Written for Enid before she died...

     The only thing that can kill you is birth and death, and case
involvement with such, on all 4 planes of existence, body, heart, mind
and soul.

     Physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual.

     Not just body birth and death, get it?

     Birth and death of ANYTHING.

     In present time run the following on all things whether incarnate
or disincarnate, repetitively to E/P.

     E/P: Able to breath easier, and knows how to not make it worse
without wanting to.  In control of dying again.

     Presented as questions, but run as a command:


     Get the idea of...

     Get the effort to...

     Tell me about...

     Questions seeking answers kill.

     That is an odd statement, don't go by it.  It isn't true in the
physical universe which is a game of questions and answers, but is true
in the spiritual universe.  If you make a game of going clear, you
probably won't.

     One needs to run out the question asking, not find the answer,
as the being already knows the answer.

     The QUESTIONS that one must run out are the only answers the
preclear needs.

     Once the question asking stops, any answers that might remain, will
appear on their own.  Hopefully the preclear won't remember what
question the answer was for, and will toss the answer in the same bin as
the question never to be thought of again.

     Questions are of the form:

     Who, how, what, where, when, why, which, is it, and does it, along
with could it, would it, and should it, all tenses past, present and

     In general, three are more important than the others.

     What: is often a restimulation of the past, and last to be

     How: is always in present time.

     Why: is usually about the future.

     Who: the preclear is usually fixated on who done it, the answer is
'me', at worst he started them starting it, at best he started himself
starting it.

     The guy is worried about the future and is ransacking his past to
find answers to his problems.

     He can't be the effect of others trying to make him an effect
unless he himself has tried to cause others to be an effect, either
before or after they do it to him.

     This reduces him down to being an effect on the awareness
characteristic scale, and its bye bye downwards from there on out, as
all the rest of the awareness characteristic scale is a solution to
being an effect.
     If they do it to him first, he will use it as a 'good idea' to do
it to others later and, whether or not they fall for it, if he regrets
it, or worse if he fails to make it stick on them, he will become stuck
with the original of them doing it to him.

     If he does it to others first, and regrets it, he will wait like a
cat for a bird for others to do it to him later, so he can say 'see you
deserved it!'

     Reversing time order sticks a preclear in time like crazy glue.

     He becomes MEST after that, I am a body, I am a *DEAD* body, etc.

     Death is inherent in all compound things, thus becoming MEST is a
sure way to end up dust in the wind before your time.

     His past may indeed be filled with pain and unconsciousness but it
is the MURDEROUS RANSACKING (question asking) in present time that is
killing him.

     Get the idea of ransacking with violence and hard determination in
order to learn, know, find out, seek, search for or look for and you
will see quickly why he is physically on the edge.

     We do not care about the past, all trouble is in present time.

     It is useful to find out the first time some trouble occurred, for
that was where the first postulates were made, but the postulates
continue to exist NOW because of one's fears of the future.

     The present is an effort to protect loved one's from the future.

     Run that, forget the past.

     Life is in you today, you make your tomorrow. -LRH

     The past has no cause, present time surely does.

     One finds out about the past as a result of getting better, not as
a cause of getting better.

     Capiche toi?
     Most preclears live down around UNKNOWABLE on the know to mystery

     Or maybe if they are lucky they are way up there in waiting.

     A little higher and they are upset as hell about sex, death and
eating or being eaten.  
     Those with awareness will tell you that God is one sick mother

     Higher, they come up to thinking (question asking, figure figure),
and being a symbol to an every where present, omnipotent, unknowable
orientation point.

     Higher than that, they are trying to know by emoting, where doubt
is self casting, as doubt makes you FEEL bad, and thus convinces you all
the more that the doom you are worried about is right around the corner.


     Wondering is not beauty and awe, although these can cause wonder.
     Wondering is question asking, wondering who, how, what, where,
when, why, which, etc.

     Beauty without wondering is peace.

