If God is the ocean, then life is His beachhead.

       You have to start thinking bigger.

       Maybe 10 to 1000 times bigger.

       Life consists of 8 dynamics or thrusts towards game playing.

       Games consist of freedoms (abilities), barriers (conditions), and

       The meta purpose of games is ACTION, spirit of play and high

       The body (which you are not, its a horse and you are the cowboy),
likes to fill in its dynamics with activity from the bottom up.

       The spirit, the cowboy on the horse, needs to fill them in from the
top down.

        The dynamics are as follows from the top down.

        8.) The Infinite
        7.) Spirits
        6.) MEST (Matter, energy, space and time, including FORCE)
        5.) Life
            5a) Plants
            5b) Animals
        4.) Mankind
        3.) Groups
        2.) Family
        1.) Self (without body)

        Each dynamic encompasses all the dynamics below it, and is in turn
encompassed by all the dynamics above it.

       Each dynamic is a SUBSET FUNCTION of the dynamic above it, not a
separated part.

       The dynamics do not live alone, each gets its vision statement from
those above it and its mission statement from those below it.

       A vision statement is how you would like the world to be.

       A mission statment is how you are going to get there.

       Family consists of the body blood line, heritage and legacy, into
the past, and into the future, in other words all ancestors, parents,
siblings, mates, children, and grand children into the future.

       Groups first consist of communities of families, then your career
activities, then other groups such as, school, city, town, state,
country and Mankind.

       Mankind is the over arching group of beings in the same species.

       Life means biological life forms and is not to be confused with
living consciousness which is not dependent on physical life forms to
exist and feel alive.

       Biological life forms are all made of dead things, basic physical
particles that run on force and mass in motion.

       Living consciousness is made of living consciousness that runs on
will and motivation.  Pain and desire is not force and mass and can not
be reduced to each other.

       In the terms of mathematics both pain and force form a basis, and
they are orthoganal to each other, neither can be reduced to or made of
the other, and both fully account for all causal activity in the
composite spirit/body system.

       The biological life dynamic has two broad sub groups, plants and

       Plants are pushed into existence by the sun and store energy by
splitting CO2 into carbon and oxygen.  The oxygen goes into the
atmosphere as breathable air, and the carbon becomes the body of the

       Animals reverse the process when they eat the plant, combining the
carbon from the plant with the oxygen in the air, producing CO2 to start
the cycle over again.

       Animals are a slow fire to plants.

       It is a well noted joke that in the physical universe, things are
not considered 'alive' until they reach a certain level of complexity.
Thus a carbon or oxygen molecule is not living, but a self replicating
DNA molecule might be.  Certainly by the time it has a cell wall, and an
intake and evacuation system, science considers it alive.

       This gives rise to the idea that livingness, the quality of being
alive, is a process in dead things, namely the parts that make them up.

       Thus if you put enough dead lifeless things together in the right
arrangement, you will create life.

       Defining 'life' as a process in something that is fundamentally and
otherwise dead, makes life very tenuous, for once the exact arrangement
of parts that constitutes life is busted apart, that entity dies.

       And so it is with all biological life, but not with true life,
which is spirit (consciousness) whether or not in carnation.

       The temporal livingness you feel in your body usurps its existence
from the eternal livingness you bring to the body via your
consciousness, and the consciousnesses of other beings that make up the
body down to the last quark.

       The deadness of physical universe objects is an illusion because
the objects themselves are an illusion.

       As is their usefulness beyond virtual action in dreamtimes.

       Each object and part of an object is the avatar of a dreaming
conscious unit in carnation as that dream object.

       Consciousness is NOT a process in the brain, consciousness is NOT
mere chemistry bubbling away at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

       You believe that God is conscious, yet God is above and before
space and time or any spacetime gizmo like the brain.

       You think God created YOUR consciousness out of chemistry then?

       Thus be careful when you feel like you are dying, lest you confuse
the death of the body with the death of your own consciousness.  Living
consciousness can experience the death of the body right up through the
point of moving on to the other side.

       The trick is staying conscious of YOUR eternal aliveness while the
body dies.

