> You're missing the point Jane.  I was using Homer's dictums as an
> example of his contempt for those whose views differ from his own.

     Yes and no.

     MY contempt is a reflection of the contempt meatballs have about

     I used to be a meatball, 100 percent all the way, but then I had a
few epiphanies which I found out that others, even my friends, didn't
want to hear about.

     They told me to stop talking about them.

     In a forum dedicated to the subject of God, we are beyond wondering
if there is a God and whether we all are God in carnation, so people who
are still in doubt are not really welcome except to be quiet and listen
and perhaps ask an intelligent question once in a while, not tell us we
belong in straight jackets or should go see a shrink.  

     That's noise.

     I used the scientific forum standard for kicking people off of
Clear-l.  Formal forums have certain rules of presentation and approach,
and heckling and disturbance and off subject talk is not part of it.

     It's a matter of attitude, we don't care if someone BELIEVES
anything or not, only that they WANT to understand what is being said
and be willing to look at the evidence for or against it in their own

     The contempt is always started by others, to whom I retort simply
that their mother's bred without a license.  That's a safe thing to say
because its generally true for everybody.

     If someone wants to present a white paper on why clearing does not
work, or why meatballism is certainly correct, that is fine, it might
even get read and critted.  I my self have presented over 870 white
papers to a.c.t on why a lot of clearing did not and never will work,
but also giving an underlying theory that might lead to better

     My goal is not to debunk but to correct.

     From my experience clearing is undebunkable in general, except when
maybe you get into specific case things like Xenu and rest.

     In all my years of managing clear-l, I have only kicked two people
off it, one a guy named David, who wasn't even certain anything existed
at all, and KP who was a hallucinating obnoxious piece of shit that just
didn't get what a two way forum was for, namely not calling people names
who didn't agree with his every last word.

     I also took a vote on KP and a clear majority wanted him out of
their e-mail.

     Clear-l is a mailing list for professional clearing people, not
hyenas and jackals who want to make noise, who don't know anything about
the subject, and just want to annoy or heckle.

     *SOME* meatballs can SOMETIMES hold a decent conversation, but most
are a waste of time by experience.  They don't HAVE any ideas except
that we are all insane etc.

     Since at the time clear-l was populated by people across the globe
with slow connections, 1991, the rules were set up to keep the noise out
of the forum for their sake.  Those that wanted the noise were always
free to get it on a.r.s. or a.c.t directly.

     A.r.s at the time was a cesspool of lying venom, which is why I
created a.c.t, but then the venom started to come over there too.

> I have no interest in lists or pompous rules.  Nor do I bow to the
> cultish mindset where agreement with the messiah is mandatory.

     No but you insist that everyone agree with the Great God Meatball.

     Very very few people even understand what I am writing, let alone
agree with it.

     I do not seek agreement, I seek only accurate UNDERSTANDING of the

     I seek to open people's minds to a new way of looking at stuff.

     Even my own views progress over time, and sometimes I have to
correct my own postings written long ago, based on new data that I have

     Your criticisms are with out basis based on your own
hallucinations, and need to fight the Dogmatic Messiah.

     Reasonable people who actually have something to say, and are
interested if I might be right never have any trouble with dealing with

     For example, those who haven't spent at least a few hundred hours
on an e-meter, really have very little to say about it of worth, no
matter HOW 'scientific' they are.

     If they haven't looked, then they do not know.

     Same thing goes for auditing, if you have tried a few hundred
hours, and it did nothing, then fine, bitch all you want, that's what I
am doing.

     Except that I went in and fixed the damn problem.

     Most of the noise makers just like to natter.

     And again, NO ONE can tell me The Proof in their own words, in such
a way that I know they got it.

     Yet the proof is simple information theory.

     So its really a matter of "I am not going to look in the telescope,
because I already know Jupiter has no moons."


     "I am perfectly certain perfect certainty can not exist."


     "I am perfectly certain the physical universe is actual and not a
virtual reality hologram in scalar actuality."


     "I know for a fact bud that consciousness is a process in the
brain, and when the brain dies, my consciousness will die with it."

     Nope sorry, nothing born of matter, energy, space or time can be
perfectly certain of anything.

     Consciousness can be.

     Thus consciousness is not a process in any multi dimensional space
time gizmo of any kind.

     The guy who thinks he is mortal because he is made of meat, has
been fooled, he's been the biggest fool for so long he can't count that
high, he's the Fool ON the Hill of the Physical Universe!

     Learn the proof, its pure meatball science until the last line,
then we have a bridge in which to talk about the meatball/dreamball

     Don't be a flat earther and refuse to look.

     And if you are a Christian, well then fuck your bigotry, to hell
with you forever for free.

     The good Lord reserves a *SPECIAL* place in hell for Christians.

     But not forever.  Even Christians get to heaven one day with the
rest of decent folk, you can know them by their tan, before we all decide
to incarnate again and play a real game.


Fri Dec 16 00:24:50 EST 2011