> What shitting insanity. What kind of fucking loon believes this nonense?

      Hi Mr.  Troll,

      Exactly what nonsense are you referring to?

      The world is FULL of loons, you can feed them bread crumbs in the
park.  What hole have you had your head in all these years that you do
not know this?

      For clearing practitioners, beliefs are bets not convictions like
they are for Christians and other idiots.

      One generally only bets if one has to, and one will only bet for
something if the odds are 51/49 or better.

      When I was young, I would have bet that when you are dead, you are
dead, that consciousness was a process in the brain.

      Now that I am old (60), I would bet that the brain is a process
in consciousness, and that in fact I have lived before and will
live again, but possibly not on Earth or even in this universe.

      I do however WANT to come back to Earth, although the idea
terrifies the shit out of me, to work on one of my long term goals, a
star drive.

      Science of course always rules where it can, the mere word of a
'Book' or a socially accepted Authority on the matter carry no weight.

      And certainly the words of New Age Crystal Gazers are beyond
worthless, they can believe in instantaneous telepathy across
the universe all they want, but that doesn't change certain
facts that might mitigate against it, namely special relativity.

      The speed of light is the speed of CAUSE in this universe, if
someone on Alpha Centauri finds out about a war on Earth before the
required 4 years for the data to get there, it might just destroy the
entire universe, the grid lines in the holodeck might start appearing

      Relativity teaches us that this universe is not held together
by the orderliness of where and when, but it is held together
by the orderliness of the progression of CAUSE.

      If one messes with that order, that exact progression, the entire
underpinnings of the universe fail, and it comes apart.  The dreamers
wake up. And boy will they be mad.

     But sometimes one is also betting that existing science is in error
or short sighted or doesn't have all the facts or is stuck in a small
theory ball that needs to be revisted with Occam's Nut Cracker.

     The entire history of science after all is a history of being wrong

     But science is capable of self correction, although sometimes only
after the bigger authorities die off.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I understand from your comments
that Earth is a lot further gone than I have imagined.


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