     Beauty with wonder is nightmare.

     They finally come up to knowing by looking which is the DEFINITION
of utterly nuts, unless you want to be a machine tooling around the
physical universe seeking survival by learning things by looking at

      Get this now, there is a difference between

      Knowing by looking (learning), and
      Looking by Knowing (creating).
      They are dicoms.

      Knowing by looking is hell.

      What the hell else do you think you will find out?

      Looking by Knowing is heaven.

     What else would you create?  :)

     For a spirit, looking by knowing is being in pretty good shape,
unless you are surrounded by orientation points that can out know you,
and thus out create you, putting you into an effect of knowing by
looking at them.

     In which case a little practice at knowing them out-knowing you,
will take them over and make them yours.

     You own what you can PUT THERE, no matter how big or mean it is.

     Ownership is rights of control.

     It's right there in the KRC triangle,

     The one who can creatively look by knowing things into existence,
can orient everything and everyone else to his hearts content.

is where he wants them to be.


     Q1: Theta can create space and time and locate (orient) objects in

     Notice bottom scale, to locate means to search for and find, in
otherwords knowing by looking.  This is being an effect.

     Top scale, to locate means to causatively place, which is looking
by knowing it is there.  This is cause.


     That which orients is an orientation point or source.

     That which is oriented is a symbol, a created something that has
mass meaning (use,significance) and mobility.

     The fight for orientation hood is an OT war, one that everyone lost
a long time ago, the fight for who would be the dominant orientor.

     Our wars now with each other, as symbols, is a distraction from the
original loss.

     It started as a war to see who would be the last God standing, now
its a war to see who will be the last creature falling.

     Find your preclear's postulated orientation point, and you will
have found their Nemesis One, because your preclear now thinks his
orientation point isn't HIM, and that puts your preclear into an angry
burn that lasts forever.

     The desire to be God the Creator is infinite, surpassed only by the
desire to pretend to be the self created Creature for a while.

     The desire to BE an orientation point is overwhelming and drives
everything on.  A being is willing to be a symbol only if he knows he
fair chose it as a sovereign orientation point.

     That said the orientation point is willing to hide his choice from
himself and become an unwilling symbol, again by fair chosen sovereign

     This makes the symbol wonder if he ever wants to be an orientation
point again, doubt is self casting and he has become afraid of
being an orientation point that would create it self as a symbol.

     The intent and artistic majesty of the flip flop is lost upon him.

     The Creature has become afraid of itself as Creator.

     This guarantees he remains a symbol without waking up for a long
time.  Which was the original intent of the maneuver.

     Keeping the game around was originally a problem to the creative

     You will know you have attained a taste of eternity when all motion
is gone from your space, and any inclination to change anything is so
ludicrous as to be rendered impossible.

     It's hard being an orientation point, being happy with everything
as it is.

      No reason to move.

      Get the idea of everything being OK.

      Get the idea of everything being NOT OK.

      Spot NO OK.        Spot SOME OK.
      Spot NO NOT OK.    Spot SOME NOT OK.

      Run NO and SOME on both ends of any dicom.

      Spot NO BEAUTY.       Spot SOME BEAUTY.
      Spot NO UGLY.         Spot SOME UGLY.

      Run REFUSED if NO doesn't run.

      Don't forget ANDS.

      You want to run NO AND SOME on things that are both BEAUTY AND UGLY
at the same time.

     Both ADORATION AND ABOMINATION at the same time.

     Beautiful Ugly, Ugly Beauties.

     These might sound strange, but they aren't as strange as Quantum
Mechanics, Special Relativity or The Proof, so stop talking about it and
do it.

     OK, so here are the processes to bear on the case shredding itself
to pieces in near body death.

     They are stated as questions, but run them as creations with no
expectation nor need of answers.

     An OT can do that, he can ask a question without the slightest need
to answer it.

