Subject: YouTube blocks access to controversial video | EFFector

      The ultimate issue is, if I say something and you don't like it
because it forces you to look in the mirror, and YOU riot, and then YOU
get everyone to claim *I* incited you to riot, you can then ultimately
silence anything, anyone says that you don't like.

      Notice that's: You did it, but I CAUSED you to do it by cursing
your stupid God or something.

      Negative responsibility in otherwords.

      Pretty soon, one can not only not criticize our own government, but
all other foreign governments as well.

      Truth is, America is terrified of the Muslims, and is willing to
propitiate their kamikaze ways to maintain our own safety.

      Thus we can not speak our minds nor our hearts, lest some Muslim
riot causing untold damage.

      This 'you incited me to riot' crap, acts like the spoiled brat
approach to putting a deep freeze over freedom of commentary,
caricature, humor, even sharp witted sarcasm or down right expression of
justifiable hatred and contempt.

      Thus, the irresponsibilty of the rioters and faithlessness of
America, acts to make America more like them and less like America.

      As I remember guys like Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Pol Pot did the
same thing to their populace, "You speak - You die."

      At least they didn't blame it on the rioters that responded to our

      Expressed contempt for a Nazi is fine, but expressed contempt for a
Muslim, Christian or Jew is not?

      Do you have any idea how bigoted these assholes are?

      They think everyone is going to hell forever except them.

      They say one thing to your face, and another thing over grace.

      Patriotism is love for the constitution, not for the nut jobs in
power or the particular wars they are pushing to line their own pockets.

      "The greatest right of all is the freedom from terrorism." - Newt

      At what cost dear Sir, a life in a prison cell working hard to pay
the guards to keep you safe from terrorism in your prison cell?

      Whatever happened to EARNING respect the old fashioned way?


Tue Feb 27 13:23:58 EST 2018