You get as many lifetimes as you can stand.

     Public religion is all bogus, infested with the Devil's Tune

     In particular the lie of separation between God and Soul, and the
lies of forevers inside of time.

     You ARE God incarnation, not a soul made by God.

     All life is God incarnation, every atom, every quark and every
composite from there on up to bodies, beings in bodies (you and me),
planets, stars, galaxies and universes, of which there are many.

     The physical universe of space and time is a dream in the mind of
each incarnated GodSoul (conscious unit), synchronized with each other
via the substrate of eternity, not via space time.  Thus the
synchronization is instantaneous across all GodSouls in a particular
dream, while virtual cause inside the dream is limited to the speed of

     Eternity is the static, the dream of spacetime is the (virtual)

     God, the AllThatIS, is a multi I-AM being, it is MADE of souls.

     An infinite number of infinite minds, each GodSoul is a full and
complete instantiation of the infinite.

     We call it a GodSoul, because God and Soul are the two different
operating functions of the being.  Unincarnated it is God the creator
and the author, and while incarnated under its own fair chosen choice,
it is the creature and character.

     The GodSoul can operate both states at will to some extent,
depending on its state of decay.

     The way to become the creator is to BE the creator becoming the
creature.  The Way IN is the way out.

     Practicing coming in, puts you out.

     Like Argus who had 100 eyes, each GodSoul is an eye of the
AllThatIs, immutable, eternal outside of time, uncreatable,
undestroyable and independent.

     No GodSoul is immortal inside of time, as all time whiles are

     Thus ALL stories end one day.

     Only to be reborn again during another foray from eternal peace, by
those who wish to play in dreamtime.

     Each GodSoul is NOT a finite cup of water taken from the infinite
ocean to later be returned.

     Each GodSoul is a doorway, a conscious lens, to the same infinite
ocean of infinite oceans.  Each door way is a conscious unit, an eye of
God.  One doorway is called Joe, the next Susan etc.

     Each doorway looks one way out onto their own beach of space and
time and looks the other way back into the same multi-eyed infinite
ocean which they all are.

     As such, each GodSoul separately and together command the entire

     Each GodSoul is fully and totally responsibile for his own
condition and the condition of everyone else, for it was a unanimous
decision by a group of GodSouls to form this universe and incarnate into

     Each GodSoul is bound to their stay here only by their own invite,
of themselves and each other.

     Each GodSoul incarnates by choice for fun, spirit of play.  The
game of life however can go to hell when played improperly, with deceit.
It's all part of the rules of the game however.  It was not necessarily
improper to play the game improperly, but consequences follow.

     All consequences can be undone via a true confession of total

     The way to happiness is a true confession.

     Heavens and Hells are all finite in time, as time can only exist in
finite whiles, although very long.

     Eternal Peace is eternal home, but the GodSoul likes being lost.

     Being lost acts as a chase and a challenge to him.

     The GodSoul has a weird sense of fun and finds 'safety' in hell and
high water visited via eternal omni awesome peace.

     High Halcyon (hal-CY-on) is bemused relief on the verge of time.

     "The halcyon winds of summer heal the cruel wounds of winter."

     There is peace in the thought that one day all men shall attain the
awakened state.  But unimpingable eternal omni awesome peace is no fun,
no humor, no love, no sorrow, no laughter, no surprise.

     So the GodSoul engages in fair chosen cycles of

     Unmanifest -> Manifest -> Unmanifest -> Manifest.

     Ring a bell?


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