and win in a dream.

     It could certainly come after you, and hold you in an iron grip you
couldn't get away from without waking up, unless you know how to absorb
it by walking directly into it.

     Once you get the clusters number range however, they go eyes wide,
they stop their relentless marching or harassment, and become docile
again.  If you get it really right, the only thing left of the mob of
ghouls will be a color puddle on the floor, or fairy dust blowing in the

     Repeat as necessary, keeping eye contact all the while, accept any
answers and acknowledge with zero attitude.

     Your intent in an exorcism is to clear and free the demon cluster
not to punish it or send it to hell, which is what got you in the
position you are today.

     Most of your troubles are because you are continuing to damn

     If the being wishes to remain a demon but wishes to work for you
and become part of your spiritual team mates, accept it without
question, tell it you will double its pay, but that it must never lose
its class, and it must remain on standby until given orders for action
by you.

     It will happily do so like a gargoyle standing protective watch
over its new employer.  Stone doesn't need to be fed, even living stone.

     Otherwise clear it to static or until it leaves.

     NEVER hold onto another being in order to 'clear' it against its
will.  As long as it is 'stuck to you' or holding on to you however, it
is fair game for clearing, whether it 'wants it or not'.

     All beings want it under the facade of what and who.

     If it hangs around and wants more clearing, by all means deliver
until everyone is satisfied at a valuable final product on both sides.

     Once they 'get it', clearing will start to happen on its own, they
will start to clear each other and themselves, once they understand 'how
many am I', and 'I am real people'.


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