       You will end up on the other side in either case, but probably in
better shape if you don't fall for the illusion that your consciousness
is going down with the body.

       You consciousness is not a process in a system of parts.

       It IS the most fundamental part that anything could 'made of'.

       In particular do not desire to die with the body, as you WILL be in
worse shape on the other side finding out you are still alive, but
didn't want to be.

       The suicide has a rough journey on the other side.

       The intent to kill the body is one thing, there are places and
times for that, the intent to kill YOURSELF as an eternal
consciousness is quite another.

       Tring to kill yourself by killing your body is a serious crime
against animals.

       MEST is everything made of Matter, Energy, Space and Time.

       Spirit refers to all GodSouls (spirits, conscious units) whether in
an active state of carnation and game play, or not, meaning still
resting in Eternal "Omni Awesome Peace." :)

       Incarnation is the state of pretending to BE one of your dream
creations, donning a piece of MEST so completely that the spirit no
longer thinks it is spirit, but is in fact MEST.

       It is one thing to HAVE a body even if you are momentarily stuck in
side its head, it is quite another to think you ARE a body.

       The being is 'stuck' in a body because it has felt SO SORRY for
bodies that it has given its very existence over to BEING a body to
better take care of one and give it a perfect live.

       A being can be IN anything without affecting it or thinking the
being is the thing, or trying to control, protect, own or be responsible
for it.

       Thus there is nothing wrong with being IN a body, there is very
much something wrong with compulsively trying to control, protect, own
or be responsible for a body *BY* being in it or near by it.

       The panic effort to get OUT of a body is apathy about simply being
in the body without affecting it and without receiving an impinging
effect from the body.

       Thus if you want to get out, which is fine, practice being simply
in with no further additions.

       The Infinite is what people belittle by calling it God.

       The Infinite = God = AllThatIs

       The Infinite is a spaceless timeless eternal static, that none the
less can give rise to co shared conscious dreams of the virtual kinetic,
in its own static substrate.

       The world you see around you, IS YOU LOOKING IN A MIRROR, glowing
in the dark of your own void.

       Manifestation is you being temporally on.

       Unmanifestation is you being eternally off.

       You can't see anything but you via this glow in the dark skin you
are wearing.  You can't change your skin, but you can change what is
rendered on it.

       Your skin has no size or dimension at all, but can render glow in
the dark renditions of space and time as large as you want, although
always finite.

       When the being goes infinite, the rendering process is left behind
and the renditions turn off.

       God is not a being different from you,

       God does not CREATE souls, God is MADE OF souls.

       Capiche Toi?

       God is the AllThatIs which is MADE of beings, but also contains the
eternal substrate by which all beings are causally connected, and thus
they can thus communicate with each other via eternal non temporal
causal pathways.

       Thus we call the being a GodSoul, as God and Soul are the two
operating functions of disincarnation and creative incarnation, of sleep
and dream time, of static and kinetic, of peace and action.

       This gives the GodSoul primality, as the purpose of existence is
for the GodSoul to manifest as it will.

       "Source sources only when and as Will casts." - Adore

       The purpose of a GodSoul being, is to dream a beachhead.  A
beachhead is an area of dream space and time with kinetics, action and
virtual causation between objects going on in it.

       Actuality is what is true.

       Reality is what we think is true.

       The eternal static is the actual.

       The virtual kinetic is the real, a holographic virtual reality.

       The purpose of the static is to project a virtual kinetic, called
the virtual INVARIANT, in the mind of each dreamer.

       The invariant is what exists independent of any observer, usually
considerd by hard ball scientists and meatballs to be the external
'objective' physical universe that exists whether anyone sees it or is
conscious of it or not.

       In this case however the 'physical universe' is a virtual projected
reality pretending to be an invariant for the benefit of game players
in the dream.

       Four dimensional space and time is a holographic rendition in the
zero dimensional body of the GodSoul.

       Don't confuse zero dimensional with zero size or being small.

       A zero dimensional thing HAS NO SIZE.

       Turns out the zero dimensional AllThatIS is better described as The
Infinite, rather than as The Zero, because the AllThatIs is very much a
something and not a nothing.

