An economy free from money, barter, or fair exchange, where all
have equal access to everything is a communism.

      It is true that natural resources may properly belong to everyone
equally, but the fruits of MY LABOR BELONG TO ME.

      Stop lying to the gullible as if you are trying to provide a slave
free zone.

      As an proletariat employee you are either a slave to your bourgoise
employer or to your tyrannical state or central committee.

      At least in a capitalism, everyone has the opportunity to shift
from employee to employer, when they are ready to take on the
responsibility of taking care of others, rather than being taken of by
others, to shift from prole to bourge through investment by those who
have more in those that have less but want to compete.

      Yes it is called debt, but debt used for production is sensible and
meaningful, as opposed to debt used for mere consumption which is an
endless trap.

      Competition is the essence of life, whether it is competition
between employees to sell their labor to the employers, or competition
between employers to buy labor from employees.

      The more employees there are offering to sell labor, the lower the
price of labor and the worse off the employees are.

      The more employers there are, the higher the price offered for
labor assuming the employees don't out breed the employers.

      Thus it is suicide for the employees to try to raise their wages by
making FEWER employers as that drives wages to the floor.

      The more employers there are, and the less employees there are, the
HIGHER are the employee wages.

      And remember while the producers are producing, the non producers
are BREEDING.  And if non production is genetic, the whole society is in
danger of collapse.

      Since the non or lower producers tend to out breed the higher
producers in a society protected against hard survival of the fittest,
the gene pool becomes a cess pool of degenerate non producers who
couldn't take care of anyone if their lives depended on it.

      In a hard fair exchange economy, the non producers all off the
bottom and die.

      If you don't like that, you can keep them alive as charity or
welfare cases, paid for, NEVER OUT OF PRINCIPLE, but only out of profit
once it is made, lest the non producers weigh down the producers and
take everyone out the tubes.

      If there is no profit for any producers, just enough to live, then
the non producers are shit out of luck.

      'From each according to his ability, and to each according to his
need' is EVIL, only non producers and those who are afraid they can't
compete, tout that line, as people are not of equal worth to the good of
the community, and those that are of more worth, and who produce more,
from the SAME NEED, deserve more in return, if only to control where the
excess abundance of their labor should be invested.

      Everyone deserves to maintain rights of control over how their
profits are reinvested in society, this should never be handed out to a
central committee, who will only use group profits to build bigger stone
edifices to the glory of communism and the committee, rather than build
that risky new bridge or invent that new thing which only those smart
enough to produce more could envision and risk their lives bringing to

      So you have a problem which RBE is not talking about.

      I agree that natural resources belong to the PEOPLE, but the LABOR
and FRUITS OF THAT LABOR belong to the individual whose labor it was
that produced the fruit, and to no one else.

      Resources that are produced by LABOR belong, in just that measure,
to the laborer that produced it, whether employer or employee.

      The basis of any free market and fair economy is FAIR EXCHANGE.

      Money is merely an IOU for an incomplete transaction.

      Its a big lie that a barter economy works better than a money
economy, a barter only economy is too slow and cumbersome to go anywhere
fast.  And the IOUS individually created are counterfeitable and not
secure.  Money is merely a secure and enforcable form of IOU.

      That's why money was invented and became so precious, it increased
trade by thousands of percent.

      An economy without need for money or IOUS or fair exchange, makes
everyone the same, a cow on a farm, and one then also needs a license to
breed to make sure that the limited resources are not sucked up by
either the non producers or the producers in the society.


Thu Mar  7 16:52:34 EST 2013