Kathie Lynch (kathielynch@home.com) wrote:
>Hi Homer,

      > Thanks for answering my question.  What I've been saying all
along >is that competition in a 2D (family) is ok if it's light and in
the >spirit of play.  Games on every dynamic would be more fun that way.
>Wouldn't it be great if nations could operate in a non-serious,
>non-aberrative way?  That seems even hard to imagine in this day and
>age.  Damn!!  Most 2D's can't even operate that way!  Oh well, someday.
>We'll just make sure ours do!  Thanks for your communication.  >
Dramatization contains 4 components,

      Seriousness, permanence, importance and pain.

      People don't get along because they see others causing permanent
losses to the world, so they attack back by causing permanent losses
themselves to the causers of permanent losses.

      Vanquish the vanquishers.

      It gets quite insane when one group of religious bigots tries to
help their God by doing in another group of people.

      Religious bigotry is 'I am going to Heaven and you are going to
Hell because my God/Doctrine/Lineage is better than yours.

      Hell FOREVER is a form of permanence, as is Heaven forever.

      Nothing is forever except people and peace.  So really if one just
looks to where people are dramatizing forevers (in time), one will see
the serious games they are playing where winning is more important than

      That is the cause of all the strife (unhappy game playing) there is
amongst people.

      They are trying to reach eternity (forever above time) by enforcing
or inhibiting immortality (forever in time) whether good or bad.

      Spirit of Play falls downtone into Spirit of Winning and further
down into Spirit of Losing.

Thu Oct  6 17:15:13 EDT 2016