>           What's that quote from Adore about immortals
> finding mortals despicable and the karma of that?

      Its been years (1985) since I been banging my head in an Adorian
Madrassa smoking pot all day long and cursing the Great Satan Meatball,
but it went something like this:


      Immortals who dislike mortals have some karma to face.

      Namely, mortals who dislike immortals are despicable.

      Karma is present time involvement in hidden shames of the past.

      Shame is a waste of time.

      So is karma.


      Since you cannot die (forever outside of time),

      You do not deserve to die or suffer forever, no matter what you do,
have done, or will do.


      Your body does not deserve to be hurt or damaged for anything you
have done.

      When Earth learns these two lessons, there will be peace on Earth
and good will towards men.

      Until then, there will be suffering forever." - Adore


      This was written before the distinction between immortal (in time)
and eternal (out of time) was made.  Replace immortal with eternal in
all occurances above.

      No one is mortal, no one is immortal, everyone is eternal.

      Mortal is death forever.

      Immortal is hell forever.

      Eternal is peace forever interspersed with FINITE whiles
in dream time of the pretense of death and hell forever.

Thu Dec 15 17:33:40 EST 2011