     The EFFORT to ASK a question, is not the EFFORT to ANSWER a

     The answer he 'seeks', is the question that he needs to stop trying
so hard to answer, and then stop trying so hard to ask.

     A question doesn't need to be asked murderously, it can be asked
softly, gently and with kindness.

     Adoration is the ability to operate (handle) questions and answers
with majesty, class and pride.

     The source of all suffering is the fair chosen adore-operation of
Cool, Class, Halcyon, SinSong, Thrill and Romance via Living Majestic
Intelligence (you), and proud fancy free faithlessness of grand and
Excalibur design.

     Cool is High Cool.

     Class, is an attitude, that *ALL* should live forever (eternally)
and be my friend, including our most detested terminals.

     Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge of time.

     Majesty is master of jest, eternal good humor born of mastery of
songs of sin and hidden joy.

     Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign for a

     JEST means Jokes of Eternal Self Treason.

     JEST means Justice of Eternal Self Truth.

     JOY means Jokes On You.

     Justice of Caliber is Kindship Excaliper.

     JOKE means Justice Of Kindship Excaliper.
     Laughter is the only kind justice there is, and the only justice
you will ever need, forever for real.

     SinSong is to sing another source done wrong song.

     SinSong is not Sin as long as it is just Song.

     Source means Sovereign Omnilord of Unanimous Regency and Caliber

     Excalibur is the two edged sword of ExCaliber and ExCaliper.

     Calipers measure Caliber.

     Caliber is worth, via harmonies and kind ship, sensitivity and
intelligence, star captain ability and operating know-how.

     Ex Caliber means with out worth.

     Ex Caliper means without measure, caliber without calipers to
measure, worth beyond measure.

     The sword of Excalibur is stuck in the star rock of your mind by
your own PRESENT TIME operational wizardry.

     A wiz is anyone who is a wiz with the sword.

     A King is anyone who can wield Excalibur for himself and for

     King Arthur was able to pull the sword out of the rock because he
was willing to put it back in for others to try.  The others were not so

     Desire is sovereign, appreciation is for winners.

     Pride, well pride is what makes everything worth while.

     Peace is the ability to have questions without any answers at all.

     Your preclear's bank is MADE of mis handled questions seeking
answers.  He has become mad as hell about it and on a rampage that not
even he knows any more because he ducked into covert hostility and numb
towards HIMSELF, so of course he has no clue why he hurts any more.

     That's why somatics are called psychosomatics, they are PSYCHO,
your preclear is totally devoted to stopping them with no sense of
starting them nor why.

     The following processes can be run solo with attention to efforts,
flows, ridges, dispersals and implosions.  Although they ask for who or
what, we want to run out MURDERING, not who or what might be in the line
of fire.  They will show up as time goes on.


      Use 'Get the idea of..." instead of 'Who or what...'.

      Who or what are you NOT murdering?
      Who or what are     you murdering?

      Who or what is NOT murdering you?
      Who or what is     murdering you?

      Who or what are others NOT murdering?
      Who or what are others     murdering?

      Who or what is NOT murdering others?
      Who or what is     murdering others?

     Murder can take place on any of the 4 planes of consciousness,
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  You can murder someone
physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  And you can use
physical, emotional, mental or spiritual means to do so.

     Shooting someone would be using physical means to cause physical

     Using emotional, mental or spiritual means would be forms of
telepathic murder.

     Your preclear probably no longer 'believes' in telepathy, let alone
telepathic murder, but he used to, and in any case it doesn't matter
what he believes, he IS TRYING WITH ALL HIS MIGHT to do so.  And he has
LOTS of beings from here to Kingdom Come doing the same to him.

     His beliefs are mostly a cover for lies and dishonesty with

     If he can't fry an egg, you know he is trying not to, AND do so at
the same time.

     And it takes more power to NOT be able to fry an egg, than to be
able to do so.

     The murder means to harm, hurt, torment, torture, kill or destroy a
person, place or thing.