       The AllThatIs however is not a 4 dimensional something, but a zero
dimensional something called a scalar.

       A single scalar is not small, it has no size at all, and therefore
can hold the AllThatIs.

       The idea that one needs dimensions with non zero extensions to hold
something is in error.

       Beings can choose to share their beachhead, by connecting it to the
beachheads of other beings, not outwardly, but inwardly via a direct
spirit to spirit link, thus forming the fabric and apparency of a larger
dream space time universe that they are all operating in.

       Each being then offers avatars of itself in all other beach heads,
so each being can keep track outwardly of where every other being is,
who they are, and what they are doing.

       Thus each being's beachhead is filled with the avatars of all the
other beings who have linked into the shared playing field.

       There is never just one playing field though, the unity of the
playing field is an illusion born of the proper melding of everyone's
private playing field, carried out by the eternal substrate.

       These various beachheads maintain their unison via resonance along
the eternal substrate.

       Each being lives forever in his own private hologram that no one
else can see because it is his own consciousness, and only he can see
his own consciousness.

       But once he grants a causal link to another dreamer, and agrees to
share an object between them, both players can control both objects in
each other's dream as if there is only one object between them.

       Thus it may be your beach ball on your beachhead, but when a linked
partner kicks HIS version of that ball on his beachhead, your version
moves in sync with it, giving the illusion that there is one ball, and
thus a game can be played between more than one players each living in
their own private hologram.

       Presently the human body is an avatar for beings incarnated as

       But that apple tree over there is also an avatar for the beings
being and creating the apple tree.

       Every physical object and functional collection of physical objects
is the avatar for the beings who are being that object and pushing it
into manifestation and causing its operation in dream time.

       Actual causation travels instantaneously between beings via the
eternal static of which they are all a part, but the illusion of outward
causation travels from beachhead to beachhead, THROUGH dream space and
time at the speed of light.

       Now as I said, bodies like to fill in their dynamics from the
bottom up.  Bodies exist on the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and first

       Bodies are made of MEST, they are living animals, they form species
such as mankind, they form communities, they bond and mate for creation
of future bodies, and they have their own life.

       They pretty much start off as babies on the first dynamic, then
grow up to realize they are a member of a family where they first learn
by mimicry, then by harmony, then by counterpoint, then by new beat.

       For those that hate ADORE, that's Child, Woman, Man and God.  the
fourfold yin yang of ADORE.

       As beings in bodies grow bigger than the family, they go out into
larger groups, and finally try to contribute to mankind as a whole to
the degree that they can conceive the world outside their community.

       However the rider of the body, you and me, is a full instantiation of
the infinite, and is self aware as a spirit.

       Self awareness is a spaceless timeless process, a scalar process.

       A spirit can see itself as it is now, which produces a self
luminous perfect certainty of its present state.

       A MEST machine can only see itself as it was, if you want to call
that seeing, as it produces only a theory about how it was, not a
perfect certainty.

       As spirits, we create the MEST universe, choose up purposes,
abilities and conditions in that universe, and then jump into it to play
the various games afforded to us, either with bodies or not.

       Incarnation in a BODY is kind of a bottom of the barrel game late
in the decay of games in this sector of the universe.

       BEING a body is not very fun any more.

       HAVING a body was a lot more fun, in particular having many bodies
as in a body farmer.

       But there were also times before bodies, when things were not as
serious, for they were not as precious, fragile, unique and apparently
permanent in loss.

       The belief in fragility and permanence of loss is part of the
morbid fixation that keeps beings in this universe.

       Beings looking in from the outside can't believe that anyone would
believe such nonsense, they say "I gotta see this for myself!"

       So they come in and wham, 20 million years later they are an oyster
at the bottom of the sea having their guts pecked out by some other God
forsaken animal.

       From the purposes and games that a spirit conceives on the 6th
dynamic, namely survival and enhancement of the entire physical
universe, including galaxies, stars, solar systems, and planets, the
spirit can then derive lesser sub games on the lower dynamics.

       Since each dynamic is many times bigger than the one below it, some
of the power invested in the 6th dynamic game pours down and is invested
in the 5th dynamic game of biological life, namely the survival and
enhancement of all species.

