So you sit your preclear down in session and ask him how he is

      He says,

     "I want to drown in the blood of my enemies."

     The innocent will laugh their heads off, the guilty will press him
to clarify exactly whose blood he has in mind.

     At this point, it would do well for the auditor to have some

     Truth causes vanishment of all mechanical conditions of existence.

     At the beginning of any universe, when vanishment was a problem,
because they hadn't figured out serious persistence yet, suppression of
truth was necessary just to keep the playing field around and the game a

     People understood this suppression was for the sake of the game
that they wanted to partake in, so they accepted this suppression of
truth as necessary.

     A while later when various games were going to hell, some beings
wanted to end the games, that is vanish them by uncovering the lies that
held them in place,

     However there were people that wanted the games to continue and
wanted to force others to be in the game whether they wanted to or not,
so they continued to suppress the truth and the beings trying to expose

     Thus the beings who wanted out of the game became PTS to the SP's,
those who were vested in their lies.

     SP means Suppressive Person.

     PTS means Potential Trouble Source, meaning the preclear
rollercoasters in the presence or under the influence of the SP.

      The preclear is mostly PTS to an archetypal TYPE OF WHO, not a
particular person, who may be wearing the archetype at the time
as far as the preclear's perceptions go.

     Often the who hasn't a clue what the preclear is upset about, but
that doesn't stop the preclear from seeing the who as an SP.

     Since the beings who first wanted out of the game were in a
minority, they didn't stand much of a chance.

     The suppression of truth in a being that wants to be free leads
first to murderous rage, wishing death forever or damnation forever off
on the opposer, then to covert hostility, fear, propitiation, sorrow and
finaly solid apathy.

     Damnation by the way is merely the effort to stick your enemies in
a game THEY can never get out of even if its fabric is made of pretty

     The preclear sitting in front of you is almost certainly in apathy
or below on any original purpose or goal he might have had as a
spiritual being.

     If he weren't he would be out goaling, rather than paying you to
help him 'figure out' what is wrong, why he is in pain all the time, and
why he wants to die etc.

     As you audit him on his original basic purposes, he starts to come
up from apathy through tremendous sorrow for untold lifetimes that have
been wasted toeing the party line.

      Then he comes up to rage, and all he can think about is killing

     It is this desire to kill to the end of time that let's you know
you are getting close to his primary GPM.

     At first he wants to kill everyone because 'they are all guilty for
going along with the suppressives and not helping me'.

     Or "It doesn't matter how many innocents I kill, as long as I get
the suppressives, all will be well in the world again, and the innocents
lost will be considered matyrs for the cause of freedom."

     Eventually higher tone the preclear will settle into a more laser
targeted rage at the various players and archetypes that were actually
designing his demise when he wanted out.

     After that he will realize that these "who or whats" he is in fury
about are just that, identities and archetypes, and that the people he
is fighting were themselves merely living in their own identities and
archetypes as the subjugators, just as he was as the subjugated.

     Again often the subjugators don't think of themselves as such, but
their effect on the preclear is one of subjugation so the preclear fits
them in his opposing terminal, present time oppterm, whether they belong
there or not.

     It was all just a game after all, a game for Gods, no matter how
seriously everyone took it or still do, and no matter how many of his
friends got skinned alive, and their still breathing bodies left out to
become ant farms.

      At this point he will exteriorize from the game sphere and be done
with it entirely.  Or maybe go back in and play it a little less

     His body will no longer be sick from suppression of murderous rage,
or the various intents to cause death or suffering forever, or to cause
others to be or not be forever.

     Remember you can't punish someone forever unless they BE forever.

     Thus the intent to cause another to be or not be forever is a
serious overt act that recoils on the being who engages it.

     Once confessed and repented, relief returns, along with his sense
of humor, stillness and peace.

     More importantly he will have recovered what he should be doing in
life, and wanted to be doing all along before the game took him over in
a senseless life and death struggle with suppression.

     He has regained intimacy with himself.

     The intent of the suppresive is to destroy facility in intimacy.

     There is a cognition that comes out of all this.

     This whole trek of case gain is one of PTSness.

     Every cognition that your preclear has on the way to getting better
will have someone or something opposing it.

     Every cogition in the direction of spiritual freedom will irritate
or terrify the life out of those who have a vested interest in spiritual
enslavement, imprisonment, immobility, punishment, demise or death.

     If they can't chase him away, they are going to nail him where
he is.

     Often when cognitions are had, they are still encysted in the
emotions of anger, fear and sorrow, towards everyone who would argue
with that cognition.

     PTSness is the effort to prove the SP wrong.

     You CAN'T prove an SP wrong, because he already knows he is wrong,
but he sure as hell isn't going to admit it, because he has to pretend
to YOU that HE believes the crap he is trying to get YOU to believe in.

     He will claim the falsehood is for your own good, but he knows damn
well it isn't, and the truth is he believes it is in his own best
interest to get you to believe it anyhow, and to believe that he
believes it too.

     And you are going to get the SP to admit this?

     Once the preclear understands the game that the SP is playing
KNOWINGLY or maybe forgettingly if its on automatic for the SP, then the
preclear no longer needs to make the SP wrong ON THAT COGNITION, and the
session may end never to return to that subject again.

     Thus when a preclear has a cog in session, it is often necessary to
check for 'who or what would oppose that cognition' to get it really
clean and safe for him to have and keep for the rest of time.

     This is NOT part of standard tech but should be in some measure.


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