     An engram is a moment of being murdered or murdering.

     A secondary is a moment of loss by murder (death, departure or
reversal) that restimulates a murder engram.

     A lock is a moment of restimulation of wanting to murder.

     Attempted murder counts as murder.

     Don't forget that EATING IS MURDER.

     And thus SEX is born of murder.

     How many people have you wanted to murder in this life time

     It runs into the hundreds of thousands if not millions, those are

     How many beings have wanted to murder you?

     How many still do?
     If the above process gets stuck, run the following,

     Run all 4 planes, all 4 flows.


      Him murdering others.
      Others murdering him.
      Others murdering others.
      Others/Him murdering themselves.

      Spot on all 4 planes, on all 4 flows, repetitively to E/P

      NO intention to murder       SOME intention to murder
      NO desire to murder          SOME desire to murder
      NO attempt to murder         SOME attempt to murder
      NO murdering                 SOME murdering
      NO accomplished murder       SOME accomplished murder.

     To murder means to make nothing of all or part of something or
someone FOREVER with malice, hatred and nosympathy.

     Make sure to run all ANDS that come up.

     ANDS are not ORS.

     ORS are indecisions, should I do A or should I not do A.

     ORS lead to no action except a little figure figure, question

     ANDS are insane decisions to do BOTH, to do A and NOT A AT THE SAME

     ANDS lead to total action, 50 percent in one direction and 50
percent in the opposite direction.

     Imagine a guy in a car with both brakes and gas pedal to the floor.

     That's a NO GO AND GO at the same time.

     You can always tell ANDS by the smoke and pain in the preclears
body and aura.

     ANDS are the source of chronic exhaustion while going nowhere.

     Case is made of ridges, ridges are made of ANDS.

     ANDS keep the case together, without ANDS there are no ridges.

     Spot the effort "To not be me AND be me at the same time".

     Every somatic is an AND.  Simply telling the somatic so, will start
to release it as long as you hold both sides at the same time.

     Eventually LATER it will become clear what the items in the ridge
are.  You can run ANDS without knowing what the items are as long as you
are willing to not know them for a while, and know them eventually.

     One might start with BE DO HAVE AND KNOW.

     Of course if you succeed you won't have your ridge any more and
your life will be bigger as you will have to deal with things directly.

     ANDS come in two flavors, the first are totally internal to the
being and have to do with himself.

     Trying to murder AND not murder someone at the same time.

     The conflict is internal.

     The second is between two different beings operating against each
other at the same time.

     Two people murdering each other at the same time.

     It can take a long time to murder someone, but we aren't interested
in the past, we are interested only in PRESENT TIME ONGOING MURDERING.

     If your preclear says "But I am not murdering anyone right now in
present time!", run NO and SOME on murderING until the needle starts to


      Who or what are you NOT refusing an apology to?
      Who or what are     you refusing an apology to?

      Who or what is NOT refusing an apology to you?
      Who or what is     refusing an apology to you?

      Who or what are others NOT refusing an apology to?
      Who or what are others     refusing an apology to?

      Who or what is NOT refusing an apology to others?
      Who or what is     refusing an apology to others?


      Who or what are you NOT trying to get sympathy from?
      Who or what is NOT refusing to give you sympathy?
      Who or what are you trying to get sympathy from?
      Who or what is refusing to give you sympathy?

      Who or what are you NOT trying to give sympathy to?
      Who or what is NOT refusing to accept your sympathy?

      Who or what are you trying to give sympathy to?
      Who or what is refusing to accept your sympathy?

      Who or what are you NOT trying to give sympathy to?
      Who or what is NOT refusing to accept your sympathy?

      Who or what is trying to get sympathy from you?
      Who or what are you refusing to give sympathy to?

      Who or what is NOT trying to give sympathy to you?
      Who or what are you NOT refusing to accept their sympathy?
      Who or what is trying to give sympathy to you?
      Who or what are you refusing to accept their sympathy?