       Some of that energy pours down and is invested in the 4th dynamic
game of Mankind, the survival and enhancement of the human body species.

       From there one creates careers on the 3rd dynamic, a career is what
the adult being is careening around in life doing, making a living.
which is his most important function.  No making a living, no life.

       From there one meets mates, and forms families of one's own, and
creates children and raises them in communities of families, nurseries
and schools, in preparation for their career.

       And lastly at the bottom energy pours down into the first dynamic
of Self and what that particular instantiation of the infinite is doing
as regards survival and enhancement of Self on the first dynamic.

       Any blockage or failure on a higher dynamic will pretty much block,
pervert or destroy all the lower dynamics that get their energy and
purpose from the higher dynamic.

       Thus if a being considers there ARE no higher dynamics than MEST,
namely that the Spirit dynamic does not exist, let alone the infinite,
then they will live the life of a meatball rolling round and around to
its grave as incipient carrion.

       Because dynamics are so big, if a being messes up on a higher
dynamic, more harm and damage to self and others can come than if the
mess was made on a lower dynamic.

       The joke is, if a being messes up on a higher dynamic, he will
WITHDRAW down to operating only in lower dynamics, "Who me, a world
leader?  You're crazy!"

       "I would rather be a house mother, no chance of killing millions

        At the same time he will change the natural purposes he had on
those lower dynamics to something else, a substitute, or perversion of
his original intent that flowed from the top, as his original purposes
on the lower dynamics keep popping him back up into his higher dynamic
seat wherein he considers he failed for good.

        Remember the purposes of a lower dynamic are powered by
the vision statement of the higher dynamics, and ARE the mission
statements of the lower dynamics in service to the higher dynamic.

        Thus if a higher dynamic and its vision falls into ruin,
disaster or catastrophe, then the mission statements that it
empowered will become meaningless or too painful to bear.

        "Why bother doing what I should be doing if its not
going to do any good anyhow?"

       Thus the being with a ruined higher dynamic will do SOMETHING ELSE
on the lower dynamics that were serving the higher dynamic that can now
no longer be served, because the higher dynamic is 'dead anyway.'

       From the above we can create a sessioning process with which to
audit (salvage) preclears out of the messes they have built for

        A preclear is someone who is blocked on one or more dynamics, they
are no longer 'clear to go' on that dynamic, lest they do harm or are
harmed again.

       They are running ANDS of go *AND* no go at the same time forever
for free.

       They are afraid of finding out because the disaster was too hot to
countenance, yet they are unable to simply not know about it, because
not know duplicates the not-is and produces knowing!

       There is nothing more dangerous to a being who is terrified of
knowing than simply and peacably not knowing until the not-is as-ises
and vanishes leaving him in a state of overwhelming knowing.

       Thus they have to endlessly 'try to know' in order to make sure
they never do.

       They become 'Truth Seekers'.

       Question, question, question, but NEVER an answer.

       Thank God.

       First address in session is the highest dynamic which is blocked
the worst, that your preclear has reality on.  He may not have any
reality on his trials and tribulations as a Star Maker, but man does he
rue the day he ever thought he could help Mankind.

       Auditing is the action of an auditor directing the attention of the
preclear to the blocked dynamic with two way communication, until the
preclear can take apart the block, erasing the self imposed limiting
considerations, providing full confession for himself and forgiveness
for others, and get on his way again.

       Rue is ruing having caused somthing, or thinking one did.

      The end phenomena of auditing is conversion of rue back into
laughter and high appreciation for ludicrous demise.

      You might ask how anything could do such a thing, you have to
experience it to believe it, but the preclear changes his mind on "Who
or what is cause around here and why is it such an asshole", and spots
his prior inspired motivations to pull a nasty prank on himself along
with all the other victims involved in the demise, and he comes to see
the exact mechanism of how he did it.

       Through inspiration the GodSoul makes himself utterly
VULNERABLE to ludicrous demise

       After that point of no return the God is no longer
crashing willingly, he knows it and everyone else knows it.

       In his own mind he has ruined his future and the future
of other's FOREVER, both in time and eternlly, and he tries to
buring himself in oblivion as the only way out from being him.

