It is interesting how far I have come since this was written, talk
about case gain.

      Part of the problem with auditing, is NOT knowing how to audit, but
knowing WHAT to audit.

      There are some merely mechanical considerations that have remained
hidden and wouldn't otherwise be obvious, that have stopped case gain,
REAL case gain for the vast majority of those going through the Church.

      The sign of a true genius is the ability to pursue the idiotic, and
man the truth is as idiotic as it gets.

      HOW to audit is simple.

      One audits by getting an item and running NO and SOME on it.

      HOW one runs an item is a matter of orthodoxy and technical 
preference, it is expected that you would pursue whatever works for you.

      Much of the WHAT to audit comes directly from Hubbard, and frankly at 
this time I can say with some certainty he left out something, or on a 
kinder day I would say, failed to point out its relative importance.

      That something is the difference between ORS and ANDS.

      An OR is an indecision, Hubbard said that the neurotic was stuck in
an indecision in the present, and the psychotic was stuck in an
indecision in the past.  -AP&A

      I used that for years as my stable datum, run out the doubts,
particularly of perfect certainties, and surely case would resolve.

      NO, this is 100 percent wrong.

      Chronic case and its somatics that kill is not based on

      An indecision is a waffling back and forth with what to do, should
I do this, should I do that, ooops its dinner time, I will come back to
this later.  Maybe he does maybe he doesn't.

      Usually he Q&A's with some OTHER new indecision, and completely
forgets the original one.  Eventually he is bogged down in
a whole long chain of failed resolutions on indecisions, maybe 100
to 200 of them across a life time.

      It makes for a messy mind, but a thetan can not be killed by this.

     It is true that doubt is self casting, doubt that you CAN confront
something will lead to an impossibility to confront.  There however may
be other things that are simply impossible to confront regardless of
your doubt, but they would have to be based in negative truth, lies in
other words.

      Thus part of being able to confront ANYTHING is the ability to 
confront without significance which includes without doubt.

      Pure experience without the added when, where, how, who, why and 
what (in that order), is hard to keep around no matter what it is.

      You dive into the fire, and pain and fear turn to pleasure waves, 
anger turns to beauty.

      But in the end an indecision is a zero effort situation, and zero
efforts can not aberrate you.

      Take a guy who is in an indecision about opening the door and going

      Should I open the door, should I leave it closed, maybe there is a
tiger out there, maybe there isn't, but I can't know without opening the
door, but if I open the door the tiger will jump in and get me.  But if
I stay inside I will starve to death.  Maybe if I get too skinny, the
tiger won't eat me and let me pass.  But if I get out and eat, maybe the
tiger will then come and eat me.

      Standard CLAM INCIDENT stuff, should I open my eyes(shell), or
leave them shut?

      What the guy is DOING is trying to determine what to DO.

      That's not DOING, you see.

      You see, no voltage, no amperage, no flow, no beingness, hardly
reads on the radar.

      You might want to call engaging in an OR a kind of neurosis, but in
the end, what's wrong with people, are not areas of neuroses which are
mere fumaroles on the volcano, they are SYMPTOMS of the underlying
real thing that is going on.

      What's wrong with people are areas of total, complete and outright
PSYCHOSIS, even if he is holding down his 9 to 5 and raising his family

      Once too many psychoses pile up, then the guy goes to hell and
can't operate any more.  Since civilization is the sum total of
everyone's operatingness, one could say that on average most people are
still holding it together in spite of their underlying spots of totally

      So what is psychosis?  It's simple.

      If neurosis is OR, psychosis is AND.

      The guy is NOT in an INDECISION about whether to open the door OR
not open the door, he is in a totally committed DECISION to BOTH open
the door AND close it AT THE SAME TIME.

      That would indeed be nuts you say, but is it true that people are
doing this?

      Well an eternal spirit can't become a mortal body with out it.

      The spirit is wholly engaged in the effort to NOT BE *AND* to BE
at the same time.

      Shakespeare got it wrong, and bypassed the item on the entire
world forever more.

      It is not

      "To be or not to be? That is the question."

      It is

      "To be AND not to be! Go away I have made up my mind."

      You see with the door, the indecision leads to no effort except the
paltry pittance to THINK about it, figure figure, question asking, which
we all know by now leads straight into the laundry basket.

      But once the guy gets a good AND going, he is putting ALL of his
effort, 110 percent of it, into holding the door closed with one hand,
and trying to open the door with the other.

      And he is using his merry band of BT's to help him, half on the
left hand, and half on the right hand, so the percentage of involvement
goes WAY above 100, maybe into the thousands.

      That is in part why he can't stop doing it, but also he doesn't
WANT to stop doing it, because it helps him remain nuts enough to be a
human, and also he just simply and plainly doesn't know about it any

      That leads to exhaustion of spiritual power and eventually death as
a spirit.

      Psychosis is a form of thetan isometrics (go look it up),
isometrics make the body strong when done in proper quantities, but make
a thetan stark raving dead when engaged in forever.

      Start with running ANDS on BEING AND BECOMING, then on WILLINGNESS

      Once you get real on the amount of sheer power that is tied up in
ANDS, all the indecision stuff just falls away as so much dandruff.

     When you get hit in the face by an atomic wave, you stop worrying
about why you have pimples, you KNOW.

      Then run ANDS on who or what are you trying to kill AND not kill at
the same time.

      It is the effort to kill, murder, harm, destroy, or damn forever
etc, AND not do these things at the same time, that causes all the kick
back you call your suffering.