     If anything alive shows up, and is hostile, run without needing
answers, but allow for answers if they come.

     "You are a BT!"

     Hold their eyes, make sure they look at you and don't look away,
intention is enough to control the eyes of any being.

      Who are you?           Who am I?
      What are you?          What am I?
      How many are you?      How many am I?
      You are real people!   I am real people!
      You can be free.       I can be free.

      If that doesn't work, try:

     "How long ago was the last time you were free?"

     You personally owe me a dime for that one.

     BT is generic for OT III packages, clusters, etc, but also demons,
angels, gods, goddesses, entities of any kinds, all of whom can come in
packages of one or more, sometimes fair chosen, as they operate that way
much as a clock is a package of parts that are necessary to its full

     Only clear to a point of non hostility, and then give them the
option of joining your spiritual team as repaired instantiations of the

     All beings in dreams are other beings and respond to the above.
     If friendly and you want to play with them, don't ask them what
their name is.  Get their phone number instead :)

     On how many are you, some will be very few and easy to handle,
others, ghouls, those that mock you or give you the commands back to you
and laugh at your efforts, large groups of raiding zombies, etc, will be
in the 100's of trillions *EACH* or higher, and very strong and
resistant, unless you get the right order of magnitude.

     Mockup sinews of living steel, and you got some idea.

     They will help you get the right order or magnitude when you get
close.  If you go too high, they will shake their heads cooperatively
and nod when you go back down to the right order of magnitude.

     Bug swarms can be clusters in the quintillions or above.

     Be facile, with millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions,
quintillions, sextillions, octillions, nonillions, and decillions, look
them up in a dictionary if confusing.

     Most beings in dreams top out at 100 trillion or so.

     Spot most detested terminals, and reintegrate them into the High

     Prayers to the High US that exclude most detested terminals fall
short of the glory and thus the power of the infinite.

     Glory is praise from everyone for everyone.

     The infinite, via its conscious unit portals, me and thee, is
facile at creating messes, it can also clean up these messes just as
easily through a true confession.

     M.E.S.S.  means Magnificent Examples of Shames and Shambles.

     The way to happiness is a true confession.

     Never one yet gleaned.


     Sovereignty means 'you want it, you got it.'

     Sovereignty can not be lost or regained, sovereignty is operating
at all times.  But awareness of sovereignty can be lost through the
action of sovereign desire itself.

     Practice making the limitations, the way in is the way out.

     That's because coming in prepostulates that you are out.

     When you get good at coming in, at some point you can simply stay
     You do not withdraw from space and time to get out, any more than
the trail of a fireworks withdraws from the sky back into its shell
casing in order to disappear.

     You put it there and alter it to make it persist.

     You put it there AGAIN and leave it alone to make it vanish.

     The solution to a stuck REACH is *NOT* WITHDRAW, it is simply reach
again and let it be.

     Turning a reach into a withdraw to get out is a sure way to get
stuck in.

     The effort to turn around and walk out the way you came in is a
sure way to get stuck in, in tar, amber, crazy glue and obsidian glass.

     Turn back around the way you were going and walk in further without
attitude about getting out, and the whole space time and everything in
it that you are putting there will simply fade and vanish, as you put it
there again.  First distraction and its gone.


     A CHASE B

     A sovereign being can create things to have in the mere conception
of them, but prefers to chase havingness, rather than have havingness.

     The formula for operating sovereignty is

     A chase B.

     A is the universe.

     Chase creates time.

     B is what he is trying to accomplish tooling around the universe in


     A is the postulate that creates the entire universe and everything
in it.

     A universe is a system of existences, with conditions limiting how
existing things can be added, changed or deleted.

     Conditions are limitations on creation, survival and destruction.

     Conditions are dependencies on how to get from here to there inside
the universe.

     Conditions are conditionals, if I want D, I have to do C first.

