> Homer, you idiot.  Psychosomatics aren't caused by thoughts or
> emotions. They are caused by inducing physical harm to the body.

     Help and harm can happen on all 4 planes of existence, physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual.

     Many psychosomatics are a CALLING BACK INTO OPERATION of recordings of 
past physical harm to the body, via the being's covert INTENTION to handle 
help and harm as laid out in the posting.

     All psychosomatics are a covert effort to survive by succumbing 
because the being considered it too dangerous to survive by forthright 
survival at the time.

     Any Grade IV knows he is doing it.  The engrams are merely the pattern 
and system of forces used to covertly produce the somatic result so not 
even he knows he is doing it, and to make it convincing to others.

     "Look ma, no hands!"

Mon Feb 27 12:08:56 EST 2012