>> So one last thing.  As I have stated many times, IF I HAD power I
>would never let anyone know I had power unless they had it too.  Thus
>>from ME you could never get any demonstration of power.

Huggie ( wrote:
>        If she saw a rogue plane heading for the Scn. center in Clearwater
>or the Pentagon in Wash. she would just stand by and not demo her powers  ?

>   "Use it or lose it!"

     Nice computation.

     *USING* powers is different than *DEMOING* powers.  Any OT could
stop the crash without anyone knowing an OT did it.

     Never make a move on the chess board just to prove you can.

     Anyhow, as Electra said many times, OT's are not human, OT's are

     To the degree that they use their powers to protect human concerns
like the safety of their bodies etc, they attach themselves to bodies
and actually lose their OT powers.

     An OT is someone who can put the scene there.  One can move a
mountain *IF* one can put it there.  But if one has put it there, why
move it?

     An OT might look at the plane and the pentagon and adjust the
event, but probably wouldn't take sides in human concerns.  An OT would
be more concerned with the aesthetics of the crash than with being
'good' or avoiding the crash.

     You know, high appreciation for the aesthetics of the ludicrous
demise of "innocent victims".
     Fundamental sense of art in any God.
     The OT is interested in PLAYING the game, win or lose, not in
winning the game at all costs.  An OT will act to preserve the playing
field, but not any of the players on either side of the game.

     OT's operate to extend the game, keep the volley going, not to help
one side win the game, good or evil.

     If OT's do take sides, they tend to side with the underdog, whoever
is losing most, be they the good guys or bad guys.

     OT's act to make the story more telling, not to end it because the
good guys are screaming for mama.
     The more a being cares about playing the game, the more OT they
are.  The more they care about winning or losing, the less OT they are.

     Humans want OT powers to become super human, to help them protect
their human interests, to harm their enemies etc., that sticks them to
becoming sub human.

     Humans want OT powers for them selves but not for others, they want
OT powers to help them WIN the game, not to PLAY the game.
     OT's want OT powers to be better able to create playing fields and
become human.

     This is why OT's don't respond to demands for proof from mental

     Basically it is not OK for a God to take sides *AS A GOD* in a game
he created.  It is ok for a God to take sides in a game as a creature

     But creators as creatures don't have OT powers by definition.

     The minute a Creator God takes sides with one of his creatures
against others of his own creatures, you will find the God AS a creature
a few generations later.
     All creatures are Creators playing Creature.  They have to keep the
rules separate or it really messes up the game for everyone.

     Virtue for the Creature is not virtue for the Creator.
     Olaf Stapleton - Star Maker

     The idea that we are made in God's image is not really true.

     The Author is not the same as the Character.

     Virtue for the Character is not Virtue for the Author.

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