     Conditions are the fact that if you want a bridge, creating it is
conditional upon you first bringing all the materials to bear, among a
million other preconditions to being able to build and have a bridge.

     Games are made of freedoms, barriers and purposes.

     Purposes are what is desired.

     Freedoms are your abilities to chase.

     Barriers are the conditions that constrain chase.

     Conditions are part of what is created, thus before creating
conditions there were no conditions limiting what can be created before
it is created (other than logic and fundamental natures).
     He conceived it, he wanted it, he got it.

     But in creating the universe, he left out that bridge, you see,
because THAT he wants to chase.  But look at how much surrounding
context he has to put into place in order to chase a simple bridge.

     A God can create a universe the way a cow can fart.

     Thus a sovereign being can create an entire universe in the mere
thought of it, but then when he gets into the universe to play its game
of conditions he has to DO specific things to get things done.

     There were no conditions in the creation of the universe of
existences and conditions, but once he is in that universe, EVERYTHING
is limited, constrained and tempered by conditions.

     Outside the universe operation is through Looking by Knowing.

     Inside the universe, operation is through Knowing by Looking.

     Outside the universe, conception creates the universe.

     Inside the universe, conception may give you what you want and what
to DO to get it (force, effort), but then you gotta do it, against a
trillion forces trying to stop you.

     That's dance or chase.

     Both dance and chase are DOING down the roadway of time guided by

     With dance you can't lose, with chase you can.

     The doingness of games, such as building a new bridge over a river
can get as complicated as there are grains of sand in the sea, but the
creation of the original universe of existences and conditions is done
in a single postulate, named A.

     So first the being creates A, which is the universe of existences
and conditions.

     This sets up the preconditions for chase.

     Then the being conceives of chase, which creates chase in the mere
conception of it.

     Then the being conceives of B, namely changes in A that he would
like to chase.

     But having conceived of chase, he can no longer create B in the
mere conception of it.

     Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign FOR A
WHILE.  A while is a precreated span of time in a universe of conditions
called A.

     Then he engages in the chase called action or spirit of play, in
the direction of B.

     A is a sovereign postulate, it is the infinite creating a finite
beach head of matter, energy, space and time to play on, no matter how
     The being is not a part of the infinite, nor a piece of the
infinite, nor a little pool of water taken out of the ocean of the

     The being is a full instantiation of the infinite which has many
beings with many beach heads each of which is a full instantiation of
the infinite.  Each being faces his own beach head or rendition of the
universe when looking outward, but comes from the same ocean behind him
from which he draws power to cast the beach head into existence.

     The being creates a beach head by casting a rendition of space and
time, matter and energy, in the apparent out there, but which really
exists in the scalar (zero dimensional) self luminous fabric of his own

     No being can see any other being's rendition, but they can co
resonate them so that they match as if they were one rendition.

     The syncing and co resonation of renditions does not happen via the
outward apparancy of the rendition itself, but through the eternal
substrate that connects all beings together called Source.

     The illusion of dimension takes up and has no dimension.

     Creation is the casting of dreams in dreamtime.

     Out-there-ness is an illusion of mechanics, true cause travels
between beings directly and instantaneously, that is how they share
created universes and keep them instantly in sync with each other,
across hundreds of trillions of dreamtime light years.

     There is no space or time to space and time.

     Both are illusions in scalar consciousness.

     Scalar means zero dimensional.

     The concept of size doesn't apply, *AT ALL*.

     After the sovereign postulate A is made, the being then makes the
sovereign postulate to chase B via the web of conditions and limitations
he created with A.

     The being could just as easily adjust A directly to contain B, but
he created A IN ORDER TO CHASE B, as chasing havingness is higher
havingness than having havingness.

     Thus A consists of everything except what the being wants to chase.

     At the top the being knows he created A.

     At the bottom, the being thinks A created him, and most of what he
is chasing is how to stop A from eating him.

     And most of the things he is chasing now is how to get rid of A.