      The Sweetness and Light case neither suffers nor tells the truth,
and will never become OT, cuz' I will tell you something, OT's are not
made of Sweetness and Light!

      They can be in an off moment, but mostly OT's are roaring power in
operation trying to provide a better life-and-death game to play.

      One that will last longer and provide a better story.

      They care if you lose too much, but they also care if
you win too much :)

      They operate on the goal "To enhance the story".


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On Fri, 9 Dec 2011, wrote:

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>     I am looking for a solo process that anyone can run without the
> help of another.
>     By solo process I do NOT mean a formal rote procedure which one
> runs in formal session with or without a meter, but one which runs 'in
> the background' during the living of life.
>     When life goes 'crunch' through out the day, I want to know what
> that crunch is about in the most general sense, and then take that
> specific crunch apart so it doesn't happen again.
>     I believe as tech finders we all seek the one process or one
> understanding that we can plant as a seed in a person's mind, and have
> it work for them quickly and stunningly, so that they can then
> disseminate it to others in the same manner.
>     The route towards clearing advance has historically been through
> a quagmire of god awful complexity to greater and greater
> simplicities.  Even the great masters are still looking, but in the
> meanwhile they continue to offer the complex routes that they have
> achieved so far.  Any case gain is better than no case gain.
>     But in the end, for me, finding that simple seed, that each
> person can plant alone and which will take him or her all the way out
> in a proper gradient with life as the main auditor, is of paramount
> importance.
>     Now perhaps I only seek such a solution for myself and others
> like myself.  I have to admit to the possibility of abandoning the
> rest of mankind to the complexities of other schools, if I found such
> a route that worked for me and no one else, I would be the first one
> out of here never to return, leaving behind me only a posting or two
> describing how I did it.
>     KP would still be screaming 'FIGURE FIGURE, HALLUCINATION, GET A
> CLUE IDIOT!' and I would be gone.
>     But I keep seeing the commonness of my own case with everyone
> else's.  They get sick a couple of times a year, I am sick all the
> time, their noses stuff up once in a while, mine is stuffed all the
> time etc.  So I figure that once I blow my case wide open, I will have
> blown the common case across all of us wide open too.  That there
> might be other case amongst myself or others that is not touched, I
> admit, but that common case across all humans, I expect to be handled
> with the seed.
>     In present time I would have to say that seedling consists of two
> concepts, need and fear.
>     Need is the consideration that something is necessary either to
> survival or the willingness to be.  An immortal being has no needs
> upon which his survival depends, but his willingness to be does.  If
> you are going to willingly live forever, certain things fundamentally
> need to be true.
>     Doubt is the component of fear that is self casting, if one
> doubts that one is able, one will engage in looking to find out if one
> is, and bang one won't be.  Looking to know is a trap.
>     Indecision is the other component, once one doubts, one no longer
> is sure what to do, thus one tends to do nothing, and then the need to
> do SOMETHING, leads one to do something else.  One comes to a fork in
> the road, runs into need and fear and doubt, and rather than make a
> decision, one builds a house there and offers bed and breakfast to
> others who come along.
>     Eventually it becomes an anti-civilization like we have here on
> Earth.  A sargasso sea of dead and dying *GODS*, who couldn't figure
> out whether to go right or left and couldn't figure out who or what is
> cause around here.
>     One can reach out into an area of life and 'feel' if ones
> postulate are going to work there.  If one feels an open space and a
> smile, then one knows that whatever one commands in that warm spot
> will come true in its own time.  Other places in life will feel closed
> and blocked, one knows that one's postulates won't work there.
>     One can then start sorting these areas of blockage out, spot the
> needs and fears until the next area opens with a smile waiting with
> infinite potential for a command to be placed in its jet stream.
>     A command is not made with force or flourish, one merely hits the
> return key on it, and its a done deal unless retracted.
>    Here is a good process.  Sit down at a computer and type
> in a command for something you want, followed by the return key.
>    "We will get more business" 
>    "We will get more business" 
>     Do this and notice that it is the hitting of the return key that
> makes it work, not the force nor flourish with which you write the
> command or hit the return key.  That is a command.
>     It's a long trek from fearless human to God crucified on the
> Qualms, but for those ready to make the trek, a little indoctrination
> about how it all works, and a little help to focus on the proper
> concepts, will start to produce amazing changes.
>     We don't need to need and we don't need to fear.
>     Ain't that amazing?
>     Ain't that a miracle?
>     Ain't that the undreamed dream come true?
>     Well to most it is so overwhelming they just want a little
> auditing to help them 'adjust' better to their needs and fears.  But
> this is an auditing overt.
>     The first step down from OT is to postulate that you need
> something.
>     The second step down from OT is to doubt your ability to get that
> need.
>     Wham you are dead.
>     Some guy walks in and wants to survive anyway and you are going
> to help him with that?
>     Auditing consists of two things.
>     Handle the doubt.
>     Handle the need.
>     Next time life goes crunch on you, you know, you just can't get
> up and go, take a look at need and fear and their inner componenets,
> survival, willingness, self casting doubt, indecision, and doing
> something else, and I believe you will find the seed of freedom you
> are looking for.
>     Once it starts to work for you, plant it in another and make sure
> it grows until they can do the same.
>     Once you start to win at this game, you will run into needs and
> fears you never dreamed of, knock your socks off.
>     OT straight ahead.
>     Homer
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