      Pity the God that is dying by his own hand if you dare.

      Once he spots the why and how of the demise and the inspiration
behind it, it becomes too ludicrous to contemplate further.

      Gales of laughter fade off into the background cosmic giggle, and
become unimpingable peace again on that subject.

      "Hell you want to ruin another 100 billion years, here's how to do
it, I'll sell you the instruction manual on ludicrous demise for a
nickel.  Just remember this is trade secreted material and my eternal
copyright is on it."

      Dynamic blocks are held in place by the glue of no confession and
no forgiveness.

      Auditing comes from the word TO LISTEN, and an auditor is one who
listens, with the added caveat that he must direct the preclear's
attention to those parts of his dynamics that are interesting to listen
to, namely most in need of repair.

      Technically we seek the SIT, the situation, which is the furthest
departure from an ideal scene in the preclear's life, action, goals,
game playing and purposes, and then we concentrate NOT ON THE SIT, but
on the endless unworkable solutions he tried in order to handle the sit!

      The sit is self erasing when viewed in its pristine state, but
adorned with solutions that don't work, it becomes horrific.

      Once that sit and its solutions is handled through auditing,
reevaluation, and cognition, the next sit is found and handled in turn.

      When the preclear is no longer interested in his own case because
he is too busy living life with power and flourish, we can consider him
clear enough.

      The process of finding sits is done mostly by asking for them, and
the process of handling them is done by returning the preclear to those
moments of SURPRISE and shock wherein he postulated failure states,
terminal unexpectedness and unprediction that exceeded his acceptance
level, ruins, despairs, disasters, regret and rue, resulting in and
endless series of 'solutions' blocking his own dynamic flows.

      Each solution becomes a problem which needs more solutions which
become more problems and that's his future history to the end of time
unless it gets reversed through auditing.

      Shock results from physical injuries, and emotional injuries.

      Physical injuries come from too much impingement or too little
impingement.  Too much water drowns you, too little air suffocates you.

      Bodies need an optimum level of impingement in all things to

       Emotional injuries result from deaths, departures and reversals of
loved ones, peoples, places or things, or any loss that threatened his
future game playing with his team mates that lowered his self estimation
and emotional tone from courage, exhilaration and enthusiasm down to
anger, fear, cowardice, sorrow and apathy.

      The preclear must recover his ability to permeate his areas of
amnesia for inspiration followed by violated acceptance levels of
surprise and shock, whether physical or emotional, and to be able to
feel deeply the resulting apathy, sorrow, fear and anger, before the
emotional energy will turn back into love again.

      The preclear is like someone stuck in a very deep diamond mine in
the dark and completely lost but doesn't know its a diamond mine.

      So he is terrified of his very existence in the mine and why he is

      But once he finds his first diamond, rue -> laughter -> peace, he
can start to look forward to the darkness because now he is more afraid
of NOT knowing what happened than what did.  He can look forward to case
gain and stop worrying about what he is going to find out.

       Your preclear will no longer resist making real case gain,
because he KNOWS he can 'live it down' with high appreciation
for ludicrous demise.

      But this a non human state, because he was in a non human state
when he first was inspired to create these monumental emotional curves
to darken forever the future of any God.

       Anger, fear, sorrow and apathy are reverse polarizations of love.

       They are basically "I want and I can't have!"

        Courage and cowardice are alike postulates on the subject of 'Who
or what is cause around here, and why is it such an asshole!"

       He is terrfied of being him, because the last time he was him, look
what happened!  :)

       There are many many processes to a full auditing approach, but one
of the most basic and necessary for an opening of the case is the
following dynamic inventory of action.

       This process can be run forever, in the back ground, any time a
game goes down, and the being needs to rehab or reboot what he is doing
in life.

       At first it is useful for the preclear to be audited by another, as
it is hard to enter areas of extreme shock alone, but eventually the
preclear can solo audit this process to his heart's content when called

       Running solo, this process is best run during the morning when the
preclear first awakens, but hasn't yet gotten out of bed.  The
transition from sleep to wakefulness leaves the preclear accessible to
his true feelings about life, which later get crushed as the day
progresses with substitutes and perversions of original purposes, and
awareness of loss.