     Thus we have the murder rundown applied to the AllThatIs, the
effort to make nothing out of everything forever.

     One might well ask, if A chase B is true, how come I can't just
stop chasing B and get back to A and be sovereign again?

     You can.

     But the being is enmired in trillions of years of FAILED chases of
so many different B's he can't count that high, and neither can he stop
chasing all those B's even though he doesn't know what they are any

     Every game he ever resented losing, he is still playing.  Enough of
these and his mind is like clay.

     He has become sour on A, and wants to end A, but he turns getting
rid of A into a chase, and you can't chase A or not A, you can only
chase B.

     You can't chase getting rid of A, because chasing getting rid of A
PREPOSTULATES HAVING A, and at A, he creates in the mere conception of

     Thus his postulate that he HAS A, overrides his later postulate
that he wants to get rid of A.

     It is quite dangerous being a God who gets anything he might think.

     The God creates the swimming pool and the diving board in the mere
conception of them, full intention to chase a perfect dive!

     Failing a perfect dive and accomplishing instead a belly whopper,
he now brings in a construction crew to blow up the pool and diving
board and replace it with a tennis court?

     That's chasing getting rid of the universe of conditions.

     You can't use things in the universe of conditions to get rid of
the universe of conditions!

     That is the basic wrong the being is engaged in.


     The joke is the only way to unmake A is to make A and be all ready
to chase B, and then get distracted.

     He will be sitting there making A, get distracted, and the second
he takes his attention off of A, A will be gone.

     That is how easy it is to make and get rid of a universe, but he
doesn't really WANT to get rid of A, it took a lot to put it there after
all, so wanting to get rid of A is a second postulate resulting from
being sour on the goal to win chasing B.

     He can't get distracted from making A if he is fixated on why he is
failing to win at chasing B.

     Even while he is trying desperately to leave A, he is always
looking back wondering why he couldn't win B, but THAT prepostulates A!


     He CAN conceive of B, without conceiving A.
     Just get the idea of having the girl.

     BUT he can't conceive of CHASING B, without conceiving of the
greater context (playing field) in which he doesn't have B and can't
create B in the mere conception of it but can chase it!

     So as long as he is wondering about failing to win at chasing B, he
is stuck with A.

     He WANTS to chase B and WIN, at least some of the time, so he has
wrapped A around him to a point where he isn't making A any more, and
MUST chase B even if he loses over and over.

     Then rather than simply go back to A, he sets up a substitute for B
and says well to hell with this universe A, it made me, and it won't let
me have B, so I will go after C!  
     "That will show A to try and get in my way, the nerve!"

     Now that every chase is riding on the failure of prior chases,
which are still going on in a background of glum, there is no hope of
him getting back to A without running out every chase and its failure
that forms the stack of failures and substitutes he is sitting in.

     Deep signs lead him to the Cross.

     A few hundred substitutes later, he is so far inside A, he doesn't
even remember all his failed chases, let alone know what A is any more,
or how big, or how old, or where it came from, or Lord save us, *WHY*.
     His QUESTION asking is SO INTENSE on these matters that he doesn't
have a millisecond to think that maybe he is continuing A in present
time by asking all these questions about it.

     Questions about what to DO about something, always prepostulate
that there is SOMETHING to do something about.  Doing never did anything
about anything, its all still here, don't you see?

     You may have shuffled some of it around to make things better or to
make things worse, but its all still here.

     He would have to BE A again in its entirety, and be aware that he
is creating A and why he is doing so and be happy about it, to be in a
position to just let go of it and have A disappear.

     (It might be true that A would disappear only for him, and not for
others, but HE would out of the universe, never to return unless he
wanted to.

     He would have disappeared HIS copy, his rendition, of the universe
in his dream time.  His co dreamed body would quickly be taken over by
another being looking to incarnate with out having to pay his full dues
of having grown it up.)

     There is a certain philosophical vertigo to disappearing A, he gets
the feeling he is falling into the infinite, never to return.

     It isn't true of course, but the experience guards against him
getting rid of A too easily.

     Unfortunately a GodSoul who can create in the mere conception of
things, can also uncreate in the mere unconception of things, so certain
safeguards, arbitrary though they are, have to be created and put in
place, to make sure things stay around long enough to let the chase

     Once the chase begins the whole system is self sustaining, for one
because the being is no longer at the first moment of time wherein A is
being created in the mere conception of it, but also because a
millisecond after the first moment of time, the guy is just sure A is
going to eat him if he doesn't get to B quick.

     So he is always running away from time down the time stream.

     This solidifies time and everything in it, including him.

     The past becomes a wall preventing him from getting back
to the moment of the WAY IN.

     He BECOMES his body, he IS a body, and boy is it solid and fragile.

     Further he doesn't really want to end A, he wants to chase B, or
get back to action and spirit of play, and win once in a while.

     There is nothing sadder than a hopeless being, who 'knows' he will
NEVER win, just floating down the river with his engines off, carried by
the tides of time.

     It's the FOREVER (never win), that kills the interest in chase.

     Like fire needs oxygen, chase needs the possibility of winning to
keep in motion.

     And even then under some circumstances, the fire of chase can give
up and go out.

     So the only way out of this mess is to rehabilitate the preclear's
ability to have A as it is, and chase B.  At which moment he will forget
about ending A, and get back to operating A and chasing B with all his

     THEN perhaps he can take a moment's rest in eternity between one
win and the next chase, and contemplate the power of creating A, as it
is, and saying "Wow, boy is A big!  This is good!" *THEN* he can lose A
by looking elsewhere.

     The preclear who can create chase and things to chase with
facility, courage, romance and thrill, IS operating his sovereignty
within the context and constraints of A, and when he gets fully able to
create and chase B again with full forward motion, he will one day find
himself operating A knowingly with no inclination to change it.

     The GodSoul as God made A and said it was good, why would he change

     At that point you have a God knowingly creating what he is creating
anyhow, and very happy doing so.  The chances of his changing A are
almost nil, except in the direction of further enhancing his ability to
create chase and things to chase, namely B.

     A universe of rivers without bridges, no matter how rough, looks
like heaven to a GodSoul that likes to build bridges.

     Or maybe he will move on to bigger A's, in a new unit of time.

     A is messy intentionally, he hopes to make A less messy by chasing

     The GodSoul creates A as the God/Creator/Author, and chases B as
the Soul/Creature/Character.

     One GodSoul is a single beach head (rendition of a universe) on the
multi shores of the infinite.

     Each GodSoul has his own personal beach head, but it is often used
to copy everyone else's so he can have a shared game.

     But all GodSouls share the one and only infinite, as each GodSoul
is an I of the multi I-AM All-That-IS.

     Thus each GodSoul is a full instantiation of the infinite, and has
the full power of the infinite behind him.

     Who then shall cast, and to whom shall you pray to but the High US?


     Give up breathing fumes for a living, car fumes, diesel, wood
smoke, lawn mowers, charcoal etc.  Nicotine is an antidote to these, use
patches rather than smoke if you can.

     Cigarettes are self antidoting, as they give you a million fume
class poisons, but they also give you the nicotine to combat the
results.  It's a losing game, if you need nicotine use a patch.

     Remember they offer a last smoke to the man about to be shot in
order to calm his nerves.

     People who smoke are always on the edge of execution.

     Get a respirator mask used for 99.9 percent pollutants, and simply
refuse to breath fumes as a religious duty.

     Ask your doctor for a 21 day supply of BiPhetamine, to help you
deal with the withdrawals.  Once or twice a day with Lots of vitamins,
minerals, trace minerals and niacin.

     After about 14 days the desire for cigs will be gone for good.

     Smoking is not part of anyone's true beingness.

     Smoking is an AND, a going AND a not going, at the same time.


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