       Step One:

       Indoctrinate the preclear in all of the above.

       Then one by one, starting at the top dynamic command the preclear
to do the following.

       By example, we start with dynamic 8, the Infinite.

       "Tell me what gets you up in the morning about the infinite."


       "Tell me how you would like to be a member of and contribute to the

        "Tell me an enhancement you would love to make to the infinite."

       Or simply,

        "Get the idea of enhancing the infinite."

        "Get the idea of de-enhancing the infinite."

       You can use whatever wording you want that seems to work to get the
preclear to talk deeply about how he is involved in the dynamic or how
he wanted to be or could be and all his reasons why he isn't.

       NEVER argue with the preclear's answers,

       Never answer his (case) questions during session, that means he is
auditing YOU.

       Just say "What are you asking me for, you are the god around here,
you tell me."

       The auditor knows the general about what's wrong with his preclear,
but not the specific.  The preclear may need some help with the general,
but he knows the general too, but it may be buried in deep
forgetfulness, but only the preclear knows about his own specifics.

       Thus the preclear expects and demands that the auditor know and
audit him on the general, but never ever give him a specific within that
general, the preclear will crash and come to dread auditing even if once
in a blue moon the auditor gets it right.

        If the auditor does give the preclear a specific, right or wrong,
the auditor should indicate clearly to the preclear that he has done so,
even to the point of asking permission to do so before doing it.

       When the auditor is giving the commands or asking the questions,
the preclear is in session and interested in his own case and willing to
talk to the auditor.

       When the preclear is asking the questions, and the auditor is
answering them, the preclear is out of session trying to put the auditor
into session and have the auditor run the preclear's case FOR HIM.

       Run the above process on each sit and all solutions found found
until no more answers, then do the same with the next dynamic down, in
this case spirit and spirits.

       Then MEST, plants, animals, mankind, career, groups, family and

       Then do it all over again, starting at the top.

       If the preclear jumps around dynamics giving answers that's fine,
they are all connected, and dynamic blocks grow like vines all over his
entire span of existence.

       He will be talking about spirits one moment and sex the next, and
career the next, as they are all related to him.

       YOU acknowledge his answers, keep running the dynamic you were on,
until it has no more answers, and then go to next lowest.

       At some point you will need to learn how to audit smoothly, so you
don't piss off your preclear by being a dolt or talking too much, or
over acking, or interrupting, or changing the subject, or suddenly
telling him something interesting from you own case, or doing the 100
billions things you learn to do with skill and mastery in psych school.

       Auditor: "Oh you hate your mother too?  I also hated my mother,
let me tell you! ..."

       The ideal session is where the auditor starts it, and the preclear
runs for the entire session to a big win, and all the auditor did was
nod wisely and keep quiet.

       TO AUDIT MEANS TO LISTEN not to shoot your mouth and be more
important than the preclear.

       When auditing a God, be a bug.

       Sessions should run for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

       Never end off without a win of some kind, preclear smiling,
laughing, cogniting, and never run past a big win, no matter how fast it

       Charge $130/session for your services or whatever the market can

       Keep barf bags and kleenex easily available to your preclear.

       Remember, with this material and in auditing, you are dealing with
the death of a spirit, he gave up FOREVER long ago.

       There is a lot of laughter and surprise in that long ago.

       Your preclear has been mostly sitting in his grave since then
waiting for someone to cover him in dirt.

       NO one came, so there he is sitting there calling it his 9 to 5

       Eternal spirits can not die in eternity, but they can roll around
like marbles going forever down the drain to hell in their dreamtime.

       Your preclear must get angry to get better.

       Suppressed murderous intent drives the case.

       When he does come up to anger, restrain him from committing murder.

       Assure him that as he gets higher tone, there will be more
interesting things to do to his betrayers and tormentors.

       He won't confess his own crimes unless he can forgive others
theirs, and he won't forgive others their crimes unless he confesses his

       Thus look for confession/forgiveness pairs as session progresses.
Without them case gain is not being made.

       End result is laughter followed by high action in life born of and
powered by absolute unimpingable peace.

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